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Week 16 Open Game Discussion

After a nice, relaxing, football-free Thursday, the NFL returns on Saturday with a pair of games featuring playoff-contending teams: Washington (7-7) at Tennessee (8-6) and Baltimore (8-6) at the Chargers (11-3). Big games on Sunday include Houston (10-4) at Philadelphia (7-7), Pittsburgh (8-5-1) at New Orleans (12-2), and Kansas City (11-3) at Seattle (8-6). And then on Christmas Eve there's a game between Denver and Oakland that nobody is going to watch. Use this thread to discuss them all!


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48 Re: Week 16 Open Game Discussion

So much still happening in the AFC playoff picture.
What game do they flex to SNF? Seems like Titans-Colts or Vikings-Bears makes the most sense but Bears may have nothing to play for by kickoff while the other match is likely a win and in scenario.

52 Re: Week 16 Open Game Discussion

Would be nixe if Browns lay egg next week
Imagine all Steelers gonna be wearinf elf clothes and getting all hot for Baker Mayfield. Next week favorite QB for Steelers fans will be Mayfield
A love affair liek no other

55 Re: Week 16 Open Game Discussion

Positively love it every time someone picks up a "downed" punt. Way to be on the ball.

57 Re: Week 16 Open Game Discussion

Obviously it doesn't really matter anymore, but losing to the Raiders would be pretty terrible for a team still ranked 7th in DVOA. If they do lose, what a bizarre six game sequence it will be for Denver. Victories over two strong teams in Pittsburgh and the Chargers, a win over the Bengals... Then three straight losses to the 49ers, Browns, and Raiders?? Strange.

58 Re: Week 16 Open Game Discussion

To be fair to Jason Witten, I've grown to appreciate him more over the course of the season. His delivery is still bland and lacks eloquence, but he clearly understands the game, and is capable of timely, non-obvious insight in breaking down plays.