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BREAKING NEWS: Willie Roaf Retires

E-mail from Doug Farrar: "Aaron, apparently this year the FO curse has to do with my offensive line article on FOX. Please e-mail them and ask them to delete all references to Walter Jones. Thanks." Seriously, this is a HUGE blow to Kansas City's hopes this year. Profootballtalk.com says that Roaf informed the Chiefs that he was considering this option a few months ago, but does that mean before or after free agency and the draft? Why can't guys make this decision in February?

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Steelers Sign Exec Colbert Through 2010

Kevin Colbert: Great director of football operations or the greatest director of football operations? The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed Colbert, who is in charge of all player personnel and scouting decisions, to a new deal. I don't think front-office types get enough credit (and it makes my head hurt to think that Matt Millen has earned more than any GM in the league over the last six years), and it's nice to see Colbert get some recognition. Now about that contract extension for Bill Cowher...

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Reality and Fantasy Don't Mix

Chuck Klosterman says you shouldn't ruin your fantasy football league by making it too real. I would tend to agree. We get people around here saying, "you guys are so serious about football, but fantasy football has nothing to do with actual football." And the answer is yes, we know this, and we like both. I know some people want to try a PAR-based game, and we like the idea of a trial run this year. But if your fantasy league is looking for a way to quantify fullback blocking, or has restricted free agency and salary arbitration, you may be going a bit too far.

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UPDATE: Bentley Hurts Knee in First Camp Drill, May Be Lost for Season

You have to be kidding me. The first drill? When your big free agent signing is on the ground screaming "No," this is not a good thing. I feel really bad for the Browns and their fans. Reports now say it is a torn patellar tendon, and Bentley will likely miss the entire season.

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NFL Retirees Battle for Pensions

Last year, the average payout to a retired NFL player was $14,500. The average payout by baseball's pension system to a retired MLB player was $34,000. By the way, the NFL pension doesn't include health insurance. For all the talk about how the NFL is doing a good deed by rebuilding the Superdome and keeping the Saints in New Orleans, might it not be better to let Tom Benson blow his wad on a big stadium in San Antonio while the other 31 owners buy health insurance for all those guys who made them rich in the pre-free agency era?

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Raiders' Porter Says He Wants To Be Traded

After a few relaxing days at Tom Walsh's B&B, Art Shell and Jerry Porter would definitely be able to work this out.

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New Pro Football League to Start up on College Campuses

You know, this idea isn't half-bad. Instead of your run-of-the-mill professional sports league business plan, a group headed by former NCAA President Cedric Dempsey, "... will unveil plans ... for a new spring minor league with a twist — the eight teams will use colleges as their bases, and feature players from those schools and their affiliated conferences and surrounding regions." Players will earn roughly $100,000 a year, but they have to have graduated from college and exhausted all of their eligibility. So basically, it'll be just like big-time college football, but legal.

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King Kaufman: If I Were Commissioner

King Kaufman tells us what the NFL would look like if he became Paul Tagliabue's successor. He's got some great ideas, but when he says he wants to fix overtime and "We can talk about how we're going to do it, exactly," doesn't he know that Football Outsiders already has the ultimate solution?

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Weighing the Risk vs. Reward

Pat Kirwan covers the 15 biggest risk/reward decisions facing NFL teams as camps open.

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The NFL Answers That You Need

DJ Gallo answers a bunch of pressing questions as we approach the start of NFL training camps.

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