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09 Jan 2018, 12:47pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Freshmen Propel Alabama

Replacing starter Jalen Hurts, Alabama quarterback Tua Tagavailoa threw a 41-yard walk-off touchdown pass to fellow freshman DeVonta Smith on second-and-26 in overtime for yet another Alabama championship.

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02 Jan 2018, 04:29pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: The Best Rose Bowl Ever?

The largest comeback in Rose Bowl history propels the Bulldogs to the national championship, while Alabama's dominating defense compensated for a mediocre offensive performance in the Sugar Bowl.

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04 Dec 2017, 02:02pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Big Ten Champs Miss Playoff

While Clemson, Georgia, and Oklahoma clinched conference championships and playoff berths, Alabama just sat back waited to hear the Selection Committee put them into the four-team field.

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27 Nov 2017, 05:41pm by Chad Peltier

One Foot Inbounds: Top Teams Fall

The top two college football teams in the country, Alabama and Miami, each picked up their first loss of the season, again upsetting the playoff race.

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20 Nov 2017, 12:33pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Calm Before Rivalry Week Storm

It was a quiet week for almost everyone in college football, with Skylar Thompson leading Kansas State over Oklahoma State as the only major Power 5 upset.

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13 Nov 2017, 04:03pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Blowouts Shake Up Playoff Race, Again

This week was full of big ranked matchups, but a few blowout wins opened the doors for even more possible playoff contenders.

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06 Nov 2017, 05:24pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Bedlam in the Big Ten

Bedlam wasn't the only bedlam this week, as the Big Ten lost two potential playoff contenders in upsets. Bedlam itself also lived up to high-scoring expectations.

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30 Oct 2017, 05:30pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Huge Wins Could Mean Playoff Chaos

It's always tough to figure out the four best teams for the Playoff. It's much harder when there are a huge number of deserving one-loss teams that all have strong claims.

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23 Oct 2017, 03:48pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Penn State, Notre Dame Position for Playoff Runs

Without any upsets, the winners of the two ranked-vs.-ranked matchups -- Notre Dame and Penn State -- made the most noise in Week 8.

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16 Oct 2017, 03:38pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Chaos Turns Top Ten Upside Down

Four AP top-ten teams lost to unranked opponents as nearly half of the top 25 either lost or won a one-score game.

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