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Open Discussion

Open 2004 Free Agency Discussion Thread (Part 1)

Part I of discussion of 2004 free agents.

Open 2004 NFL Draft Discussion Thread (Part 1)

Part I of the 2004 NFL draft discussion thread.

Offseason Discussion: Worst Coaching Blunders

This week's topic for discussion: What is the worst coaching blunder you've ever seen? Bad strategy, bad playcalling, bad decisions about who to bench -- vent your frustrations with coaches both NFL and NCAA who just couldn't make the right move when the chips were down.

1 comment, Last at 14 Jan 2006, 8:13pm by Stanley Franklin

Offseason Discussion: Favorite Game You've Ever Seen

A new idea for offseason discussion at Football Outsiders, with a new topic for open discussion each week. This week's first topic comes from the reader who proposed the idea: What's your favorite NFL game that you've ever seen? The floor is open...

1 comment, Last at 26 Sep 2005, 10:22pm by Jon Fay