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Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Week 10 Open Game Discussion
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It's a rarity, but the best game of the week is on Thursday night, as Cam Newton faces Pittsburgh for just the second time in his career when the 6-2 Panthers visit the 5-2-1 Steelers. Only three other games this weekend (Saints-Bengals, Patriots-Titans, and Seahawks-Rams) feature two teams at .500 or better. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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1 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Riverboat Ron showed up on the first drive. Instead of a short field goal for a lead, he goes for it on 4th and a long 1 from Pittsburgh's 21.

And now they've got the TD.

4 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Pittsburgh offense can do no wrong through a quarter and a half. First offensive play of the game was a long TD to Smith Schuster on the slot fade, and it hasn't really gotten much harder since then. Everything has been working, even cute stuff like a true reverse and a couple of empty backfield fullback screens.

Carolina is moving the ball pretty well, but Pittsburgh has been getting just enough pressure to disrupt their drives. Pittsburgh has always had a deep playbook of funky five man blitzes, which has to make them a tough team to prepare for on a short week.

7 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Carolina throws a swing to McCaffery and there's one there. On that entire side of the field for Pittsburgh. That's got to be the easiest 20 yard touchdown of his entire life.

8 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Carolina just finished a long touchdown drive, and Pittsburgh starts their drive with super-raw rookie tailback Jaylen Samuels in the backfield. He runs unproductively for two straight plays. I really don't get their RB rotation strategy. This is when Connor would be about the least tired he'll be all game. Relieve him in the middle of a long drive! It doesn't make any sense to relieve him when he just had a 15 minute breather with the defense on the field.

Oh, but Pittsburgh hits AB for an easy TD down the sideline. I guess I shouldn't be complaining about the offense.

9 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Aikman called the pick six by Cam illadvised. I disagree, it was a guaranteed safety and then good field position for Pittsburgh with a high likelihood of a score. Trying to avoid a very bad situation by doing something high risk is sometimes a good idea.

12 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Totally agree. And it was too early for anyone involved to know how unstoppable the Pittsburgh offense would be for the entire first half.

Incidentally, I have been blissfully unaware of Aikman's dumb shit because I've been listening to goofy British dudes try to pronounce "Juju Smith-Schuster. " I think the UK feed is a lot of fun, even if my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy for it.

17 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I agree it's debatable not cut and dried like aikman said. Percentages based on guesses. If he throws the ball there's a 50% chance of an int and 75% chance of TD, 25% chance of FG so expected points are 3. If he takes the saftey Pitt scores TD 10% of the time and FG 25% for expected points of 3.5. These % are probably way off but Aikman can think about it before spouting.

32 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Bingo. Scramble, take the sack, throw it away, even for an intentional grounding, but do not retreat to the end zone with a Watt coming at you unimpeded, even if it is only Grammy Watt.

I've not seen much of Cam this year, but I did not see the guy with improved situational awareness and vision everyone has been talking about. Every team is going to throw up a clunker now and again, but situational awareness isn't really supposed to have high variance. There were a bunch of times when the defender was right in front of his grill and he didn't seem to see him.

I also saw Cam complete the 13 passes in a row at one point, but that's a different thing from what I'm talking about. I won't entirely credit scheme for a lot of those completions, but that can be a factor. Regardless, seeing guys in your face isn't supposed to be a on again, off again skill. No doubt he was under heavy pressure all game, but he definitely made it worse.

45 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I agree 100% and tried to make this point as well. The Cam interception cannot fall under the description of 'poor decision' or 'illadvised', simply because there were no good options on the play. It's one of those busted plays which put the QB in a position of essentially zero outs. I agree that Cam made the best possible choice in trying to ground it in the vicinity of receiver; better to attempt an incompletion than settle for an automatic safety. It's simple math considering there was no guarantee an interception would have been made even though it may have been likely.

47 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

It would have been better to not retreat into the end zone, and take a sack at the two, or just chuck the ball 60 yards downfield, and hope the ref blows the call. Retreating into the end zone, deeper than the dropback called for on the play, is always a bad idea.

13 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Unless something changes with Carolina's OL's protection, there's no way the second half is going to be competitive.

I haven't seen much Pittsburgh and no Carolina this year before this game. I'm really surprised how much consistent pressure Pittsburgh is getting on Newton, quickly. I don't know whether to credit Pittsburgh or blame Carolina. Or both.

14 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Kind of seems like it's more Carolina to blame, honestly. Watt was completely unblocked on both his strip sack and on the pressure leading to the pick-six. If you find yourself leaving the opponent's best pass rusher unblocked multiple times per half, you've got a problem.

33 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Watching them for the first time really makes me wonder what in the hell was going on in that Philly game. Philly has had some mystifying moments this year, but blowing 17-0 in the fourth quarter to that offense and defense takes the cake.

39 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

There were times Carolina moved the ball on Pittsburgh, too. McCaffrey and Newton could make the offense look really, really good on some types of plays. So, yeah, I could see Carolina mounting a furious come back.

Over the course of a full game, though, if that's typical Panther OL play, then the playbook is going to get really, really thin. Last night, pretty much any play that required more than a couple of seconds to set up was being blown up before it had any chance of success. The one reverse they ran was almost a huge loss, if Samuel doesn't make a great play to avoid Dupree, who's in position to tackle him almost as soon as he gets the hand off. And about the only "long" passes that were working were YAC plays off quick throws.

42 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I don't know if I would call their offense shaky, they're not in the same tier as the Chiefs or Rams but they came into last night a solid 5th in offensive DVOA, albeit against the easiest schedule of opposing defenses. (Nice to be in the same division as ATL, TB & NO.) I think the bigger problem and more obvious takeaway from last night is that their defense isn't as good as their reputation.

46 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Carolina's defense clearly has holes, most notably in their lack of edge pressure from the defensive line, but I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from this performance. 21 of Pitt's points came on plays consisting of a pick 6, a busted coverage by Bradberry on the 1st play of the game, Jackson simply getting beat by Brown 1vs1. Busted Coverage and huge scores by All Pro receivers happen in this game, you just don't expect them to occur on a consistent basis. The most concerning aspect of the Panthers defense is that they can't generate pressure without blitzing, so their secondary will be stretched at times. Overall I like that they don't commit too many avoidable penalties (discipline!) and are pretty reliable at clamping down in the redzone usually. Not easy to score against the Panthers down there.

15 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Lame decision there from Riverboat Ron. Middle of the third quarter, down four scores throws a give-up WR screen on 3&17. I guess he's just trying to get on the plane home at this point.

18 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Looks to me that Ben starts to slide as Reid starts to commit to the tackle. Not sure if there's really much he could have done there to avoid getting ejected.

34 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Agreed. He also seemed to adjust in mid air I've it became a slide. He did hit him as he flew over, but it sure looked incidental. They have to call the penalty, but I did not understand the ejection. I guess it's just a zero tolerance policy now. (Although, as I say that, I know it's not true. I've seen plenty of worse contact not even be flagged. Hell, go look at the Baker Mayfield slide in, I think, the Tampa game. The ref went so far as to announce over the PA that hitting him in the head was okey-dokey.)

48 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

The most egregious ref moment of the night was the no call on the Watt hit on Cam (which caused the fumble). This should have been a textbook penalty according to the rules. Watt could have easily lead with his shoulder pad and made a formed tackle around the midsection, instead he intentionally torpedoed himself into Cam's shoulder/neck region, helmet first. One of the most dangerous hits that can be put on a QB and they don't call that? And then the commentators don't even point it out after all questionable flags we've seen from QB contact? This hit should not have even been questionable.

22 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Tried to watch Storm / Kremer feed, but they seemed a little amateurish and got into a long conversation about Leveon Bell, a horse which has joined the choir invisible and requires no more beating. Switched to the British guys, who were sort of ok, but whose understanding of the game seemed rather lacking. Couldn’t face the platitudes of Buck and Aikman. Don’t have enough Spanish to appreciate that option. Finally turned the sound down so far that I’m not really listening, but the house isn’t utterly silent. Evidently, football announcing is hard.

Glad to see Dobbs in, always think the second string guy needs game experience.

Panthers weren’t playing that badly, then things just quickly fell apart. Sometimes that just happens.

Don’t know if it’s due to Fichtner, but Steeler offense does seem more varied and vibrant. Although I did see the dread wide receiver screen early in the game.

27 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I don't mind the WR screen in the early downs. I think Pittsburgh gets 3-7 yard gains off it about as consistently as they do running between the tackles. It's the WR screens on 3&long that always drove me nuts, it's basically deciding to gain 5 more yards before you punt. That angle of the gameplan seems to have largely left with Haley.

Also, the multi-announcer thing is never going to be a complete success until the additional crews are better integrated into the production. Since they were working off the Buck-Aikman video footage, the alternate crews were having to guess what replays were coming and what they were supposed to emphasize. It was a bit jarring to see a player circled on the telestrator with neither announcer even mentioning him.

28 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Do we all agree that Thursday games after Sunday games are a bad idea? Thursday games for two teams coming off a bye week, sure. But not these short work week games.

Maybe Carolina gets blown out in Pittsburgh anyway, and last night's performance has nothing to do with the game being on Thursday night. But it sure felt like we were robbed of a potentially interesting match up.

Does anyone have any stats on whether Thursday night games are more likely to be big wins for the home team, compared to Sunday night or Monday night games? I'm curious about the prime time vs prime time comparison, in case being on national TV somehow influences the team performance. I'd also exclude Dallas and Detroit Thanksgiving games, as they might skew the data given the relative amount of Dallas and Detroit content would go into the mix.

30 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

The best argument for a 2nd bye week, or even a 3rd, and playing the Super Bowl on President's Day Weekend, is that nobody would have to play on a Thursday, or in London, without having a bye the previous week. I think the players would like it, as would the networks, what with ratings rebounding. They really ought to do it.

31 For Will Allen:

Happy 29th anniversary of this:

This would be perfect for the Rick & Morty crew to convert into a scene. That rant is basically how Morty sounds when he gets worked up.

35 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Every once in a while a bad coach makes a single decision that is so bad that I think the owner should come down down and fire him on the spot. Riverboat Ron has had a number of those over the years, but none more so than leaving Cam in the game down 52-14 in the fourth quarter.

Riverboat Ron is the poster child for what happens when a solid team that wins it all causes you to keep a mediocre coach. You end up with so many years of underachieving.

Unless Mike McCarthy is already on that poster.

40 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I was trying to figure out if that was a confidence thing. Get a scoring drive out of the offense (more likely in garbage time), then sit your starters on a relative high.

Not saying that's the right approach vis a vis the risk of injury, but it was the only reason I could think of for continuing to run the starters out there in the fourth quarter.

41 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

In Carolina's case, without even the nice memories of having won a Super Bowl in the first place.

Although I wonder, has Carolina really underachieved under Rivera? They're still in good shape for their fifth playoff appearance in 8 years, which would also be 5 in the last 6. Maybe the 7-8-1 season shouldn't really count, but that's a respectable run, especially in the more-competitive NFC.

49 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

if posted on twitter befofe game, will popst it here after game even if after game ended. if nto posted anywhere before game woudl not post it afterward as integrity is improtant to me

no prob with your comemnt, thoguh, because at first glamnce, me posting a predcition after game occurred looks weird.

60 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

oh that was when I was at KFC enjoying a cookie. I see mayde earlier tweet about easting green beans there. in ebetween those two tweets was when pick was posted. problem maybe was I wrote Pitt as Putt so people maybe thinkgin I was maybe writing about golf.

51 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

chiefs 44, cardinals 16
jets 26, Bills 10
Jaguars 19, cotls 16
opatriots 23, Titans 20
Buccaneeers 27, Squirrels 26
Faklions 34, Browns 27
Bears 24, Loins 20
Packers 31, Dolphins 20
Saints 27, benagls 19
Raiders 30, Chargers 17
Ramms 40, Seahawks 30
Eagles 25, Cowboys 22
49ers 17, Gitans 16

50 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Question: What were the Panthers' calls on 3rd down, defensively? On a fair amount of them I saw linemen dropping into coverage, Zone Blitz style. It did result in a Julius Peppers pass defense (This would hit the Panthers as they tried it again and Peppers couldn't drop back enough), but why not keep Peppers in the line and having him rush Roethlisberger, especially since he got a sack already? On another instance they just rushed 2 guys on 3rd down. It was converted anyway.

57 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I saw the wildfires limited Oakland's practice and cancelled the Rams. Nothing about the Chargers though.

Is that because they've become accustomed to choking?

65 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Good one, but the Chargers practice in Costa Mesa (Orange County), while the Rams practice in Thousand Oaks, right next to the fires (and the shootings). They're almost 100 miles apart.

Of course, wildfires could break out in Orange County at a moment's notice and complete the trifecta...

61 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

So, looks as though the Raven's hand has been forced w.r.t. Flacco/Jackson. Or the Flacco injury is a smokescreen and he has in fact been benched (the fact that this has occurred right before the bye week raises my suspicions).

Either way it is surely the best outcome for the team. The season isn't done, but Pittsburgh are now streaking away with the division. Sticking with a lame duck QB in the hope of eking out a wildcard spot seems sub-optimal compared to giving Jackson a run of games under the current coaching staff to attempt to determine whether they have a future together.

62 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I like the move. Flacco's bland replacement level performance is just good enough to keep a coach from getting fired midseason. It isn't good enough to actually sustain a good football team. A raw, hyper-athletic rookie QB like Jackson is the ultimate high-variance players, and it almost always behooves underdogs to go for high variance. This is exactly the right time to make the move, since now you have the bye week to draw up and install the totally new offense you need when you go from extreme pocket passer to extreme scrambler. They've got a pretty reasonable remaining schedule (Bengals @Raiders @Falcons @Chiefs Bucs @Chargers Browns), and I could see this move putting them back in wild card contention as opposing defenses try to adjust.

68 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Browns offense finally looked rejuvenated on that drive, CLE up 7-0.

Defense doing enough to slow down ATL, but Mo Sanu just did what he does as trick-QB to convert on 4th & 1 to end the 1st quarter

70 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Arizona might have stumbled on to a brave new strategy for stopping Mahomes: they tried a surprise onside kick and failed, thus denying the Chiefs all the yardage Mahomes would otherwise use to "get into rhythm" or whatever. Without that, the drive quickly stalled and the Chiefs settled for a FG. So clearly the plan working already

71 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Tyreek Hill celebrates a TD by jumping into the stands and taking the cameraman's place behind a TV camera, and his shot happens to catch the ref throwing the penalty flag. The announcer (Bruce Arians, I think) deadpans "Hill might be the first player in history to film his own penalty"

72 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

It's pretty rare for a team to start four different QBs in one season. But I would guess that it's really, really rare, to the point of being unprecedented, for the fourth of those QBs to be the best of the lot. It looks like that's the situation in Buffalo. I'm not watching the game, but based on the results Barkley is almost certainly better than Peterman and Allen, and probably better than Derek Anderson too. What a strange season it has been for the Bills.

73 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Barkley seemingly hasn't been struck with the turnover bug which by default makes him better than all the other chumps they've put back there. Shady and the defense put points on the board and the Jets are pretty bad but my goodness, if the difference here is simply a QB that doesn't hamfistedly turn over the ball...Infinite demerits to entire Buffalo org.

75 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Wow, there are some huge point totals at the half. Saints with 35, Bears with 26, Colts with 29, the low-scoring Titans with 24... Of course, the shock of all shocks is the Buffalo Bills offense scoring 31. Buffalo beating the Jets isn't a huge surprise, but doing while scoring like this might be as big of a surprise as that win over the Vikings.

Meanwhile I've been watching Bucs-Redskins where Tampa Bay has over 200 yards of passing... But just three points.

77 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Can anyone help with the Colts Jags game: The play by play feed indicates a Jags TD for 6 in the second quarter and then a kickoff.
Did they miss the XP? Fail on a conversion? Or just decide, "kickers? We don't need no stinkin' kickers to win this game..."?

Also, quite the scoring-fest. Including this game as if no more points are scored, Colts have averaged 33 pts in the last six. That stretch includes HOU, NWE, and JAX. Not pushovers.

Now if they can just convert those points to wins....

95 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

The play was a blocked XP by IND, with a return that should have been 2 points for IND. However, there was a silly and unnecessary block below the waist by a Colt. The penalty denied the return points (obviously), but it appeared that the penalty wasn't enforced on the ensuing kickoff. It was after the change of possession, so they should need to kick again, but should the yardage be enforced?

78 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

NE@TEN starts looking like the early @JAX/@DET games with sloppy ST and OL-QB getting harassed every other play. D is kinda good but Corey Davis remembered the playoff game from last year.

79 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Cody Parkey has attempted 2 XPs, a 41-yard FG, and a 34-yard FG. He has missed all of them. That’s bad and unusual. But it has to be unprecedented that every single one of them has hit the upright.

The Bears are up by 16 but they should be up by 24. Parkey is the 9th highest paid kicker in the league. Ryan Pace is really, really bad at evaluating kickers.

83 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Yup. I want to say all 4 of them were off the right upright, at that, but I’m only sure that 3 of them were.

Bears scored to go up 22 and opted for the 2 point conversion (which they got). I’m kind of sad they didn’t let Parkey see if he could hit the upright a 5th time.

94 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

At least three of them hit the right upright. The announcers are castigating Parkey like he made some huge mistake that hurt the team. He was off by inches four times! It's like that Mason Crosby game earlier in the year, it's crazy and notable but it's obviously nothing to worry about going forward.

98 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Imagine if an NFL kicker were trying to hit the uprights four straight times. How many attempts would it take before they managed it? I would think thousands and thousands. Those uprights are pretty narrow. But here Parkey did it while trying to hit them right down the middle. One of the most unlikely things to ever occur in an NFL game I think.

80 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

This Bucs-Redskins game is ridiculous. Fitzpatrick has 272 passing yards and TB has penetrated into the redzone four times. The result of all that is... three points. There's been one pick and two misses on three FG attempts. On the most recent occasion the Bucs lost huge yardage on a botched third down snap, setting up Catanzaro to miss from 48.

86 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Wow, it just keeps happening. TB has a long drive late in the 4th quarter down by 13 that ends on a second and goal with a sack and fumble of Fitzpatrick. He's up to 386 yards passing... and his team has just 3 points! Absurd.

92 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

On the last play of the game Fitzpatrick goes over 400 yards passing. That's four such games on the year, which I believe ties him for the single season record with Peyton Manning's 2013 season. There are still seven games left in the year and Fitzpatrick hasn't even been starting all season.

That was one of the most absurd games I've ever seen. I mean, the Redskins defense only gave up 3 points but they were honestly dominated all day. They had a stat on the broadcast that this was the most yards gained by a team scoring three points or less since at least 1960. I'm not surprised. I imagine DVOA will grade that as a much better performance by TB than Washington, which I cannot disagree with. It was an extremely fluky win for the Redskins.

104 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

The Bucs have fielded an impressive quantity of bad teams over the years, but this one might take the prize for biggest waste of roster talent. At least there is entertainment value in never having any idea what to expect in terms of offensive performance.

107 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

The one constant from the offense seems to be huge passing yardage totals, no matter what. Combined together Winston and Fitzpatrick have 3380 yards, which is an average of 375 yards a game. They are on pace for an insane 6000 passing yards. That's more than 500 past the record total Peyton Manning had in 2013. Since Fitzpatrick had been more prolific than Winston, you'd have to think if Fitz had had the chance to start the whole season he would have a great shot to break the single season yardage record... and maybe completely obliterate it.

109 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I didn't have a strong opinion on Koetter one way or the other until you pointed this out. Now I'm irrationally disappointed that he pulled Fitzpatrick after a normal Fitzpatrick H1 back in week 4 or so, thereby denying a 5 or 6 win team the chance to break season offensive records.

91 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Kaguars 0-5 since runnign up score on jets
Spesking of Jets, horrivle showing
Ditto Bengals

At least Bengaks still have shot at playogfs. Jets done for weeks .now. Jaguars pretty much finished now too.

93 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Interesting official overturn of a JAX fumble at the end of game. Call on the field was down by contact, but officials called a fumble on review. I didn't see incontrovertible evidence that the receiver lost possession before knee hit. It is interesting, because earlier in the game, the officials called a touchdown by a IND TE, where the receiver caught the ball, had 2 feet down, but then lost possession as falling to the ground, and didn't recover possession until out of bounds.

I don't know how to square those two calls. Do we no longer have to go to the ground to catch a ball? Do we not need a single frame to overturn a call on the field, but can infer stuff?

96 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

From footballzebras:

Under the new process of the catch rules for this season, a receiver needs to 1) maintain control of the ball, 2) get both feet down in bounds, and 3) perform an act common to the game. Once a receiver attains all three steps in the process, it is a catch. Alie-Cox, in the end zone, caught the ball with control, got both feet down in bounds, and then "toe-tapped" a third step, which constitutes an act common to the game. Since the catch was made in the end zone, it is a touchdown and anything that happens after the completion of the catch process does not matter. The bobble of the football does not constitute loss of control, since all three steps had been made.

If this catch occurred in the field of play, and the bobble led to loss of control and a fumble, it would be a fumble, and not an incomplete pass, which is how it would have been ruled in 2017.

97 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Looking again, with that in mind, I see the same amount of evidence about the IND TE having control of the ball while having the top tap as I do the JAX receiver having control of the ball with the knee down. I don't see anything to overturn any call...

101 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Does Shaquem Griffin (49) play many defensive reps for Seattle? I haven't seen him on the field except for special teams

102 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Is it me, or does Tony Romo kind of struggle during the first half of games? Every week I've seen him this year he's been just okay in the first half, but then he's been awesome in every second half.

The cynic in me fears this is a sign of shitty network hacks putting pressure from above to snuff the passion out of him. I don't remember this pattern from him last year.

105 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I dunno. The Seahawks could certainly have played with more tempo in the 4th quarter, and the final drive was not particularly well executed. But the pass protection was really not holding up well by that point. Seattle is just not well built to play from behind, against a team that can rush the passer.

If anything, the Rams and McVay deserve to be blasted for kicking a 20 yard field goal up 2 with 6 or so minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. That was a weak-ass decision for a team with such a dominant offense.

In any case, if it wasn't for a plethora of utterly stupid personal foul penalties the Rams would likely have had the game sewn up a long time before the final drive. Surprising to see an ostensibly well coached team melt down like that.

108 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

I wasn't watching, only following play-by-play, but... I thought the Rams (also?) misplayed the endgame. Gurley was averaging something like 7 yards per carry, and the Rams got the ball back up 2, and handed it to Gurley zero times. They they got the ball back up 5, and handed it to Gurley zero times. They then got the ball back up 2, and on their first play, lost 6 yards on a carry by... Robert Woods. Seems like suboptimal use of resources in an endgame scenario to me, though maybe there's something I missed watching only the play-by-play.

113 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

MNF. How could the refs decide the offensive player caught the ball when he is an OLman and not an eligible receiver?

114 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

So ... the Bills released Nathan Peterman. It actually happened. He can't make his stats even more terrible anymore.

117 Re: Week 10 Open Game Discussion

Pats/Bungles=discovered....Cleveland=comin....Titans/Colts/Chi/Charge=really coming on
Carolina=someone on Pitt's staff knows how to beat N.Turner cause it was "workin" for
Cam but in this game, he looked like old self (especially wi/that wild, (eyes & mind closed) early INT)
GB/Dall/Phil/Sea=question mark 'n the mysterions
Rams/KC/NO/? (Pitt/NE/=final 4