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Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Let's be honest -- the biggest game of the week doesn't hit until Sunday night when the Patriots host the Chiefs. But the action begins Thursday night with the Eagles taking on the Giants in the Meadowlands. Other notable Sunday games include Steelers-Bengals, Bears-Dolphins, Panthers-Washington, and Ravens-Titans. Finally the 49ers travel to Green Bay on Monday night. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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29 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Aikman and Romo were both Cowboys' QBs. Romo tries to tell you what might happen before the ball is snapped. Aikman can't explain what happened even after the play is over.

Has the game changed so much since Aikman retired that he doesn't see what the offence and defence are trying to do? Or has he just been heavily schooled in the idea that all the viewers want to know is what the QB just did and who ended up with the ball at the end of the play?

34 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Perhaps, but I suspect there is a certain level of laziness/apathy on his behalf. He's been doing it for years, and Fox aren't firing him any time soon; does he really still have the commitment and enthusiasm to prepare thoroughly every week when he can easily skate by trotting out cliches and simple descriptions of what has just happened?

I've seen this process with announcers across several sports over the years. Hopefully Romo avoids it, but I wouldn't be confident.

40 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

I don't agree. When asked about the best teams in the NFL Aikman sagaciously picked the Rams and Chiefs. That insight is not something one can glean by just looking at the standings, it takes great analysis and pouring over game tape and statistics. (sarcasm alert)

37 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

If you have Amazon Prime Video (I'm like 75% sure this just comes with any Prime subscription), you can switch over to the Hannah Storm / Andrea Kremer feed.

Storm and Kremer still need practice and experience (Storm especially, as you can tell she hasn't done play-by-play much before this), and the fact they are calling the game from a studio without knowing what replays are going to be shown is a minor problem, but their broadcast is much, much better than having to listen to Buck and Aikman.

(In the Amazon Prime player, there's an option for "languages" or "subtitles" or something like that, and along with Spanish, they list "Storm / Kremer" as an audio feed you can choose.)

3 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

I've been a Kamu Grugier-Hill fan ever since seeing him boot touchbacks on kickoffs when the Eagles kicker was hurt. Awesome to see him do well at his regular position, but he could possibly hack it as an NFL placekicker too.

4 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

The Eagles seem to be following the Bills' school to beat opponents. Just convert turnover into points and punt every other time. The Giants are just punting or turning the ball over.

9 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Someone behind Eli would (Definitely) work. Also, 5 guys in front that resemble an actual offensive line unit instead of the porous line the Giants have now.

EDIT: 35% of the time is Eli being inaccurate, 35% of the time is the receivers being bad, 30% of the time is the line allowing everyone to get a nice, comfy spot in the backfield right besides Manning.

7 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

I'm looking at the CBS afternoon broadcast map for this week… look at the blackout area for "Denver." It includes northwestern corner of Colorado, a desolate area that's a nine hour drive from the stadium. It includes portions of northeastern Nebraska, and even NORTHERN WYOMING, also six to ten hours away by car. Who figures this stuff out?

And oddly (but thankfully), the blackout area does not include Colorado Springs, which is 45 mins to an hour away

8 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Well, that's a way to avoid the "O-Line can't run block" part. Run a screen pass with Barkley and let him roll. Pretty much every Eagles defender that tried to tackle him went flying.

10 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Clearly the Giants plan is to have the ball either to go to Barkley or have EM drop back so often that there are many opportunities to draw a roughing the passer penalty.

12 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Like it or not, these defensive linemen ought to know by now that hurling the QB to the ground like that is going to draw a flag every single time. Just flat-out dumb play.

13 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Giants are a mess of a franchise. Hard not to see how they are going to be awful for a large portion of Saquon's prime, which makes that terrible pick even worse.

25 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Start of Q4, down by 21, Giants need some big plays (and a prayer, but bear with me).

With their current personnel, including O-Line versus this Eagles defence, what gives the Giants the best chance to make those big plays? Standard NFL drop back and pass catch up tactics, or hand the ball off to Barkley 3 times and hope he breaks another long run?

17 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

I mean in this instance I just about agreed with them. Up 15 against a dysfunctional offense, the low variance approach is probably correct. But no doubt they would have recommended the field goal had the Eagles been down 15, or indeed whatever the game situation.

16 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

A lot of Wentz's passes look off. High and wobbly. He's still great at extending plays, and has created a couple of huge plays by doing so tonight. But this level of inaccuracy is going to hurt the Eagles against more competent opposition.

44 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

yesm, Saquon rhymes with Raekwon like the Miami Dolphins linebacker or guy from Wu-Tang Clan

my fave rap alubms all time-
Raekwon- "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..."
OutKast- "Aquemini"
Goodie Mob- "Soul Food"
Wu-Tang Clan- "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)"
Nas- "Illmatic"

whiel at it-
some of fave pro footbal books=,
The Pro Football Chronicle
The Pro Style (ahve multiple copies)
Out of Their League
America's Game
The Super '70s
The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football
last team Standing (book about Steagles)
Building a Champion
One Knee Equals Two Feet
The Game That Was

53 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

'Raider Joe'? With that straight-up East Coast 'Best of' list it should be 'Traitor Joe'. No ride or die Oaktown OG would go Old School without Too Short, Tupac and Shock G. Don't flash that Biggie T at the tailgate if you want to 'enjoy' the last six home games the Black Hole will ever host.
Great albums though. I really believe the first ODB record is the unacknowledged Wu masterpiece. Gang Starr and Eric B would have to be on my list too, Ultramagnetic MCs, Prince many choices from the golden age.
Haven't read any of the books you recommend so they're going on the Christmas list.

54 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

am not form California. From NJ. Mets are fave baseball team. Football is different. way it is televised and short season. baseball harder to be fan of team outside of your home area.

am fan of 2Pac, though. one of top 3 fave rappers, just can't get any of his albums into my top 5. actually like the Makaveli one the most

19 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

So, this became a 4 possession game. There is still 25 minutes to play ... but this feels like it's over right about now unless the Eagles catastrophically collapse, Falcons-style. Of course, I might have jinxed the Eagles with that so ...

20 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

Didn't seem like there was any need for OBJ to catch that third down completion with just one hand. Could've easily reached out with his other hand as well and made a safer catch.

43 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

There will be a play where OBJ will try to one hand a catch that could be fairly easy to catch with two hands, the ball will go off his hand and into the hands of a defender (Bonus points if it is a pass over the middle and/or a lineman picks it off) and he should be the one guilty for that pick.

23 Re: Week 6 Open Game Discussion

I truly wonder why D. Coordinators get all cute and run Zone Blitzes, specially when they linemen are not the best in pass coverage.

In other news, the Giants don't work on 3rd down.