Week 18 Open Discussion

Los Angeles Chargers RB Austin Ekeler
Los Angeles Chargers RB Austin Ekeler
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NFL Week 18 - The final week of the regular season will begin with teams jockeying for playoff position on Saturday, and close with a winner-makes-the-playoffs contest on Sunday night.

On Saturday, Kansas City (11-5) will play at Denver (7-9). The Chiefs can still win the AFC's top seed with a win and some help. Later that day, Dallas (11-5) will play at Philadelphia (9-7). The Cowboys have already clinched the NFC East while the Eagles have clinched a wild-card berth, but each team's exact seeding has yet to be determined. 

Notable Sunday afternoon games include Pittsburgh (7-7-1, pending the Monday Night Football game against Cleveland) at Baltimore (8-8), San Francisco (9-7) at the L.A. Rams (12-4), and New England (10-6) at Miami (8-8). The Sunday night game sees the L.A. Chargers (9-7) will visit Las Vegas (9-7) with the winner clinching a playoff berth. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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141 Omg...can't believe this…

Omg...can't believe this game got to this point. Definitely would prefer to see both of these teams get in, kneel it out.

142 Herbert's completion %

I've never seen a final drive like that before.  Incomplete, incomplete, incomplete, convert, repeat.

144 The longest regular season…

The longest regular season in NFL history goes a little longer as its final game goes to OT.

Will it go another full 10 minutes longer?  I kind of think everyone who isn't a Steeler fan is hoping it will.


145 OK Chargers

You've got 7+ minutes to get a field goal.  

Do the right thing.

146 Raiders with the go ahead FG…

Raiders with the go ahead FG in OT, leaving 7 minutes on the clock.

Chargers, who play BUF next week regardless of whether they win or tie, now have the potential to run the clock down on a game tying drive.

BUT ... and this is a big but ... they are the Chargers.  Could they complete a clock burning drive and still successfully make the game tying FG?  We will see ...


150 Chargers conversions

That is 6 4th and game conversions and the play that ended regulation makes 7.

It still may not be enough as the FG ties it

151 Will the Chargers call a…

Will the Chargers call a timeout if, say, the Raiders run ball and don't pick up the conversion on third down? Or just let the clock bleed?

153 Will Days of Our Steelers be…

Will Days of Our Steelers be extended another week or be cancelled due to low passer ratings?  Tune in in 3 minutes to find out.

159 And here it is

No need to take any risks, here comes the tie.

Aww, trying the FG, hope its blocked and returned for td

161 Now imagine if the kick is…

Now imagine if the kick is blocked and run back. Then this really would be the most insane game of all time.

165 What?

Bolts could not stop a running play they surely knew was coming.

167 Great game. Chargers could…

Great game. Chargers could have had it but bad run defense and receivers dropping too many passes sank them. Priority in draft and free agency is getting some run defenders.

173 Yeah. Doesn’t have to be…

Yeah. Doesn’t have to be good run D but bottom of the league is a problem.

And receivers also very much an issue. Allen seeming old now. Williams is a one-trick (one hand?) pony, and IIRC a free agent. Hopefully Palmer develops but no sure thing. They would be well served to get Herbert a young stud.


168 Chargers did not burn enough clock

Too many incomplete passes.  Ekeler had only one rush in OT.   The had 7:09 on the clock when they got the ball and only burned about 2:30. 

178 Current forecast

Chance of snow is 50%, high for the DAY is 20, so it will probably be 11 degrees or thereabouts at kickoff. 

174 Staley

If he lost this game at any point, it was when he called consecutive passes before LA’s field goal in overtime. Instead of bleeding a solid 70 seconds off the clock with a couple of runs, he opened himself up to a Wannstedt-like pair of clock-stopping plays. That ultimately proved to be the difference. Not really sure why he called timeout on LV’s last third down, either. Only thing I can imagine is that he wanted to see what formation the Raiders were going to line up in. 

175 The Bills gave up 52 yards today

For the GAME. And 40 came on one play. If I had to bet on it, I’d bet that McCorkle Jones and the Patriots are dead on arrival if the weather is anything close to normal. Lucky for them, we’re currently looking at a 50/50 chance of snow on Saturday. 

176 Wilson

Granted, this guy needs to learn how to somehow not take ridiculous sacks. That certainly helped Buffalo’s bottom line. But make no mistake: this game was NEVER in doubt, no matter what the scoreboard said. Also, the Bills were favored by at least 13 points SEVEN TIMES this year and covered six of them, failing only against Jacksonville. (LOL Colts.)

182 No one was open (they were…

In reply to by Tutenkharnage

No one was open (they were missing their top 4 receivers) and he's trying not to throw picks now, and hasn't. It wasn't a good game for him.  The Patriots are healthier than the Jets are right now, but I'm doubting the Pats do much in this game either.  The real key is what the Bills do on offense; they ran up a bunch of yards against the Jets, but they were stuck on 13 points for a while.

181 Bills absolutely the better…

Bills absolutely the better team in all facets of the game except running.  Pats chances rest on (a) capitalizing on any brain gaffes Allen might have, (b) not getting slaughtered by Allen pulling the ball down and running (especially on 3rd down), and (c) being able to sustain drives with lots of manageable 3rd down conversions.

Doubt the weather plays into the game, much.  Snow favors the passing game (receiver knows the route they're running, defenders find it harder to adjust).  Wind is what made the last Pats game in Buffalo so weird, and even if you had a repeat, doubt Belichick can jedi mind-trick the Bills into getting away from their passing attack again (need to be smart about how you throw it, but don't need to stop throwing at all).  Pats hopes are same as most underdogs:  win the turnover battle and the time of possession and hope the other guy's QB doesn't beat you single-handedly regardless. 



183 The Bills need to learn how…

The Bills need to learn how to play in bad/snowy weather, like those Jim Kelly teams.  Allen has a cannon, he shouldn't have the problems throwing in the snow that he seems to right now.  The wind was ridiculous in the first Pats/Bills game, like some of the games in Giants stadium.  I remember Marino and O'Brien playing a game with bad winds where both of them completed below 50%, and it wasn't their fault.  But if the Bills could get their passing game weather-proofed, their home field advantage would improve to the level it was during their Super Bowl run.

177 Go Raiders

Unbelievable game. Raiders D balled out and took the best punch from God reincarnate. I know everyone hates the Raiders for some reason but I don't care. Just Win Baby