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Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

The Thanksgiving holiday brings us a trio of NFC playoff heavyweights doing battle with division rivals. It starts with Chicago traveling to Detroit to face the Lions, continues with Washington going to Dallas to play the Cowboys, and ends with New Orleans welcoming Atlanta to the Superdome. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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4 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Bears starting Chase Daniel.
Lions without Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones.

As a Packer fan holding on to a sliver of hope, I will be cheering for the Lions. I mean, I'd cheer for the Lions over the Bears most weeks anyway, but more so today. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'm at work. In Canada.

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Unless something changes drastically in the second half, this game is evidence that Trubisky is much more valuable to the Bears than Nagy is. I’m having flashbacks to so many bad Bears offenses.

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Or it's evidence that Darius Slay, who missed the first game against the Bears, is very valuable to the Lions defense (as Romo already pointed out). All the CB's on the roster besides him are sub-replacement level.

I actually dont' think Daniel has played all that badly (he should have had his second career touchdown pass, but the receiver dropped it). Trubisky's running is probably being missed, though.

19 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Oh, I don’t think Daniel has been bad necessarily. And obviously a big falloff from the starter to the backup is to be expected. But I'd hoped to see Nagy come up with something to make the Bears more effective than they’ve been. The defense has held the Lions to only 7 thus far, and if the Lions score fewer than 20 and the Bears still lose I’ll be supremely disappointed.

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He’s spoken about how he generally wants to go for 2, although it didn’t really start until Parkey had the awful game.

I think there is something to the idea that in general, if you’re going to go for 2 then you need to do it a lot to reap the benefits and balance out the times where it doesn’t work. The only thing is that I question if the chance of getting the conversion is high enough with Daniel as QB to make it smart to try in the first place.

31 Re: Thanksgiving Open Game Discussion

Why are the Lions uniforms so ugly? They look like they could be the Lions on Madden '97.

Also, watching the Sky Sports crew (in the UK) serve and eat turkey live on set is cringey.

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Ah, thought that might be the case. Thanks!

I hate NFL uniforms that are all (shirt and trousers) one colour (so, basically, I hate all colour rush - except all white, which looks okay). They look like pyjamas and are not in the slightest bit flattering to the players.

But, an all-grey scheme is even worse. An all-grey uniform is probably the worst colour scheme in any sport, in my opinion. All-grey looks like a placeholder for a final colour scheme, but the artist got distracted before completing it and the players have to run out like unlocked characters in a video game.

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Obviously the Bears offense has not been as good as it has with Trubisky, but the defense has looked like crap and they’re not even fully into their 4th quarter collapse yet. 2 sacks and no turnovers isn’t going to get the job done.