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Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Week 5 Open Game Discussion
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The NFL has a bunch of interesting matchups in Week 5. Sunday has a rematch of the Minnesota-Philadelphia NFC Championship Game, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense facing off against the Jacksonville defense, Miami-Cincinnati in the "One of These Teams is Somehow Going to be 4-1" Bowl, and Atlanta-Pittsburgh in a duel of preseason Super Bowl favorites trying to save their seasons. And Monday night will see a pair of NFC playoff leaders when 2-1 Washington visits 3-1 New Orleans. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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1 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Lots of good looking games this week: Jags - Chiefs, Falcons - Steelers, the Vikings - Eagles rematch… but the marquee SNF headliner is Cows - Cows? What a waste.

6 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Having Edelman on the field seems to be sending good vibrations down the lineup. Hogan gets to run longer routes and Gronk isn't facing a triple team on every play. Someone should tell the Colts that James White is a good receiving back - maybe they missed the Atlanta Superbowl. Most of Edelman's snaps seem to have come at the expense of Gordon, which is no surprise.

13 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Great catch by Gordon. Seemed like an odd throw by Brady, though. After two interceptions bouncing off receivers hands let the Colts back into it, Brady pitches it into double coverage for what seemed more likely to be a third interception than a TD, but Brown bailed him out.

PS Out of curiousity, how does FO's adjusted interceptions metrics deal with that? I believe the two that hit the receivers in the hands get backed out of the QB's stats, but how do you deal with a ball thrown into a group of 2 defenders and 1 receiver? I presume you ignore it as an incompletion is far more likely than an actual interception even if the receiver doesn't make the catch.

14 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

This was such a strange play to watch. The Colts DB's are in excellent position to make the play, appear to have their eyes toward the QB, but react to Gordon's deepening of the route while the ball is in the air instead of trying to establish the best possible body position for the jump ball. This allows Gordon to split the defenders and by the time the ball gets there be the only player with a real chance at the ball (see the picture from the Boston Globe at the link below). I'm not sure if I've ever seen a ball that was a bit of a prayer when thrown turn into a ball that only the receiver had a chance at by the time it got there before - or whether to credit Gordon for it or just blame the Colt's incompetence.

15 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I'm kind of curious as to what Brady saw when he let it go. They're up by 7 and closing in on field goal range to make it a two score game in the 4th Quarter, so no need for heroics. Gordon looked to be bracketed by a DB in front of and behind him when the ball was let go.

My best guess is he was trying to throw to the back corner of the end zone, trusting Gordon's speed to get him there before the DBs, and just underthrew it.

In the parlance of this site, it looked like a negative DVOA decision/throw that turned into a hugely positive DVOA result.

8 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

The Colts injuries will have free agents across the land heading to the gym. At least Luck can still make the throws, and he'll have to. Hard to know what's what in the Thursday night slop but the Pats offense looks effective. Colts pass rush had been good but Brady went unsacked and didn't face much pressure. He's made some bad interceptions this year but the two tonight weren't on him - that one Hogan bobbled, yikes. He basically caught it and pitched it to the DB at a point where another Pats score would have ended the game. Brady's throw to Gronk when he was in a lineman's grasp and falling down was primo. After initially getting sliced apart, the Colts seemed to have some success playing two deep and pressing the short routes but the lack of pash rush led to the Gordon TD. Pretty nimble move by Gordon to split the DB's and grab the ball.

9 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

On the non-call on the two Pats on Luck I was like "Ok, here we go with the bodyweight nonsense" and then no flag. Glad about it, hopefully it's a tuning on the rule and not home-cooking.

Lots of drops, two weird ints coming out of receivers' ricochet, even the strip-fumble from D-Mac. Something odd on the balls? Inflate-gate is coming?

12 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Unless I missed it, the announcers didn't even mention a possible penalty on the double sack on Luck. I was waiting for an explanation of why that wasn't landing on the QB, but didn't catch any comments about it on the telecast.

16 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

They addressed it by referencing the officiating pow-wow earlier in the week. Then whichever former ref is employed by the network (Blandino?) talked briefly about that being the type of tackle that shouldn't be flagged going forward.

10 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Just Thursday night in the NFL. Guys not healed and also not used mentally accustomed to the quick turnaround. A colt would drop every other play.
Reminds me of how they used to run the Golden Gloves in SF at the Cow Palace. The tournament would happen over five days or so. Win your first fight and you'd advance but also have to fight again, that same night. You might get the next day off but if you were in a popular weight class like middle or welter, having to fight twice the next night was a distinct possibility. A large number of tired fighters got KO'd in the Cow Palace that week.

11 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

picks ar ein

pates 34, clots 20
falcs 34, steelers 31
ravens 27, browns 20
jets 17, broncos 13
pakcers 27, Lions 24
Jaguars 26, cheisf 20
bengals 41, diolphisn 23
pantehrs 29, gaints 20
Titans 20, bils 17
Raiders 31, chargers 23
Cardinals 21, 49ers 17
rams 38, sehajkws 20
Vikings 23, eags 20
txneas 25, cowbouys 22
saints 36, Squirrels 30

18 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

falcs 31, steelers 31
ravens 25, browns 24
jets 9, broncos 20
pakcers 27, Loins 29
Jaguars 41, cheisf 21
bengals 34, diolphisn 13
pantehrs 26, gaints 18
Titans 24, bils 3
Raiders 24, chargers 20
Cardinals 21, 49ers 15
rams 45, sehajkws 24
Vikings 31, eags 20
txneas 31, cowbouys 18
saints 36, Squirrels 25

I erased all your numbers before putting in my own to prevent bias. That said, we seem to be thinking along the same lines pretty often. I notice you have everyone scoring 17+ points

20 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Lions 24 puckers 21 unless Roggers doez flop for roughing passer call.

Jets 10 bronchs 14
Jags 21 chefs 23
Bengals 35 mammals 21
Vicks 24 iggles 24 ot
Panthers 24 giants 17
Toxins 17 cowpucks 16
Saints 42 squirrels 21

21 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

alcs 31, steelers 38
ravens 23, browns 16
jets 13, broncos 20
pakcers 33, Loins 27
Jaguars 23, cheisf 27
bengals 34, diolphisn 24
pantehrs 23, gaints 17
Titans 24, bils 13
Raiders 20, chargers 34
Cardinals 24, 49ers 20
rams 41, sehajkws 17
Vikings 27, eags 20
txneas 20, cowbouys 17
saints 34, Squirrels 24

22 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Why does McCarthy even have to challenge a turnover? I guess because the officials were going to give it to the Lions without even a review. It looked to me like the punt touched a Lions player, #45, on the hand on the video. Horrible call.

Edit: They then said it was an official review. But they weren't going to do this at first.

73 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I don't think so. Looked just as much like the ball bounced off the back of King as anything.

Not nearly as much of a gift as the two ticky-tack pushoffs called against Marvin Jones that pretty much ended Lions drives. Rodgers strip sacks and Crosby yips lost the game not that.

82 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Call me biased if you want, but I thought it hit King in back, too. Maybe it hit the Detroit player's arm, but it was too close to overturn the call on the field.

On an unrelated note, am I a terrible person for wanting Patricia to ice Mason Crosby on that last field goal?

107 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I don't think it would have been sporting to ice Crosby when they basically conceded the game. That would be a Greg Schiano move. I'd save it until he tries his next one against the Lions, which won't have the benefit of being indoors.

I mean, why not pressure him right at the start, make him remember what happened last time? Knock him off his rhythm right away, Instead of waiting until he's in a groove? It's not as if coaches haven't wasted timeouts in worse ways.

Does that make me a terrible person?

136 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Watching the game I had no idea what the right call was. It was obvious it bounced off a player but the replays sure did not convince me I could tell which player it hit first. The call was just a coin flip and replay was never going to change it.

25 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

On the Rodgers strip sack, beyond Rodgers total lack of awareness, the Packers had receivers getting (legally) chipped multiple yards off their release, running into each other, and knocking each other over. What a clown car of an offense.

26 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

What a weird and terrible mistake by Odell Beckham on a punt return. He opts to go and block one of the Panthers players, presumably to prevent him downing the ball before it goes in the endzone for a touchback, but the ball deflects off Beckham's leg and is ultimately recovered by Carolina in the endzone. That's why you stay far away from a punt if you aren't planning to fair catch it or run it back.

27 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Jags are getting some chances to get back in this game, but they are blowing them. They go for it 4th and 2 from the 4, which is the correct call, but it's incomplete. Then they get an interception on the ensuing drive, but lose a fumble on the next play and and now face FG attempt to go down 13.

28 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Mason Crosby just missed his third FG this half. WTF is going on? I had figured this was probably a loss even before the season started, but this may be one of the Packers worst performances since before Holmgren and Wolf took over in the early 90s. What a disaster.

29 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

*Case Keenum after 4½ weeks: he's exactly halfway between Fisher-Keenum and Minnesota-Keenum. But it's a Jekyll-and-Hyde type thing, where you never know which one you're getting ahead of time. Some of it is on the Broncos o-line, who look flat out awful this year and especially today. This has to be Joseph's fault somehow.

*Darnold is the real deal (but I thought it was apparent weeks ago)

*Jac/KC is an awesome game. Romo had some great commentary about how Mahomes is still making rookie mistakes in terms of reading the field, suggesting he's going to get even better.

*I really like the rainbow outline hats all the coaches are wearing this week. If they sell them fitted, this is going to be the first NFL merch I've ordered new in years!

52 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

It's for cancer (breast cancer? It is October) but yes. It would be nice if I could find out exactly how much of my $40 is going to whom. That info would definitely make me more comfortable dropping that much (or not)

85 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Per this 2013 article, only 8% of the money actually goes to cancer research. That's $3.20, which I could easily donate to a good cause myself (though when I give to charity I prefer to give to animal shelters, personally)

Here's a 2016 article saying the same thing

The "creative accounting" is that if you buy from the NFL Shop, the NFL is the "retailer" who keeps 50%

30 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Geez, after Bortles throws a pick-six the Jags march all the way down the field with a chance to score a TD they desperately need before the half. Instead Bortles bonks a pass right off his lineman's helmet and it pops up for a pick in the endzone. Unfortunately that probably eliminates any chance this will be a competitive affair in the second half.

110 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

The NBC show "The Good Place" has a running gag about Jacksonville and Bortles. They sent the characters back to Earth and this season they made the following comments on the show:
"Also, the Jacksonville Jaguars are good now. … I’m serious! They’re going to make the playoffs. Blake Bortles is kind of okay, maybe, I don’t know, it’s being debated among experts, it’s confusing. But whatever it is, it’s your fault!”"

31 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

It's the Falcons offensive line usually this bad, giving up 3 sacks, or did the Steelers pass rush came back after taking a 3 game vacation?

Also, why passing the ball with 30 seconds left and a timeout? Why not spreading the field and running it with Conner?

And how is Julio Jones getting shutdown by Joe Haden (Not a bad corner, but a #2 CB at best)?

116 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I actually meant that on any other team with solid DBs, Joe Haden would be a #2 CB. However, on the Steelers he's their #1 CB, the only CB position along with Nickel CB that doesn't change, compared to the crazy mix that is the #2 CB with Artie Burns, Coty Sensabaugh (Who is probably their worst corner) and Cam Sutton, and has performed pretty good. He contained DeJax against the Bucs and shut down Julio Jones for 3 quarters of this game.

32 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

So unless there's a huge turnaround in the second half, the Lions are going to have two dominant, blowout wins over the Patriots and Packers in the first five weeks... And will still have a losing record. Weird.

39 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

They looked OK at first besides the missed FGs and a total referee screw up gifting the Lions a TD. Since then, AR started holding the ball too long with mixed results (fumbles and decent yardage). Now they have a TD, but it's not looking good.

35 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

So, after pretty much not seeing the ball in the last 3 games, James Conner is getting close to the 100 rushing yards in the day. I wonder where the run blocking version of the Steelers O-Line went last 3 weeks?

42 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

As James Conner gets a rushing TD, that seems about right. Unless they gain a few ranks in D. Rushing DVOA and their offense match touchdowns with touchdowns (Doesn't help that either Atlanta's line is looking bad, or Pittsburgh's pass rush is looking great), doesn't look like the Falcons can mount a successful comeback.

Doesn't help that the Ryan to Jones connection is non existent today. Kind of like how Big Ben and AB have been off. Diference is Ben to Brown is actually working.

47 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Denver I guess? Of course, that means Case Keenum starts Minnesota Case Keenum-ing, insteadof Jeff Fisher Case Keenum-ing. Green Bay looks like a train wreck so I won't bet for them. Jacksonville has time ... maybe if their D could step up (Talking about that, WHERE is their D?)

EDIT: Welp, Bortles will probably earn the Blake Bortles Garbage Time Performer award if he gets a couple of TDs. I don't see a comeback in the Jags future.

EDIT 2: I stand corrected AGAIN. Blake Bortles looking like the Blake Bortles we all know, instead of the faker that is pretty good at quarterbacking.

41 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Rodgers has just been... off. He likes to hold onto the ball but it’s been uncharacteristic. It’s as if he went into the game knowing his receiving targets are a dumpster fire.

48 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

And Buffalo plays for the long GW FG and it works. God I hate seeing ineptitude and stupidity being rewarded.

I can accept the fact that bad things happen to good people; that's life. But it's so much harder for me seeing good things happen to stupid people.

54 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

For the couple of games I've payed attention:

*You know, in the last couple of games, Matt Ryan looked particularly awesome despite losing the games. Pittsburgh didn't even allowed him that. (Through my mind went: At least he wasn't picked off. Then Artie Burns nearly picked him off. Then he fumbled and Pittsburgh scored.). Goes to show what happens when the D is bad and the O that has been carrying the team for weeks has a bad day.
*On the other hand, Ben's accuracy has been off, but the Offense has been everything advertised in PreSeason, other than 7 to 84 not being as effective as it should. Conner had a good day (Not sure if run blocking came back, or the Falcons being horrible against the run helped with that). And the defense, of all parts of the team, had a solid day. The pass rush finally got home after weeks of being not existent and the DBs made plays (Julio getting shutdown for 47 minutes is awesome for any defense. Doubly so when it is the Steelers defense).
*Damn it Miami, how is that you lead by 17 points by half time, looking competent in the process, then totally decompose in the 2nd half, producing nothing in the process?
*Not sure who is this bunch of fakers that took over the Jacksonville defense, or if they are just having a massively terrible day. Where's the pass rush? Where are the DBs ... well .. they are there, just getting manhandled by the Chiefs. At least they are not all fakers, Blake Bortles is there.
*Jacksonville onside kick!

57 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I'd really like to watch the Vikings/Eagles game. But I don't know if I can handle Joe Buck for the next three hours after what looks like a Packers loss.

61 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Wow, Isiah Crowell is now apparently the record holder for the biggest rushing day in Jets history. He had 219 yards. The previous record was 210, which seems surprisingly low for a franchise that's been around for half a century.

98 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Do notthink 49ers, packers, Pates kr Eags have anyone who ran for 219 yards in a game and those teams all around longer rhan Jets. Pates habe bee. N around same number od years as Jets but due to playoffs have plaeyd a lot more games

71 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

The first half strip sacks are a valid knock against them, but at the end of the day the Packers offense played pretty well—they're about to lose a game where they gained 450+ yards at a 6+ yard per play clip and never punted. (Typed before big garbage time play to St Brown inflates those numbers.) Defense was ok too. Murdered by special teams.

68 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Wow! Graham Gano hits a FG from 63 at the gun to win it for the Panthers. I thought the odds he would make it were very low... Then the announcers said his previous high was 54. I figured it was hopeless at that point. Amazing.

70 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Well, it is a day of blocked punts. First the Steelers block on, then the Rams. And the Rams did it on the Seahawks' first punt.

74 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

What. The. Eff. The Browns got screwed by possibly the worst call in the history of football! Jarvis Landry got held and then absolutely leveled with the ball in the air, no flag. They called it uncatchable, and of course it was when the defense interfering with the receiver so hard he never has a chance to run under it! And the network ref agrees! We are all being gaslit.

This is as bad as that "forward progress" horseshit on the Mariota sack in the playoffs last year. Just unbelievable

77 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I like how on the broadcast they were going on how this was the first Browns win on Sunday in whatever really long period. As if the day the game is played has any real significance to anyone. Next time they win we'll hear how it's their first non-OT Sunday win since whenever.

79 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

It's trivia. Sometimes things can be interesting without having any meaningful value.

Or were they somehow using it as proof the Browns were "bad on Sundays" or something? (I mean, they Browns have been bad on Sundays, but also Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays...)

80 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Everyone knows they had an incredibly long streak of not winning, which was snapped on a Thursday a few weeks ago. All they are really saying there is that their one win in the last two seasons came on a Thursday, which I don't think is very interesting.

141 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I think it qualifies as interesting. Because the lone win of 2016 was on a Saturday (Christmas Eve); so you're going back to Dec 13 2015,

It's a streak of something like 35 Sunday games without a win. Which would be the better way to lead the stat.

83 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Why, when you have the ball carrier wrapped up and the refs are about to blow the whistle, you have to slam the ball carrier over your back? The play is pretty much over.

86 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

So, Todd Gurley got stuffed on 3rd and 1 from the 1 yard line (After he had a solid showing a couple of plays early). Sean McVay decides that it is a good idea to kick the FG, instead of giving to Gurley again, or having Jared Goff jump over his linemen. Why?

87 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

In other news, what the F is wrong with the Special Teams today? Chris Boswell missed an extra point for the Steelers, the Falcons got a punt blocked, Mason Crosby couldn't kick field goals, and missed an extra. The Seahawks got a punt blocked and Dan Bailey missed 2 kicks so far.

89 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Wait, so defenders aren't allowed to even touch a QB below the knees? Huh??

Bennett hit Cousins above the knees, then his arms slid down Kirk's kegs as Bennett was falling. This is sooo, so stupid.

94 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

The hit wasn’t below the knees. He hit at mid-thigh and wrapped up at the ankles, because the linemen pushed him, then gently deposited Cousins on a turned down pillow.

He was flagged for forgetting the mint.

If a fan ran onto the field and attacked a ref, nothing of value would be lost.

97 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I admit I didn't see what happened. I was immediately taken back to the game against the Giants when Shaun Hill broke his arm. He was grabbed by Giants lineman below the knees after the throw was gone and broke his arm falling forward. Of course the penalty wasn't called.

90 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Textbook roughing the passer on Michael Bennett, as he hits Cousins near the knees.

The broadcast saying "well where else can he hit him?" and missing the point. It's not like defenders are magically dropped into spacetime hurtling towards a QB; they are supposed to play under more control to avoid being in a position where their only option is to rough the passer.

99 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

For which part?

If the location of the hit, OK. On replay he did make contact a few inches above the knee, so it's not a textbook penalty. That said, it's hard to tell in real time exactly where Bennett hit Cousins, when his head and shoulders are roughly at the same level as Cousins's knees.

If the idea that defenders should do everything within their power to avoid being a situation where it's a choice between committing a penalty and not hitting the QB at all? I strongly disagree. The same arguments were made with hitting receivers high over the middle, and it really seems like head-to-head hits have dropped significantly in the last five years. If you don't put penalties in place, the behavior won't get corrected.

121 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

As Mike Pereira pointed out, the rulebook contains the word "forcibly" when describing the prohibition on hitting below the knee area. As Bennett's grip slips low, he simply wraps up around Cousins' legs without applying any more force and Cousins goes down over him. If that is truly a penalty, I don't see anything Bennett could have done other than let go.

Rule summary:

91 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Wait, what? A drop kick? Wow .... that's legit, the first time I see a player do a drop kick. So this is why Michael Dickson is considered awesome?

142 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Patriots did it about three years ago with Nate Ebner. Clever play as they lined up with Gostkowski due to kickoff and then he went to adjust the ball and threw it to Ebner who dropkicked it for the element of surprise.

As I recall they were hammering Chip Kelly's Eagles and decided to get cute and try an onside kickoff (using the drop kick) in the middle of 2nd quarter. Eagles recovered drove for touchdown. Next Patriots offensive drive stalls, punt is blocked and returned for a touchdown. 35 unanswered points later; Pats go onto lose and having started the season 10-0; finish 12-4; miss home field advantage and have to travel to Denver where they lose to Peyton and Von Miller. Of course losing to the Jets and Dolpins in the final two games of the regular season didn't help but the Eagles game felt like the place where it fell apart unnecessarily.

Anyway enough history ... here it is ...

149 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I believe I'm right in saying that a drop kick is by rule just a variant of a placekick. They went out of fashion because they're much harder to do.

So I'm guessing you can only dropkick for an XP with the ball snapped from the 15yd line (33yd XP).

I'm doubtful you'll get 2pts if you dropkick from a snap from the 2yd line as that would defeat the rules change to make XPs harder. I doubt they put a sub-clause into say "except if the kick is a dropkick".

Anyway for the record ... here is that rare once in every 50-60 years event ... of Bill Belichick smiling ...

95 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Fumbling in the red zone, especially at the 5 yard line, is simply unacceptable for any starting HB. So seeing Jay Ajayi fumbling the ball so close to the end zone, with the Eagles needing anything to spark their offense, is very bad.

100 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I just love when QBs decide to play lead blocker for their running backs. Wilson ran in front of Carter and, while he didn't block anyone, actually tried to find someone to block (I also remember that time Tom Brady tried to lead block, his technique consisted of placing himself in front of the running back and saying "Don't hit me"). It was fun. Not like that time Mariota played lead blocker in the playoffs (The forward progress game, AKA the game where Mariota also played WR), but it was fun.

101 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Saw the single worst call I’ve ever seen in a football game in the Giants-Panthers game.

Not the most confused, but the most indicative of how NFL rules are fundamentally broken.

Newton throws a comeback to Funchess, but it’s a bad pass. WR is double-covered and has a man lurking underneath. Underneath guy breaks it up and is slammed into by Funchess and then by the safety. Flag flies.

Penalty is targeting on the underneath DB. The guy who got hit in the helmet by Funchess. Funchess was actually the one defending the pass. The DB was catching it. Such horseshit.

Next play, the guard gets turned around and tackles McCaffrey. I was surprised they didn’t flag the defense on that, too.

NFL rules are clearly designed solely to protect offensive backs at the expense of all others. It’s legal for a WR to commit offenses a DB cannot in the same circumstances. Referees just reflexively do this, because they the sole way they are professional is that they receive a paycheck.

108 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Reading that description, that should have been Personal Foul on the receiver, not on the DB. If the DB clearly was the one that got slammed, and it was clearly the WR that slammed him, the WR should have been penalized. But, NFL favors offense and gives the middle finger to defenses.

102 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Is it really "Dan-NEEL" Hunter? I'm pretty sure it's always been "Dan-YELL". Or are Aikman and Buck thinking they're doing him a favor by pronouncing his name wrong?

104 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Why did Doug Peterson, of all people, just kick a 28 yard field goal on 4th & 5, down 17, with barely over a quarter left?

109 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Both kicking a FG and going for it would result in a 2 possession game. The field goal means that they need 2 TDs. Going for it means that they could get a TD, needing another one and a FG, or failing to convert, meaning a 3 possession game and a tougher comeback. It doesn't look pretty, but it was the smart call.

114 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

So far, I've seen Marcus Peters make 2 kinds of plays. Defensive Holds and allowing receivers to get wide open behind him. Here they are saying he is playing injured, and if that's true it shows.

118 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I was about to ask, when until Cairo Santos or Sebastian Janikowski misses something? Then Santos missed the extra point, adding to the poor day some ST units are having today.

120 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Whoa ... 2 things are killing the Rams. The fact that their D-Line has not been able to be consistent against the run (Huge runs followed by run stops), and that their secondary is bailing out the Seahawks (And Russell Wilson) by either gifting them TDs or first downs by penalties or bad coverage.

124 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

4th and possibly ball game for the Rams. And they got it on the sneak. Pete Carroll called his last timeout, when McVay sent the Punt unit. That gave McVay enough time to decide that it was better to go for it. Why Carroll called that timeout though?

140 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Which they could have avoided entirely if Carroll would EVER call a time out right before the two minute warning, thus using the warning as essentially an extra time out. What's so hard to understand you get an extra play out of calling the time out before the warning?

122 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Down by 2 and awaiting a punt with 1:39 left, the Seahawks use their last timeout. That's not good strategy, you could use that timeout on an attempted game winning drive. But the worst part is that it appears to convince the Rams to go for it on fourth and short, since they can now simply kneel it out if they get the first down, which is exactly what happens.

131 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Texans had fourth and goal from the half foot line. Should have called a sneak, instead Watson tries to run it in and gets hit for a loss.

134 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

I was thinking that too. Although, a safety would probably have been very unlikely. But the sneak should be the right move anyway since you are so close to scoring. In other parts of the field passing on fourth and short has the advantage of a potential big gain rather than just gaining a yard or so. In a fourth and very short with goal to go situation there are fewer reasons to throw.

150 Re: Week 5 Open Game Discussion

Brees is in his 18th season, which by my math makes him … not young for an NFL player.

It's the start of the 4th quarter, the Saints are up by 27 points and inside (long) field goal range.

Brees is coming back onto the field for the start of the 4th quarter why exactly? Payton wants to keep Bridgewater well rested in case he's needed later in the season?