2018 Wild-Card Discussion Thread

Here's the open thread for discussing all of this weekend's wild-card action: Titans at Chiefs and Falcons at Rams on Saturday, then Bills at Jaguars and Panthers at Saints Part III on Sunday.


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The Spam filter is terrible. Almost every post I make is flagged. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just fill out the captcha on the first attempt instead of having to do after the initial attempt fails.

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There's a fix for that but I don't remember what it was. It was something standard like rebooting, clearing browser cache, etc.

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I have the same issue on a number of difference devices though so I feel like that can't be the problem. It's just obviously poorly designed, I even sometimes have to use it again if I edit an existing comment.

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Seriously, CAR is going to keep kicking field goals while NO scores TD’s. Yes that’s going to end well. Ron, you do know there is no game next week if you lose right?

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Definitely. It's madness if they only need a FG to win, but needing a touchdown I like the call. However I think it's a mistake not to run it the first time...go up there and hard count a bunch so it looks like you are just trying to draw offsides and then actually snap it with 2 secs left on the play clock.

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How did the replay official not call for a review of the interception on 4th down in the Saints game? It was a turnover so they're all reviewed, and it was inside two minutes. Cost the Panthers 20 yards!

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Complete breakdown by the refs there at the end of the game. That interception is not a catch. It is called incomplete every other time. At the very least, it is supposed to be reviewed.
The intentional grounding call was ridiculous. I've seen Tom Brady do the same exact throw numerous times and never get called once for it.
Next week Saints - Vikings is looking like the one good game left in the playoffs this year.

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I was amazed they didn't review it. It should have been reviewed and overturned.

Of course, if the CAR player had his head in the game enough to remember it was 4th down and to just knock the ball down it wouldn't have mattered. But the refs certainly did blow that call.

171 NFC > AFC

Certainly in that round all the NFC teams were miles better than the AFC teams.

174 Re: NFC > AFC

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True, but there are only two good AFC teams and neither of them played in that round. I think the NFC is a much higher quality conference overall, but the AFC champion should probably be favoured in the Superbowl.

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4-0 straight up
4-0 ahgainst the spread
2-2 in teams I rooted for )rooted for pantehrs and rmams but did npt think they would win but had Pnathers keeping it close)

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Looking at next week:
The Pats roll over the Titans
Steelers I think will beat the Jags unless the defense plays like crazy
Falcons beat Philly
I can’t predict the Saints and Vikings, Saints playing so well but Vikings have that defense. I think Vikings by 3.

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"Steelers I think will beat the Jags unless the defense plays like crazy"

No, Steelers will beat the Jags unless Bortles morphs into a real QB*.

*Very rare but he has done that for a few quarters this year.

Next question: What the hell are the Jags gonna do about their QB situation this off season?

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Devin Funchess really should have caught the ball on that toss into the end zone. It wasn't an easy adjustment, but it was an easy catch, if that makes any sense.

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Cam Newton is a great guy. What he does for kids around the Carolina's is amazing. Giving the touchdown football to a kid every time is typical of him, and just the tip of the iceberg of what he does in the community.
The only criticism I can see of him is that he doesn't give great interviews after big losses, but I don't see how anyone who is a fan of Belichick can throw stones at that.

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Since this is the internet I probably shouldn't even try to clarify but here goes:
1. He was absolutely the second best QB playing in this game, no argument here.
2. I certainly don't know his innermost soul. This comment was confined to sports dislike and nothing greater. The reason I dislike him is I think he's the definition of a bad sport. I don't mind if you whoop it up if you win, or can't handle it well when you lose because we want our athletes to care and he absolutely does, but Cam does both and to such extremes that it makes him a hypocrite. Because Losing-Cam would absolutely pick a fight and have a major problem with Winning-Cam who would be laughing and dancing and rubbing it in his face.
3. I don't know if Cam Newton is a great guy any more than I know he is a douche off the field. And since I don't like him, the giving the kid a football (which isn't even Cam's property) feels more about Cam than anything else.
But all this is confined to the field. I don't want him hurt or sick or out of the league. We get a great QB who people can root for or root against, and the kid gets his football either way. The league is definitely better for having him in it, but I'm still going to think he's a douche.

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It's interesting that he rubs some people the wrong way. I have always found his exuberance refreshing, both ways. It's nice to see someone who cares so much.
But some people I work with are Panthers fans, and simply can't stand him. I don't quite get it. When I played I definitely adhered to the old school-show little to no emotion. But I appreciated the exuberant, demonstrative players who could do all that without being mean-spirited about it.
There was one player I remember in particular who talked non-stop and had both teams cracking up the entire game.
To me, Cam Newton shows tremendous emotion, but is not mean-spirited. He talks a lot, but nothing malicious.
To me, he is a refreshing contrast to the Patriots, who show little positive emotion despite winning so often, and what little they say, or do, is mean and disrespectful.

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norm a,lly do not like immature, flamboyant tupes. c. newton one of exceptions. don'
t think he does things to get under skin of opponents and don't find his "look-at-me" superman shield thing to be reomltely as obnoxious as t. owens' antics or o. belcham jr's dog pee dance and kicking net love making or M. bennett's male strip cluib routine and stufu like that. See stuff like that and think if I was opponent, would be looking to tackle those guys real hard. like extra hard. always played spoprts calmly an d nice until an opponent had some sort of clown. clown would get tackled harder, not helped up if layiong on ground, pushed hard near sidelines just to send message. all within rules. there afe ways to send messages within rules.
anywyay, so c. newton cool in my book