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Why Your Team Won't Win the Super Bowl

Well, the NFL might as well go ahead and cancel the Super Bowl. Randy Hill tells each and every one of us why our team won't make it to Miami. On the upside, maybe this is the year the consolation game becomes a reality.

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Brandt's Supplemental Draft Primer

The supplemental draft is this Thursday and the biggest name on the board is Virginia's Ahmad Brooks. He's had some off-field issues, but a lot of teams need help at linebacker and Brooks could end up going as high as the second round. NFL.com's Gil Brandt has the details on some of the other players likely to get (supplementally) drafted.

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What Could the N.F.L. Learn From the World Cup?

After watching the World Cup, Freakonomics co-author Stephen Dubner has a question: Why doesn't the N.F.L. have a third place consolation game prior to the Super Bowl? Injuries and motivation are two reasons that immediately come to mind, but you'd think monentary considerations would help mitigate such concerns. Either way, something interesting to think about.

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Jets' Rookie Coach Readies for Takeoff

The USA Today has a nice feature on Eric Mangini, the latest branch on the Belichick coaching tree.

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Sauerbrun Faces Possible Suspension

Somebody should explain to Broncos punter Todd Sauerbrun exactly what "banned substance" means.

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What's it Take To Be an Offensive Lineman?

Every Day Should Be Saturday is a college football blog and here's a great post about the intricacies of the offensive line: "As part of our ongoing football education, we realized that we had a particularly gaping hole in our understanding of how the game is played position-wise: the offensive line.

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Peter King: If I Were Commissioner

Peter King says if he were commissioner, among other things, he'd make Sunday Ticket available to the masses and expand the season to 18 games.

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Dr. Z: Will TD Get In?

Paul Zimmerman discusses whether Terrell Davis belongs in the Hall of Fame in this week's mailbag. When Davis tore his ACL, I remember telling a friend, "I don't care if he never plays another down. He's a Hall of Famer." I no longer feel that way, though, for two reasons:
1. I was always impressed with Davis's playoff numbers, but the more research I do, the less inclined I am to believe that playing well in big games is as meaningful a measure of an individual player's greatness as most people think it is.

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RB Tandem in K.C. a Chief Concern

Herm Edwards wants to run the ball 500 to 550 times this year. That sounds like a lot more than it actually is -- even though running backs rarely hit 400 carries, there were eight teams that topped 500 carries last year. But you get to that number because you can give 100 carries to guys like Ladell Betts, Maurice Morris, and Marion Barber. Edwards is absolutely right that he can't overuse Larry Johnson, and that creates a problem, because if Priest Holmes is not healthy, the backups in Kansas City are awful.

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Second Season

In looking at wide receivers having success in their second-year and beyond, Pat Kirwan makes it simple: 75-7-20-50. That's 75 receptions, seven touchdowns, 20 receptions over 20 yards, and move the chains at least 50 times. Using Kirwan's dataset (n=7), if players can put up these numbers in year two then they're well on their way to a solid career. This can't be good news for Reggie Williams.

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