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Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion
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The Thanksgiving holiday brings us a trio of NFC playoff heavyweights doing battle with division rivals. It starts with Chicago traveling to Detroit to face the Lions, continues with Washington going to Dallas to play the Cowboys, and ends with New Orleans welcoming Atlanta to the Superdome. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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3 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

I LOL’ed.

Saints will win by 4 TD’s.

Re: Colt McCoy, I was at the 2014 game where he relieved a benched Kirk Cousins at halftime to lead the “squirrels” to a comeback win over the Titans. This morning I had to look up who Tennessee’s QB was—Charlie Whitehurst.

4 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Bears starting Chase Daniel.
Lions without Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones.

As a Packer fan holding on to a sliver of hope, I will be cheering for the Lions. I mean, I'd cheer for the Lions over the Bears most weeks anyway, but more so today. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'm at work. In Canada.

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Lions 9, bears 3
(Chase Daniel only throws 3 passes and Will Allen has a second piece of pumpkin pie)

Coqboys 14, Squirrels 17

Saings 68, Falcs 28

11 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

I should explain the Lions Bears score: The Lions score a TD but doink the EP. There are 7 field goals attempted. All hit the uprights with two bank-shot through. The league launches an investigation of the goal posts in Detroit.

The networks run highlights of the game with Yakety Sacs accompaniment.

17 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Unless something changes drastically in the second half, this game is evidence that Trubisky is much more valuable to the Bears than Nagy is. I’m having flashbacks to so many bad Bears offenses.

18 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Or it's evidence that Darius Slay, who missed the first game against the Bears, is very valuable to the Lions defense (as Romo already pointed out). All the CB's on the roster besides him are sub-replacement level.

I actually dont' think Daniel has played all that badly (he should have had his second career touchdown pass, but the receiver dropped it). Trubisky's running is probably being missed, though.

19 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Oh, I don’t think Daniel has been bad necessarily. And obviously a big falloff from the starter to the backup is to be expected. But I'd hoped to see Nagy come up with something to make the Bears more effective than they’ve been. The defense has held the Lions to only 7 thus far, and if the Lions score fewer than 20 and the Bears still lose I’ll be supremely disappointed.

22 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Looks like Nagy found the formula.

On a separate note, this is what, like the 5th touchdown in a row that the Bears have gone for two? Is Nagy just going to make that a thing now? If so, I would be very interested to see how it goes, and if other coaches start to emulate it.

30 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

He’s spoken about how he generally wants to go for 2, although it didn’t really start until Parkey had the awful game.

I think there is something to the idea that in general, if you’re going to go for 2 then you need to do it a lot to reap the benefits and balance out the times where it doesn’t work. The only thing is that I question if the chance of getting the conversion is high enough with Daniel as QB to make it smart to try in the first place.

28 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

I wonder if Mark Davis offered Bill Cower $100M to coach the Raiders for a decade first, or if he went straight to the wrong Gruden with that

31 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Why are the Lions uniforms so ugly? They look like they could be the Lions on Madden '97.

Also, watching the Sky Sports crew (in the UK) serve and eat turkey live on set is cringey.

91 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Ah, thought that might be the case. Thanks!

I hate NFL uniforms that are all (shirt and trousers) one colour (so, basically, I hate all colour rush - except all white, which looks okay). They look like pyjamas and are not in the slightest bit flattering to the players.

But, an all-grey scheme is even worse. An all-grey uniform is probably the worst colour scheme in any sport, in my opinion. All-grey looks like a placeholder for a final colour scheme, but the artist got distracted before completing it and the players have to run out like unlocked characters in a video game.

34 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Don't understand why Patricia decided to go for two there, unless he's decided he's going to copy Nagy and just go for two all the time.

36 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Well if you're up 5, the opposing team has to go for two if they score a TD late in the game (if they fail, you have an opportunity to win with an FG). I guess either call is defensible. I'm usually not in favor of going for two unless you either do it all the time, or it's 4th quarter.

40 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Obviously the Bears offense has not been as good as it has with Trubisky, but the defense has looked like crap and they’re not even fully into their 4th quarter collapse yet. 2 sacks and no turnovers isn’t going to get the job done.

42 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Pretty funny that 228 yards is enough to Chase Daniel's career high. He's in his ninth year! Actually, looking at his Wikipedia it would appear he only needs 21 more yards to set a career season high too.

60 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

I think the TE screwed up on that one. Looked like he was supposed to keep on going to the back corner, but instead stopped and the defender get behind him.

Other than Golladay, the receivers weren't much help. Riddick stepped up, Blount stepped up, even the defense played above expectation. I think the Lions missed Marvin Jones more than the Bears missed Trubitsky.

46 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

I wonder if the Lions would go for two again if they score a TD here. As a quasi-neutral who would rather see OT, I hope not, but it might be the right call.

51 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

This win by the Bears is how the Jaguars would like to play games, but the problem is that Blake Bortles is much worse than Chase Daniels.

59 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Why does Dan Snyder always look like he's cringing from everyone, like he's afraid everybody is always about to attack him, even (especially?) Jerry Jones? I mean, I totally understand the urge to attack Snyder on sight and I would try to attack him too if given half a chance. But isn't he rich enough to pay robots or something to enforce a physical distance between himself and every other human at all times?

71 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Terrible safety play by Clinton-Dix on the 90-yard TD play. And all Fox can do is praise Amari Cooper. HaHa completely overran the guy that he's supposed to contain.

73 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

That really should be a holding call on that last interception. Dallas got a defensive holding flag called on the Skins on a play with exactly as much/little holding.

75 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

I know making up an 11-point deficit is unlikely, but they aren't even trying...

Is Reed going into concussion protocol after that illegal hit or what?

76 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

NBC flashes graphic showing Brees's 26/1 TD:INT ratio, including fact that he's got most TD's ever for a QB with only 1 INT. The very next play is an interception.

83 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Falca reallt pathetic offense int hsi game.

Wasnt likelt to win this week anyway but having j. Howard, c. Ridley and T. Coleman in fsntasy startinf lineup? Brutal. This was gonna be Howard's last stand on my team. Juust doesnt fit what M. Nagy want sto do. I almost drioped Howard weeks ago but didnt and then whhen Trubisky was out , figured c bears migth go heavy with running. I sohuld go heavy with rumming

Also some jerkface blocked me on Twitter becuase I correctly andwered his trivia question

Strangest thinf i ever encountered on twitter. Made me decide to leave Twitter for rest of day.

Name six padsers who threw for more tjan 4000 yards in a seaspn frpm 1983-86. I logged on and saw Marino and Dickey already correctly andwred. I tjen added Phil Simms, Neil Lomax, and Bill Kenney. Had to think on final guy for few minutes but then named Jay Schroeder in '86 with Squirrels.

Guy wasnt giving me a like or comment that i had the answers but he was responding to everyone else. "Sorry bro, you were 0 for 5."
"Marino is right, the rest are wrong." On and on.

20 minutes later I am seeing mt Twitter people still tryinf to come up witj answers. I nicely let two of tjem know I revealed the answrrs if they wanted to look. If not, just keep guessing I guess.

Then i was respondinf ti the random people who continuued to guess. Meanwhiel the trivia starter is continuing to tell everyone they are wrong and I am being ignored.

There was nothing on yhe line. No money to ve won. Jusr write, "It is over. Raiderjoe got the last four."

Nope. Instead he blocked me. Freakin' turkey that guy is

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Not football related. But I really love the phone commercial with the Queen Flash Gordon song where the flash blinds everyone including Dracula.

86 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Saints look great seemingly every week. It's crazy the one game they've lost is to the Bucs. It wasn't even that close of a game (Saints made the scoreline more respectable late).

102 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

He was definitely his best in those first few games but he's still had good games more recently. He's 6th in DVOA. Now that I'm thinking about, it must be almost unprecedented for a QB to be ranked that high and still be getting cycled in and out of the lineup. While I think it probably does make more sense for the Bucs to see if Winston is their QB for the future, I still wish they had stuck with Fitz all year. He would probably have broken the single season passing record and might have gone over 6000 yards (Jameis + Fitz are still almost on pace for that as it is). That would've been something to see.

105 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Taking a high variability performer and then pulling him on the down cycle makes absolutely no sense.

Either don't play him at all, or let him try to gunsling his way out of a deficit.

I mean, what does Koetter think? That because he threw 3 picks, he can't complete 3 TD bombs in the next 15 minutes? It's as stupid as pinch hitting for a home run hitter because he struck out the last 3 times at bat.

107 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

I agree with the above poster that it was crucial for the Bucs to use this season to evaluate Winston, before his 5th year option/contract renewal. The fact that Fitzpatrick had a couple of good games whilst Winston was suspended confused matters, but they did the right thing by bringing Winston at the first sign of Fitzpatrick regressing towards his mean level of play.

What then didn't make sense to me was benching Winston again. Perhaps the evaluation is complete. Still, in an obvious lost cause of a season, I would be using every last opportunity to put more Winston play on tape, to make absolutely sure the correct decision is made regarding his future. There is certainly nothing new to learn about Fitzpatrick.