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Russell Outplays Quinn as LSU Wins Sugar Bowl

Anybody else think JaMarcus Russell had his Vince Young rocketing-up-the-draft-board moment in last night's Sugar Bowl? For those interested in the FO college quarterback projection system, note that Russell completed 68% of his passes this year.

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Game Charting Stats on DBs for the Wild Card Games

What to expect from the defensive backs in this weekend's playoff matchups. (Click link to read more.)

Lions' Millen: I'll Never Quit

Three things:

1) Matt Millen ain't goin' nowhere;
2) Rod Marinelli hired his son-in-law as the new defensive coordinator;
3) Mike Williams wants to return to Detroit, but only if the team will let him eat as much as he wants.

That sound you hear is Michael David Smith punching himself in the face.

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Nick Saban to Alabama

It's official now: Nick Saban will take the money and run back to college football. I'm happy about this as a Patriots fan, but every other part of me thinks Saban is a jerk. I can't stand the way college football coaches can walk out of their contracts whenever they feel like it, and their former schools and former players get nothing in return. It's one thing when you go from 1-AA to 1-A, but the worst has to be Tom O'Brien, walking out on Boston College for another school IN THE SAME CONFERENCE.

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FO Mailbag: 2007 Strength of Schedule

For the twelve teams not in the playoffs this year, it is time to look forward to next year. And with that, we have an early projection of the 2007 strength of schedule for each team. (Click link to read.)

Washington: Problems at the Core

This three-part series on the demise of the 2006 Washington Redskins may be the best football journalism you read all year. I say that knowing that the year still has 363 days left in it, and the third part of this series hasn't even been published yet. In the first part of the series, Jason LaConfora looks at Washington's awful personnel decisions, from Brandon Lloyd to T.J. Duckett, as well as the "too many cooks" problem on the coaching staff.

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TMQ: And That's an NFL Wrap

In his first column of 2007, Gregg Easterbrook doesn't want to hear any excuses from those teams that just missed the playoffs. So there, you've been warned.

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Lions Fire Defensive Coordinator, Offensive Line Coach

Yes, that will solve the problem, won't it.

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Domanick Davis now Domanick Williams

"I'm a new man," he said. "That was Domanick Davis that y'all knew about. This is Domanick Williams that y'all looking at."

Has any NFL player ever improved his performance after changing his name? I am thinking of the words "landscape" and "littered" right about now.

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Dennis Green, Jim Mora Fired

The least surprising firing of the postseason was the first, and right on schedule: Arizona's Dennis Green has been pinkslipped after three years, a 16-32 record, the most memorable quote of the season, and quite possibly the worst prolonged stretch of offensive line play in recent NFL history. UPDATE: Atlanta has also announced they have fired Jim Mora.

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