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Open 2020 NFL Draft Thread

LSU players
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This is an open thread for discussion of the 2020 NFL Draft. You can use this thread all night Thursday night during the first round, or to discuss the aftermath of Round 1 the next day, and then again Friday night (Rounds 2-3) and Saturday (Rounds 4-7). We will also have our annual Audibles at the Line staff discussions from the first two nights, published on Friday and Saturday mornings.


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147 Not sure if drafting only…

Not sure if drafting only one receiver was the best idea for the Jets in this draft, with so many good ones available.  Much more important to take a project quarterback in the fourth round, or trade your 6th rounder for a failed Colts cornerback.

149 On the plus side, that's one…

On the plus side, that's one more than NE picked, and MIA with an equally challenged receiver corps didn't take one until the end of the 7th round.

Only BUF really upgraded their WR corp in the AFC East, mostly pre-draft, though they also took a 4th and 6th rounder.

The AFC East is like the anti-AFC West right now.


150 Just saw that CAR picked…

Just saw that CAR picked only D players in the draft.  Is there some analytics-based rationale behind investing exclusively in one unit in a given season? 

Is it possible they decided to try and improve their pick efficiency by only studying available defensive players, effectively doubling the amount of effort on those positions by ignoring the other side of the ball?

I know it could also be a 7-heads-in-a-row type of situation, except that I expect relatively few NFL teams use an actual coin before making their picks.

153 CAR defense

[Disclaimer--Saints' fan]

"7-heads-in-a-row type of situation." Or it could be that the 32nd ranked defense by DVOA, who lost their best 2 players in MLB Kuechly (retirement) and CB Bradberry (FA), needed a major upgrade.

They have McCaffrey, an OK receiving corps, and just signed Bridgewater to take Newton's place. They really needed the talent infusion on defense.