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Mel Kiper Leaves ESPN

Well, here's a shocker. Mel Kiper is being let go by ESPN because they couldn't agree on language in his contract. I assume that Sporting News, SI.com, et al. now go after him, but isn't a large part of Kiper's value his being on set during the draft broadcast?

Football Commentary: Week 5 Strategy Review

The latest mathematical analysis of NFL coaching decisions from our friend William Krasker takes a closer look at Seattle's clock management snafus against St. Louis (Russell is right, they should have run three times and punted) as well as the Tuna's controversial decision to go for it on 4th-and-1 at the Dallas 43-yard line in the fourth quarter. I also like William's analysis of Denver's 4th-and-goal play at the Carolina goal line.

TMQ: Free the Inactive Seven

Football Outsiders -- still home of the "official unofficial" TMQ discussion thread. This week, Gregg Easterbrook introduces you to seven guys who get paid for doing nothing, discusses possible football-related presidential debate questions, and ponders the Single Most Fouled Up Play in NFL history. Hint: It involves the Buffalo offensive line.

Snap Judgment: Brady, Culpepper on a Roll

Page 2's weekly look at QB play is up, featuring Aaron and DPAR. Daunte Culppeper -- good week. Kyle Boller -- not so good. Opponent adjustments for the first time, which will annoy David Carr fans.

Peter King's MMQB: No Rush to Judgment

Peter King's back with the Monday edition of Monday Morning Quarterback. He takes a look at the Patriots' addition of Corey Dillon, potential bidders for a post-Thanksgiving Thursday/Saturday NFL television package, and erectile disfuntion.

Holmgren Hears From the Critics

In week 4, didn't Aaron mention something about Seattle, the top-rated team in VOA, not playing anybody yet?

Football Commentary: Week 4 Strategy Review

In this week's strategy analysis, our buddy William Krasker looks at the "surprise" onside kick by Tennessee, a play also discussed in Tuesday's TMQ. Other issues discussed: Was Jacksonville correct to go for broke with the 40-yard touchdown on 4th-and-1? (All plays look good if they work, but was it the right gamble?) What the heck was Kansas City doing with its timeouts in the first quarter Monday night? And, what I thought might have been the strangest, most pointless decision of the weekend: How wussy was it for San Francisco to punt from the St. Louis 30-yard line?

Dr. Z's Power Rankings: Ray Lewis Ripped

This is the type of comment that makes me love Dr. Z:

Baltimore Ravens (2-2)

TMQ: Time for a "Charles" Rule

In today's TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook wonders at Emmitt Smith's first career pass, celebrates Randy Hymes and Jason Dunn, and properly delivers the Worst Blocks award to the Buffalo offensive line for the play where they stood around with blank looks on their faces while Richard Seymour took the ball from Drew Bledsoe and lumbered into the end zone.

Packers Fullback Sued Over Miami Dorm Incident

Najeh Davenport is being sued for his infamous encounter with a laundry basket in a woman's dorm room closet. Let the "#2 running back" jokes begin.

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