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FOA 2020 Inevitable Errors/Mistakes Thread

Please use this thread to alert us to errors, misspellings, and other typos in Football Outsiders Almanac 2020. Let us know the error and the page. We'll correct these in future versions of the book, and you can re-download and get a corrected copy.


15 comments, Last at 18 Sep 2020, 12:50am

3 P 159 typo

Right column, first paragraph Christian McCaffrey makes $64 per year.

He wishes :)

4 P 163 repetitive sentence

First few lines under defensive secondary. First bullet point starts and ends with the same best safeties point. Reads odd.

5 Not quite! The first…

Not quite! The first sentence says they are the best "safety duo" in the league -- the best pair of safeties on any one team.

The second sentence says they may be "the best two safeties" in the league -- as in, the best safety in the league, and the second-best safety in the league, regardless of team. Similar, but not the same.

8 Suggestions allowed

Will you allow suggestions for future almanacs in this space?



10 Split shotgun and pistol stat

Split the pistol usage into a separate number in the chart separated by a "/" .

Sorry, chemo brain when I posted original suggestion.

12 Yards Per Rush & Reception



I'm looking for some data that shows the most common amount of yards by rush & reception. For example league average yards per rush attempt might be 4.3 but I suspect a 2 yard rush might actually be more common than a 4 yard rush so just looking for percentage of rushing plays that go for 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on if possible for some research i'm doing ahead of the fantasy season.

If anyone could point me to where I could get this info and similar for receptions I would be very grateful.