2018 Divisional Discussion Thread

Here's the open thread for discussing all of this weekend's divisional-round action. On Saturday, we've got Atlanta at Philadelphia followed by Tennessee at New England. On Sunday, we start with Jacksonville at Pittsburgh, then New Orleans at Minnesota.


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293 Re: 2018 Divisional Discussion Thread

Kaepernick was in the top 3 QBs for DVOA that year, and Flacco was 17th. One elite QB, one just slightly below average. No one's calling them HoFers, but it was hardly a weak matchup. Kaep had the best DVOA of anyone not named Brady or Manning

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This was a funny way of describing Tomlin, et al:

(From Twitter)
Scott Lemieux‏ @LemieuxLGM

Tomlin is a top 5 NFL coach for sure, but...that game looked like the Steelers coaching staff went to a breakfast with bottomless Bloody Marys at 6AM and were determined to get their money's worth.

1:44 PM - 14 Jan 2018

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It's not enough for Aikman to be a monotone bozo, now Buck is oh so cleverly quoting the bud shit ads. I'm not really sure I want to watch football anymore

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So glad to see the Vikings not stupidly calling a time out on that fourth down. Losing five yards at midfield before a punt is no big deal.

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The commentary about Bortles being phenomenal is killing me. He completed 50% for 200 something yards. I get that the bar is low but come on.

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Yeah, he was great on the first drive and in the fourth quarter, but everyone is forgetting what happened in between. Also I think most NFL commenters can't comprehend the idea of a team scoring 45 without their QB playing incredibly, so Bortles just automatically gets tons of credit for that big point total.

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The big thing he did is that he DID NOT give Pittsburgh an 18 yard TD drive with a pick.
That was the difference. He had a few nice runs and he made a few really big throws early and late.

Peyton Manning was not great in his last Super Bowl but he made less mistakes than The LVP of Super Bowl L.

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As bad as Keenum's desperation throw was for a QB... that coaching decision by Payton was worse. 3rd and 1 is not the time for High School Harry.

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OK, "by far" was too strong. I was thinking of the AFC games. Pats game wasn't close and I have no idea what happened in Pittsburgh, but that wasn't good football. The Eagles/Falcons game was close but for some reason it didn't inspire me. To be at the same level as this one, they needed the Falcons to score a TD with a minute left, and then the Eagles would have had a minute to get the lead back...

The ending today was written better. :)

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Glad to see Saints don't just stop and try a long FG. So many coaches are too afraid of rare events like turnovers that they don't take the effort to dramatically increase FG %.

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Remember, as of a few years ago, around 2/3 of NFL players are high on opiate pain pills every game. That's a double edged sword, it can help enhance performance, and it can take performance away.

Do I have any evidence to point to suggesting that's a factor? Not really, but any time I see a professional athlete whiff like that, I do wonder.

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What have I just seen. I honestly felt almost dramatic tension on that play just because the game seemed completely, utterly over. WTH. An all-time crazy finish.

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As sloppy as the NFL is about following rules, the "we have to kick to finalize the game" is so stupid

Still this was the best day of football in who knows how many years

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That was a great game. It's just too bad that the moment that will be remembered is a negative one, in that it was far more about one person's terrible failure than anybody doing anything right.

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Give credit where credit is due. The Panthers made both of these teams great. They gave Ginn to the Saints and took Matt Kalil from the Vikings.

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Okay, so Williams clearly realized he was going to hit Diggs too early and ducked out of the way to avoid the spot foul and field goal try. Probably should've just blown him up and hoped for the Mike Pereira "interference isn't interference if you wait until the ball is almost to the receiver" interpretation from before the punt block.

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I can't wait to hear Paul Allen's play by play call of this on KFAN. I bet it will be something like:


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That was just insane. I realize Williams was (had to be) worried about DPI, but you just can't take yourself out of the play like that.

MIN has to be favored over whoever comes out of the AFC.

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Well, it was just a bit more than 42 years ago that I was about 100 yards away from Drew Pearson making a great hidden push off on Nate Wright, as Krause was just a split second late in giving help, after Vikings dt Doug Sutherland, executing a great bull rush, was flat out tackled by the Cowboys guard. I was a kid, and didn't anticipate all the brutal playoff losses to come, so I thought that as bad as it could be. HA!

Yeah, this one makes up for '75, especially since that one was a divisional game as well. Still have some miles to go, but that was fun to watch.

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Looking ahead -

AFCCG: zzzzzzz. I'll bet there's CBS execs on suicide watch right now. How many people outside of NE and N. Fla are going to watch this one? Anyway, NE cruises past Jax and their overrated defense to another SB.

NFCCG: Nick Foles vs. Case Keenum. Just like everyone predicted, right? Defense should be the bigger story. I'll say Minny by a FG.

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