FOA 2019 Inevitable Errors/Mistakes Thread

Please use this thread to alert us to errors, misspellings, and other typos in Football Outsiders Almanac 2019. Let us know the error and the page. We'll correct these in future versions of the book, and you can re-download and get a corrected copy.


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1 Two errors that we already…

Two errors that we already know about.

1) The elite-to-bust percentages in the QBASE list in "Rookie Projections" are reversed. We'll make sure that's fixed in the second edition.

2) In the Statistical Appendix, the negative signs got left off the DVOA ratings in two tables: Top 10 WR Better Lined Up Wide and Top 10 WR Better Lined Up in Slot. Will also be fixed in the second edition.

2 important correction

Not sure what page, but the Almanac seems to list the New York Jets as a professional football organization. I assume you'll want to correct that ASAP ;)

3 177 - Janoris Jenkins is…

177 - Janoris Jenkins is listed twice in the Giants' defensive secondary table

4 Page 277

First paragraph:
".. played a significant role in 2018 or is expected to do so in 2018."

At the end should say 2019 instead of 2018.

5 Page 114

When talking about revolving door of tackles and no depth, you mention 3 players saw time at the position in 2019. Should be 2018

6 Statistical Toolbox is a mess

I counted nearly 40 issues - typos, phrasing that is nonsensical, and even comments that made sense when you initially made the statement in this section years ago, and that could now use someone putting in some effort to re-work them. You guys are capable of being much better than this - and I say that as a fan who has religiously bought the yearbook for a decade now. I’m not going to post 40 errors in this thread. What’s the best way to get you this feedback so this section of the book can be presented a bit more professionally at the next go-round? Thanks.

11 Jalen Hurd SF WR

"... running slats and flants"