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Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Week 6 kicks off tonight with one of the biggest Thursday night games we're likely to see all year: 4-1 Philadelphia at 4-1 Carolina in a possible playoff preview. Action continues as the Giants seek their first win on a trip to 3-1 Denver on Sunday night, then a battle of 2-3 teams square off on Monday night when Indianapolis visits Tennessee in a "somebody has to win the AFC South" special. Use this thread to discuss all the action.


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1 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

This might be the best game of the week on paper, which is probably the first time that could be honestly said about a Thursday night game. Certainly a lot better than the Sunday night matchup. If only flex scheduling was allowed this early.

8 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Even then, flex scheduling isn't able to move games from one day to the next (and I suspect it never will). Also, flexing out of TNF is even less likely than flexing out of MNF, due to the requirement that every team play a game as part of the Thursday/Saturday package.

9 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Regarding the Sunday night game, though, apparently it can be flexed out as early as Week 5:

The catch is that the decision has to be made on 12 days notice. Certainly the NFL would have figured there was a chance the Giants would be 0-5, but probably held out hope they'd be 1-4 where a win still gives them some hope of staying alive. And obviously they couldn't predict OBJ getting hurt...

11 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Wait, NBC could've flexed out of Broncos-Giants?

Even if you think it would be cool to see OBJ vs. CHJ (or Talib), I don't think that the rest of that matchup is that good a deal. Packers-Vikings, Lions-Saints, Steelers-Chiefs–all of those look better (and knowing what we do today, you can tack on Jaguars-Rams to that list).

EDIT: Yes I know Odell is injured, but it happened this weekend, so pretty much the only selling point for the game to NBC while they were still able to flex out of it would be OBJ vs. the Denver secondary.

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Don't the broadcast networks have veto power for several matchups (guessing that's why it won't be Chiefs-Steelers)? Should've been Jags-Rams, it was obvious two weeks ago that both those teams are way more interesting than was expected heading into the season, and neither has a big enough following to prevent FOX from letting it go (this Rams team will be a great test of the L.A. market- they look like legit challengers to the Seahawks, and have really been a fun watch so far; that offense and coaching staff deserve all the rave reviews they've been getting, and they haven't really gotten the typical 'Wade Phillips in a new city' bump on defense yet- not only are they more competitive than expected, but they're competitive in fun, exciting ways- they ought to be a big draw). People were complaining about the Giants being on national tv all the time by Monday night of week two, so they should have seen this shitty matchup coming

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In defense of scheduling Jets-Patriots: the Jets are better than expected, the Patriots are worse than expected, and if the game is close then you'll have plenty of people tuning in to watch the Pats (maybe) lose. Combine that with neither the Rams nor the Jags having many fans, and it makes sense to choose Jets/Patriots as the main early game matchup. Doesn't change the fact that Rams/Jags would be better, though.

3 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Huh. On the 3rd down where Newton threw to Benjamin two yards short of the sticks, it looked like a pointlessly conservative throw in real-time. But on a replay with a wider angle, you could see how the coverage was shifting and the receiver appeared open enough to make the first, and the Philly safety, I guess, (#31), made a nice play coming up fast to shut it down.

Amazing how much more entertaining football is when the goddamn fucking network actually shows all the football being played.

4 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Officiating in CAR/PHI has been badly one sided. 126 yards assessed against the Eagles, and one (1) against the Panthers, with at least two DPI incidents where the refs kept their flags at their sides, and one truly ludicrous roughing call that led to a touchdown.

5 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Yes, the story of the game was the complete domination by the Eagles' D-line. Only that penalty differential kept it close. Cam looked beaten and dispirited by the end, and his accuracy went completely awry on those final drives.

And another game marred by an ugly injury to a star player. Have to wonder whether Kuechly is debating his future this morning.

6 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

"then a battle of 2-3 teams square off on Monday night when Indianapolis visits Tennessee in a "somebody has to win the AFC South" special"

Are we not coming around to the view that this year's AFC South is just actually quite strong? This matchup between #20 and #31 in DVOA takes place in a division that also includes #3 and #6... (#22, #31, #5 and #10 if you prefer DAVE)

15 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

...and Tennessee would certainly rate higher without five quarters of Matt Cassel (of course, the same can be said for Indy and Luck, but, at this point, I'll believe he's healthy when I see it; they only really looked awful when Tolzien was starting, anyway)

12 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Week 6 score predictions:

Baltimore 23 Chicago 10
Houston 27 Cleveland 17
Green Bay 30 Minnesota 24
New Orleans 31 Detroit 17
Atlanta 41 Miami 7
Patriots 28 New York Jets 17
Washington 24 San Francisco 10
Arizona 19 Tampa Bay 17
Los Angeles Rams 17 Jacksonville 13
Pittsburgh 31 Kansas City 28
Oakland 27 Los Angeles Chargers 23
Denver 23 New York Giants 7
Tennessee 24 Indianapolis 20

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The positive on Jabril Peppers, the football player, is that he is an ok returner.
They play him as a deep cover 1 safety and as a cover 2 safety - and in both he's pretty useless.
3rd and 1 and he lines up almost 20 yards deep.
I wonder why.

34 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Now we see that, despite a lot of clamor from Browns fans, there was a legitimate reason Hogan wasn't ahead of Kizer all along, and there was also a legitimate reason he used to be behind Kessler.

His "sparks off the bench" the last few weeks have strictly been because defenses didn't spend the week preparing for him, and even then they adjust after a few first downs.

24 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Ugh, Jim Caldwell kicking the field goal on 4th&1 at the Saints 20, down 24-7, when their defense is being routinely gashed by Brees and co.

29 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Vikings have been effective on offense, while without Rodgers the Packers have not. Only thing keeping GB in it is a huge fumble return which stopped the Vikings from scoring and set up the Packers' only score. But unless something changes I don't see how GB wins.

32 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

HOLY SHIT WHY ARE THESE REFS HELPING NEW ENGLAND SO MUCH? A Pasts receiver went to the ground after a catch, but it wasn't clear if he was down or not, and so a Jets defender TOUCHED HIM to down him. It was a rougher touch than you might use on a 5 year old, sure, but it was just a touch. The refs hand out 15!!! free yards to NE, for a defender doing his job intelligently.

Thank the football gods for pushing NE's FG kick wide. These refs' financials need to be examined by a forensic accountant.

103 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

By the way, the whistle doesn't actually end the play. The whistle only "marks" the end of the play, like a commemoration. It doesn't actually matter if the whistle blew or not, if the play wasn't over. There have been some infuriating inadvertent whistles in the past few years, making defenders pull up, without the play actually ending.

It doesn't matter how many steps he took, because the play wasn't clearly over. Guys get up from the ground all the time to make big plays, it happened in another early game today in fact. Defenders should always touch the player with the ball down to be certain, and that's what he did.

122 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

That's a pretty marginal take. The Jet's player could have simply touched him down if he thought the play wasn't over, instead he tried to hit him (granted not that hard). If the NFL let's stuff like that go you'll get a lot of dangerous plays (this is also a big problem I have with a lot of the unclear/reviewable calls about fumbles/incomplete/intercepted). If players play through the whistle, guys get hurt in stupid ways.

142 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

The call is "unnecessary roughness"; seems like it's definitional a judgment call which is why I labeled your position a "take". I get that there's two sides to the late hit argument, especially when offensive players exploit the rule on the sideline, I just think this call is pretty defensible given the choices the defensive player made (and would love to see less incentive offered to players to play through the whistle through review as I think it's really quite dangerous).