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Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Week 8 Open Game Discussion
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The week kicks off with Miami visiting Houston in a Brock Osweiler Revenge Game with serious playoff ramifications. Notable Sunday games include Ravens-Panthers, Packers-Rams, and Saints-Vikings, before a Patriots-Bills Monday nighter that could get ugly. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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1 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

So, last week I learned Sunday Night Flex was a thing. That prevented the Rams from destroying the 49ers on prime time, and allowed the Chiefs to destroy the Bengals on prime time (Although the best way to flex would have been Ravens-Saints, but I still don't really know how it works). I wonder, does Monday Night Flex is a thing? Do they have to allow the Patriots to destroy the Bills on prime time?

2 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Watching on Amazon for the first time. I like the UK announcers so far. It's a little rough around the edges still: they're often surprised about replays and graphics and have to react to them, they misidentified Adam Gase as Tannehill. But it's nice listening to announcers who seem to enjoy watching football, for a change.

13 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The specifics depend on your platform, but it's under "Audio Languages" on mine. There's US English, UK English, Spanish, and one with Storm/Kremer that I'm trying out now

ETA: Wow, Storm and Kremer are informative! It's like having two engaged, professional journalists in the booth! The UK broadcast is less serious (possibly more entertaining) but still focused on the game, rather than talking about useless peripheral stuff. If you're drinking, UK audio all the way. If you're seriously into the game, Storm/Kremer.

Buck and Aikman are great if you're stupid or a masochist.

18 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

If I ever get to listen through Amazon, I'll have to tune to listen to Storm and Kremer. I'm just stuck with the Fox Mexico crew, which isn't too bad. Sadly, they pretty much suppress all audio from the game so that the English commentators (Buck and Aikman I guess) can't be heard.

27 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Yeah Storm and Kremer are great though the broadcast sometimes seems to cut off their audio as they go to a commercial.

The British one is kind of surreal and I've watched a number of NFL games on the BBC in the past. It's a good time though.

No one can match the excitement of the Spanish announcers though.

4 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Given The number of double teams ( or triple teams) Watt is getting, plus what they are doing to Clowney, I do not understand why Houston does not blitz more. Also, the officials suck, and that should have been a fumble by Brocktober.

7 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Maybe the officials thought it was a pass. Thing is, the pass was going sideway (Or looked like it was going sideways to me), meaning it was a lateral, thus a fumble! Is more important to call Illegal Formation penalties in end-of-half kneelings though.

9 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Perreira explained that that's not the case. He said if the defender hits the QB it doesn't matter if the pass goes backwards, what matters if it was a pass at all (and not a fumble). Basically if the defender hits the QB you can't have a lateral... or something like that. It's certainly a confusing and complicated rule, but based on what Perreria was saying it sounds like they got it right.

37 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

From what I understood, Pereira thought the call should've stood. He said if the defender causes the ball to go backward, not if he hits the QB, which changes things. Plus, it seemed Brock was trying to bring the ball back against his body, so the tuck rule would apply.

165 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

I think he's referring to the new version of the "Tuck Rule".

The old one said the "in the act of passing" started with a forward motion of the passing arm, and ended when the ball was tucked against the body, or when the QB became a runner in some other way. The new one says the "in the act of passing" ends whenever the referee decides the QB started trying to tuck the ball. They both involve the concept of "tucking the ball". Hence the terminology confusion.

The old rule had the virtue of having a bright line distinction that made the calls clear in 99.9% of replays.

The new rule has the twin virtues of more fumbles and of letting fans whine a lot more. Not that clear and correct calls stopped whining in the past.

178 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Agreed, mostly. It's best to avoid rules based on intent unless intent is almost always going to be clear cut. But "in the act of throwing" isn't about intent at all. It's a rule to keep bad passes (for whatever reason) from being ruled fumbles based on a referee's whim, which would be terrible for the game.

We know pretty well when the act of throwing starts. But you've got to define the end of the act of throwing somehow.

The two main viable options are (a) when the QB has tucked the ball or otherwise become a runner rather than a passer, and (b) when the referee decides the QB has stopped this particular attempt to pass the ball, either intending to tuck the ball, to scramble away, or to cock his arm for another throw. Option (b) is all about reading intent.

If you don't want the referee making judgments about intent, then you should really be supporting the old version of the tuck rule.

42 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

I'm probably the only person in the world who thought he threw it backwards. Sure the defender touched him, but it wasn't that the defender made the ball go backwards, that was Brock throwing it backwards. Thus a fumble.

5 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The end of the half was totally hilarious. And unnecessary. Apparently, according to the announcers here, the main ref is a rookie. With about 16 seconds left, Watson kneels the ball and everyone starts going to the locker rooms. However, there was an illegal formation penalty, which Miami can't decline, but more importantly, couldn't be glossed over with just 16 seconds left and would not have made any effect. So everyone had to go back to the sidelines, Watson had to kneel it again, then everyone raced to the locker rooms again,

10 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

I'd like to think it's the refs way of punishing the Texans for kneeling out with 20+ seconds and two time outs left.

Yes, there's a chance of a turnover etc etc. Who cares. Set up in shot gun, throw the ball deep downfield if the Dolphins play straight defence, throw it 20 yards deep if they're in prevent. You've got time for two or three plays. Try and make something happen.

I'm just disappointed they made the Dolphins come back on the field. They should have made the Texans line up and do it by themselves until they get it right.

11 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Holy cow! Great catch by Nuk ... that is nullified because he pushed the DB.

12 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Incredible catch by Hopkins... Didn't even come close to bobbling it or letting it hit the ground.

14 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Hopkins makes a ridiculous catch and gets called for offensive pass interference. And it was a bogus call. There was also a penalty on the defense so offsetting.

15 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Good decision to rely on the run then dial up a trick play. Putting the ball in Osweiler's hands hasn't been working.

16 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Amendola with the TD pass.

Hey, I've seen that play before.

How come the Texans' LB and Safety on that side of the field hadn't seen that play? It wasn't like OBJ's pass wasn't shown a gazillion times.

43 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

#22 McDonald was the safety - he caught my eye a few times in a very bad way. Dude doesn't seem to understand what an assignment is and runs like a high schooler after everything that moves.

81 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

TJ McDonald is a Dolphins safety (and as far as I know an overpaid, not-very-good one); OP was talking about Texans in coverage on the Amendola touchdown pass. The linebacker who bit on the fake and couldn't get back in time was #49 Josh Keyes, a third year undrafted rookie who has been on rosters or practice squads in Tampa (twice), Kansas City, Atlanta, LA (Chargers) and Cleveland in that time. The Texans cut him in camp this year; he signed with the Redskins, who also cut him, and then rejoined the Texans at the start of this week. Tough to expect much more (or much of anything) from him. The safety who was nowhere to be seen was converted former 1st round CB Kareem Jackson (#25), who does not appear to be much better at safety than he was at corner, and is one of the several reasons for the general suckitude of the Texans secondary.

21 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The double reception first to Grant then bounced 12 yards further downfield for Parker to catch was even better.

Probably not drawn up that way in the playbook, though.

19 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Wow. I've seen plenty of deflected balls turn into completions, but I can't recall one ever flying that far down the field before being caught. Suddenly we're getting big plays left and right.

23 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Pretty sure none was as crazy awesome as that one. I remember earlier this season, Ben Roethlisberger catched a tipped pass for loss of 1 (I still find that play incredibly funny). And I remember a Jags-Texans game (From 2010 or 2011) which came down to a Hail Mary. Won by the Jags when the Hail Mary was deflected ... into the hands of a Jaguars receiver.

38 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Yeah rhat one went further up t e field. There waasanother one lind of similr wbere the ball got deflected back towards line of scrimmage and ended uo as touchdwon in a Raiders vs Steelers game in 1972 playoffs

20 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

All right ... that's ... crazy awesome ... DaVante Parker made a catch ... that was catched before handed then sent flying about 10 yards down field. That's some crazy stuff right there.

24 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Hmm, I'm not necessarily opposed to that onside kick attempt. However, if you want to take a risk, I think you should just go ahead and go for that fourth and three a few plays earlier.

29 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

I was okay with the first field goal to make an 8 point game.

Even Aikman recognizes that kicking a field goal to make it a 12 point game is a subpar decision compared to going for it on 4th and 4.

25 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Surprise onside kick called by Gase.

Didn't work, but good on him for trying to pull this out. Playing straight isn't likely to win the game, so I like the aggressiveness.

26 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

And one play (two plays?) later, Hopkins scores.

On the plus side, Hopkins would have scored on that play whether it was run from mid field or the Texans' 25.

Not that Gase is likely to view the incompetence of his secondary as a positive.

32 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Dolphins secondary with the penalty trifecta! Illegal contact, holding, and pass interference all on the same play!!

At least the final penalty (pass interference) prevented a touchdown.

35 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

That was a really nasty hit to the head on the last play. Miami could have just let the clock run out without calling that play. I hope the WR isn't hurt.

36 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Just read Will Fuller is out for the year with a busted ACL. That really sucks for everyone…

41 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

That offense can be unstoppable when Hopkins and Fuller are on.

This is a huge loss for Houston. Fuller had 11 TDs in 11 games with Watson. (Hopkins has 12 in 14 )

Fuller was like DeSean Jackson if he showed up for more than 4 games a year.

40 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Great Article.

44 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Hmm ... seems the Eagles struggle when they get close to the red zone. Not as bad as the Texans earlier this year, but it's close. A pick in the redzone, and another failed trip that ended in a field goal. That or the Jags are in gear again.

45 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The Jags offensive strategy totally turned into "Hand it off, or fake the handoff and run the ball. Only throw screens and nothing else".

47 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

57 yards. Most of the time, I would say trying something like that, instead of going for it in 4th and 6 (which can be done), is dumb and bad. And this time it was no different. But Josh Lambo nailed that 57 yarder

48 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

You know, last year the Jags were known for a powerful ground and pound attack both during the start of the game, and to run out the clock. Was it all Leondard Fournette? Because, as of this writing, in this game, they have ran the ball 9 times, not counting the Bortles' scrambles. Yes, they are down, but why haven't they ran the ball a couple more times (Other than the fact that it is inefficient)?

51 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Bizarre call on Bradham there - he is going to ground when Bortles slides, he leans back, does everything to back out of the tackle, extends his hands to cushion the impact, and doesn't make contact with the head.

How is that a penalty?

I am all in favour of the new player safety drive, but calls like that will just fuel the "Modern NFL is Flag Football" crowd.

54 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Must be very rare for a 1-6 team to be favorites over a division-leading 4-2 team. That's the situation in the Giants-Redskins game today. I'm quite surprised, this Giants team is terrible.

55 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Philip Lindsay's helmet tip just reaches his linemen's shoulder pads when they're standing up LOL

58 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Well, in the very early going the Broncos are doing something to justify that 5th place DVOA ranking. Up 7-0. As great as the Chiefs have been, they are in a position where a drop in play could mean they might not win the division. The Chargers are only a game behind.

59 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The Bears kicking woes continue as Parkey misses a 40-yard attempt and it wasn’t even remotely close. Ryan Pace spent serious money on him despite him not having much leg because he was supposedly so good from 40 yards and in.

60 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Kevin Harlan is a fantastic PBP guy, he was born with the perfect voice for it. Pair him with Kremer or Storm and you've got an all-star booth! Dammit this will never happen.

I don't remember Rich Gannon being especially bad, but every time he chimes in today I mentally cringe.

61 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Ravens just ran the same trick play punting on 4th and 1 that burned them last week. Only this time they ran it inside their own 20! Would've had a first down by 5 yards except for an illegal shift. Told y'all that play is undefendable.

62 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

WTF is with Denver's playcalling? 3rd and 2 on the KC 35 or so, and instead of running forward they lose 8 on a ridiculous slow-developing end around

164 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

At the time, I thought, "that could be the ball game", especially when the field goal team trotted out to attempt what was now an extra long field goal (missed, but not sure the game ends up much different if it's made).

Denver played KC tough, but KC's the better team and Denver couldn't afford that play call at that time. This was an opportunity to force KC to play from behind. Instead, it was Denver playing catch up all game.

170 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Your first instincts were right. It was a horrible call.

That's almost the worst place on the field to call that play (second only to calling it inside your own 5).

It's also the worst down and distance for that play.

63 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

First two passes to Antonio Brown, wide receiver screens for loss or minimal gain. Second two passes to Antonio Brown on downfield patterns, big gain for first down, 43 yard touchdown. I suppose the screens may be ‘setting up’ the other plays, but please can the wide receiver screen be left to fade into obscurity?

66 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

It was half the entire Steelers offensive gameplan when Todd Haley was the OC. But it only works when the other team is playing Quarters or their CBs are too slow and you have great blocking wideouts.

159 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

I think the Steelers view the WR screen as a play that fits a similar role as the running game. As long as you get the right look for it, you can consistently pick up small chunks of yards to stay on schedule, and when you have a guy like AB, eventually he's going to make some poor corner blow a tackle and get a serious chunk of yards. That said, it's still overused in the Pittsburgh playbook.

65 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Pretty sure Fitchner is trying to pull a page out of Haley's book, and set up a fake screen so that a receiver can get behind the entire coverage. Still, I hate wide out screens. In other news, Joe Haden has hands.

67 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Man, this Chiefs-Broncos game looked promising early, but now the Chiefs are rolling up and down the field, it's 16-7, and it seems unlikely that Denver will get back into it.

70 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The halftime highlights guys apparently agreed, as they almost didn't have any Broncos highlights, and all Bradahaw had to say was the "Broncos won't go down without a fight", presupposing they will go down. DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!!!!

69 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The Bears defense is sackless through the first half and Trubisky is 5 of 13 for 117 yards, about 60 of which came from Cohen’s run after the catch on the 70-yard TD.

I know the Bears are up by 4, but this is not a good performance against the Jets by any means.

71 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Once again, eschewing field goal and playing boldly is rewarded.

Browns look like a team that could be on the rise. Mayfield sometimes demonstrates that he is a rookie, but shows ability and potential to grow. Chubb appears to be a good running back. Garrett, Ward, and some others are talented young defenders. One more losing season and an influx of more high draft choice players could make them a contender.

72 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

I think Mayfield's biggest problems are the fact that he's a rookie and lacks NFL experience (You don't challenge Joe Haden, a guy that is pretty good against Go routes, with a Go route), and the fact that his wideouts don't help him with so many drops. They could be set at the QB position for years to come, which is a miracle.

As for the Steelers, I'm shocked by the fact they decided to go for it. Not only they got rewarded (Although that clock management at the end, and yet another screen pass that actually worked endangered that. Why not sneaking it?), but they have the opportunity to set up a double score and start to put the game away .... as long as the O doesn't fall asleep again.

73 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Carolina have been starting Torrey Smith ahead of rookie DJ Moore all season. Smith is injured so Moore gets the start today, and he has 7 touches for 129 yards at half-time. Are you honestly telling me that they were better off starting Torrey Smith all this time?

76 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Oh my god. NOW they call roughing the passer. It's literally fucking random. There is zero consistency.

ETA: it would be nice if the refs didn't call back every Broncos 20+ yard play with iffy penalties

74 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Denver might have to score a TD on every one of their remaining possessions to have a chance in this game. They did well to force a punt on the first drive of the game, but since then they've shown no sign of being able to stop the Chiefs.

75 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Does CBS have the F- production crew in KC? Earlier there was a graphic that said "Patrick Mahomes' 23rd touchdown. Ties Rich Gannon with 14". I don't have any idea what that was supposed to mean. Now in a graphic they unnecessarily abbreviate "games" as "GMs", which is also something totally different.

77 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

How about that. Bud Dupree (edge rusher) pretty much got tackled in the endzone by Desmond Harrison (A lineman). A hold was called, and it was a safety.

78 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

So how the hell is this challenge with a declined penalty gonna work in Det vs Sea?

151 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

What?!?! What the hell?!?!

You mean they can overturn calls now???

Just kidding; figured the old-timers had to stick together.

Although I never realized you had an option on penalties after a reversal. Cool.

155 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Fun fact: you can also get timeouts back if a replay reversal result means you didn't want to have called it anymore (like if a pass completed in the middle of the field is changed to incomplete)

80 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Browns miss extra point. Is kicking in general off this year? If there has been an analysis, I’ve missed it.

100 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

It only seems that way due to a few (okay a lot of) high profile misses. Overall, kickers are at the same percentages they have been the last several years:

83 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

There's a line of thinking that 20 yard extra points are like a golfer practicing 5 foot putts, usually made + a way for the player to notice they are off (even if the putt / kick is made, if it's off center the player adjusts). In this analogy 33 yard extra points are like 10 foot putts (not at all a guarantee). Therefore, kickers are struggling as they don't get their practice kicks anymore.

85 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The Broncos declined a holding call to get a 4th and 6, rather than 3rd and 26. Even against the Chiefs that's not a good call.

86 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Is Tarik Cohen high? The Jets punt and the ball lands at about the 10. He lets it bounce and kind of half heartedly swipes at it and touches it, then appears to start to turn away from it as the Jets converge. Then he incredibly luckily falls on it.

I have never seen a play like that in the NFL. I don’t understand how that happens. It’s like he thought “what is the dumbest possible thing I can do right now?”

87 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Seahawks at their own 1 on fourth down, up by 14. Punter looked like he was supposed to take the safety, but instead sees open field and rumbles 11 yards for the first down to put the nail in the coffin on this dominant Seattle win.

89 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

I'm guessing Baker Mayfield will be the winner of the Blake Bortles Garbage Performer fo the week. Was 17 of 29 for 111 yards, a pick and a TD before the 2 minute warning in the game.

90 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Why have a kicker kick onsides? Why not just have your fastest guy do it?

92 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The Broncos defense has greatly improved in this fourth quarter. They've repeatedly stopped the Chiefs. Problem is the Broncos have mostly been stopped themselves, so they never made much progress in closing the defecit. On the road against the 1. DVOA team I'd say this has been a pretty good overall performance by Denver. Unfortunately, when you have a 3-4 record a solid game that ends in a loss is still very bad for you.

94 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Could the Bucs-Bengals game be headed to OT? I'm rooting for tghe Bucs in thsi one so I hope that, either they get to OT or Marvin Lewis plays it convervative and runs the clock out.

Looks like FitzMagic is back.

93 Fitzmagic

Just in time for Halloween!

95 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Wow, Fitzmagic is back. The Bucs are back from 18 down to tie it up after Jameis is benched.

And what a ridiculous team the Bucs. Incredibly bad defense, but they reliably put up absurd passing yard. Jameis and Fitzpatrick have 472 yards combined in this one. If they had stuck with one QB for the whole season that guy would have a serious shot at setting the season yardage record.

137 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Jameis may not yet have reached the end of the road, but he can see it from here.
There's little that's as frustrating as a talented quarterback who's also a headcase. Between Josh Freeman and Jameis, I've ground down a few molars.

97 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The Rams field looks terrible, like embarrassingly bad. The NFL should be fined $50M payable to fans watching on TV

99 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Today's a weird day. First, we had the Desomnd Harrison hold that resulted in a safety. Now, Josh Rosen gets flagged for Intentional Grounding in the EndZone, which is a safety. What's next, OPI in the endzone?

102 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Packers looking good against Rams, but Admiral Armbar is going to get caught with holding on a big play soon. He's already gotten away with one blatant hold.

103 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Goff gets away throwing it away while still within the tackles. Should have been intentional grounding. Does that sort of thing go into the referee reviews? Just curious.

104 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The Rams offense seems off. Which is VERY odd this season.

Also, they are in Los Angeles, yet the crowd is Packers biased!

106 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

FWIW, it's practically a home game for the Packers in Los Angeles. Not sure of the ratio of Packers vs Rams fans. But the Packers fans are definitely louder.

107 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

"I don't think you're going to see that call ever" -Aikman

We saw that exact call earlier today in the Broncos game

153 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Aikman, he who retired due to concussions, also had a "great" comment when a DB went in low on an RB, a bit above the knees, and the RB essentially speared the incoming tackler's head with his helmet. Pretty damn blatant. The DB got up and was looking for a ref and tapping his helmet top, rightly so. No flag, which bugs me, but maybe someday they'll throw them fairly.
But Aikman, in all his wisdom, went on and on about what a great tackler he is and how other DBs aren't willing to sacrifice their bodies on plays like that. (remembering Deon Sanders?)

But of course there was no need to freakin' sacrifice anything, man. He made a good, low, clean shoulder hit and got head-butted for his efforts.


108 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

The Rams O-Line, which has been dominant during the season, is now losing the trenches.

As I wrote that, the Rams called up a fake punt.

109 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Mike Pettine is up for this, but maybe not Ron Zook-- that fake may be a game changer

110 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

You know, your great special tems just gifted you a first down following a fake punt, which means that trick won't work again. You should start to get 1st Downs on your own, otherwise that fake punt goes for naugh, like it just did.

111 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

After about a billion years, the Niners get a turnover, thanks to Josh Rosen. Maybe Arizona will realize sending a rookie straight into the fray is ... not ... a good idea. Even if Ben Roethlisberger can prove otherwise, it's not always smart

114 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

How is it that a game in the modern NFL doesn't have over 10 combined points by half time?

115 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

They still lead by 2, but can't help but feel the Packers just wasted a near-heroic 1st half effort by their defense.

GB is breaking out the Iowa State/Big 12 defense I've been waiting to see more of in the NFL in this one: play 6 DBs on every down, dare the Rams to run the ball, and stop them anyway when they do. It's been a really admirable effort so far, even on that TD drive the Rams needed a couple very slim margin-of-error plays to get the ball downfield. I just don't know if they can keep it up in the 2nd half...

116 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Today's Packers@Rams reminds me of the 2014 NFC Championship against Seattle. Defense playing mostly great. Offense is inconsistent, but making plays against an excellent defense. Special teams screwing up. I'm not hopeful, even though the Packers are ahead at the half.

119 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Amazing job by the Packers defense to keep Jared Goff hovering a bit below 50% completions (Although the drops by the Rams receivers help), and making Todd Gurley a non factor on the ground.

122 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

You know, with a D-Line which has Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh as your interior linemen, I would expect your run defense to be pretty good. But somehow, the Rams are 24th in Run defense DVOA. How?

125 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Rosen's season has not been that great, but this last quarter was pretty good for him. Hell of a pass to tie up the game, and hell of a lead taking (And could be game winning) drive.

126 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

And the Niners center botches the snap, sends it over C.J. Beathard and he can't send it out before the game clock reaches 0.

128 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

And so starts the movie. With 2 minutes to go, Aaron Rodgers has to lead a comeback drive. I wonder if it is the same ending as every other time?

EDIT: Welp, wrong movie. Ty Montgomery fumbled the ball, so game is over.

127 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

WTF? Why did Montgomery even take the ball out of the end zone? Even without the fumble, you take one extra play from Rodgers. STUPID!!!!!

161 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

That's at least partially on the coaches. They HAVE to tell Montgomery that he does not return the ball out of the endzone under any circumstances. He only made it to the 20 when he fumbled it anyways, so even if he hung on he would have cost them five yards AND an offensive play.

163 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

According to McCarthy, the plan was to take the touchback. But apparently Montgomery didn't get the memo or didn't have the sense to just kneel the ball. Or to hang on to the football.

177 Re: Week 8 Open Game Discussion

Montgomery alleged knew and decided to do his own thing. He had thrown a fit during the previous offensive series because he was taken out during that series. He is supposed to be the experienced veteran RB. He's acting like a child. I can't believe it's midafternoon in Green Bay and no word on his being cut.