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RB Tandem in K.C. a Chief Concern

Herm Edwards wants to run the ball 500 to 550 times this year. That sounds like a lot more than it actually is -- even though running backs rarely hit 400 carries, there were eight teams that topped 500 carries last year. But you get to that number because you can give 100 carries to guys like Ladell Betts, Maurice Morris, and Marion Barber. Edwards is absolutely right that he can't overuse Larry Johnson, and that creates a problem, because if Priest Holmes is not healthy, the backups in Kansas City are awful.

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Second Season

In looking at wide receivers having success in their second-year and beyond, Pat Kirwan makes it simple: 75-7-20-50. That's 75 receptions, seven touchdowns, 20 receptions over 20 yards, and move the chains at least 50 times. Using Kirwan's dataset (n=7), if players can put up these numbers in year two then they're well on their way to a solid career. This can't be good news for Reggie Williams.

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Best and Worst Supplemental Draft Picks Ever

Eric Moneypenny has a couple of fun little articles over at FOXSports.com about the supplemental draft. The link here goes to the top five, with Bernie Kosar at number one. Moneypenny makes a good point by including both Chargers DT Jamal Williams and Panthers OL Mike Wahle on his "Best" list. I know that a lot of people -- including this website, at times -- have made the mistake of referring to these players as undrafted, but they weren't undrafted. They were two very smart supplemental picks by the Chargers and Packers in 1998.

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Roethlisberger Healing Faster than Expected

Big Ben will start throwing next week for the first time since his accident, but the team still plans to bring him along slowly. Two things worth noting: Roethlisberger has no plans to wear one of those, "Hey, I broke my jaw, so don't gawk" facemasks, and thanks to soft foods, he's been able to maintain his 242-pound frame since the accident.

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The NFL's Forgotten Players

A sobering story in today's Baltimore Sun: "There are dozens, if not hundreds, of retired players in need of assistance after missing the NFL's money boat, a ship that sailed in 1993 with the merger of free agency and the salary cap. It left behind a whole generation of players who helped build the NFL from the ground up and now feel abandoned." (free registration/bugmenot required)

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Visser First Female Winner of Rozelle Award

Sideline reporter Lesley Visser is this year's winner of the Pete Rozelle Award -- basically the broadcasters' wing of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. She was the first female beat writer ever (covering the 1976 Patriots) and the first female sideline reporter. Visser is good. Opening up sports reporting to knowledgeable females is good. Unfortunately, for every Suzy Kolber who is knowledgeable enough to host ESPN NFL Matchup with Jaws and Hoge, there's a few blonde bimbos stuck on the sidelines as "reporters." Those I could do without.

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Bucs Feeling Good About QB Fiedler

I think it says something about the state of available free agent quarterbacks when the Bucs are happy to get Jay Fiedler, a guy who's still not fully recovered from an arm injury he suffered last season.

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Northwestern Coach Walker Dead at 52

Sad news from the world of college football, where Northwestern coach Randy Walker has died of an apparent heart attack at age 52. Walker was a bright young coach, consistently able to produce competitive teams despite the difficulties of coaching at an elite, private institution in a conference with 10 enormous state universities.

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Ranking the NFL's Owners

Michael Silver says Bob Kraft is the best owner and Tom Benson is the worst.

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Who Should Canton Call?

Dr. Z looks ahead to the 2007 Hall of Fame class to see who might make the cut. He thinks Terrell Davis will be a hot topic, and even tells us who he'll vote for.

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