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FO 2011 NFL Draft Day One Live Blog

Join us Thursday night for a live first-round draft chat. Aaron Schatz and other FO staffers will be taking your questions as we discuss the first round, the lockout, and what might eventually happen in free agency. You know, whenever that is.

The current plan is to do a second chat on Friday night for rounds two and three, but no third day chat this year.

Chat is now live below after some technical problems which caused us to miss the first two picks.


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1 Re: FO 2011 NFL Draft Day One Live Blog

Screw my senior thesis. Screw graduation. As soon as this starts, beer will be in hand, and I may even find a website to actually watch the draft. This is where the action is!

2 Re: FO 2011 NFL Draft Day One Live Blog

Should be fun.

So now - along with here which to watch? ESPN or NFLN? (The joys of living in Canada - we get NFLN on Cable from our old plan) Watch Todd and Mel glare at each other as the draft goes on or Mike Mayock try to lift the stupidity around him in the form of Matt Millen?

These are the tough choices in life!

3 Re: FO 2011 NFL Draft Day One Live Blog

This draft should be interesting, but would be more interesting if teams could trade players for picks. Hopefully the teams will improve upon their ability to get value for their draft position. There have been some real busts over the years, Leaf and Russell, just to name two. Over the past 15 years or so, Pittsburgh has gotten the most value for its picks and Detroit has gotten the least.

16 Re: FO 2011 NFL Draft Day One Live Blog

I've seen the name "The Silver Tsunami" used frequently on Lions message boards. Obviously its a reference to Suh but I remember back in the Al 'Bubba' Baker days they used to be called "The Silver Rush"

18 Re: FO 2011 NFL Draft Day One Live Blog

Interesting question.

My guess is that if they passed the pick, it'd put New England on the clock, just like with the Ravens thing. That might be a very interesting way to screw over a rival and decrease the trade value of the pick, actually...

But if Day 1 ends when the time on Pick 32 expires either way, then I imagine it would still start Day 2 with NE on the clock, picking 32nd, and Green Bay 33rd.

19 Re: FO 2011 NFL Draft Day One Live Blog

The Patriot's pick is in the 2nd round, so I'm pretty sure they couldn't use it yesterday.

Also, if you let the time expire, you don't have to wait until the next team drafts, it just becomes first come first serve.

So I think day 2 would start with NE on the clock and Green Bay could send their pick in whenever. It would be kind of a race if either team thought the other one might draft the guy they're after.

20 Re: FO 2011 NFL Draft Day One Live Blog

Are you guys also going to run an Audibles column on the draft? I would politely ask that you do - audibles are some of the most interesting (and conveniently for me, easy to process) columns you guys produce.