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NFL expert pick from Aaron Schatz.
New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Pick Highlights:

  • Take out the Taysom Hill games and the Saints move up 5.0% in offensive DVOA and 8.6% in weighted offensive DVOA, which gives more strength to recent games.
  • The Panthers defense is vulnerable in a number of areas where the Saints offense excels -- they rank 29th in DVOA in coverage against running backs in the passing game -- not the best weakness to have against Alvin Kamara.
  • The Carolina defense is also 29th in adjusted line yards against left end runs, and 26th against right end runs -- you can beat them to the outside.
  • Finally, the Panthers defense is 31st in DVOA on third/fourth downs -- they can't get off the field.


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1 comment, Last at 01 Jan 2021, 6:02pm

1 Aaron...

The Saints are probably the best team in the NFC overall.

The Panthers are playing out the string.

Kamara is out with COVID.

Why did you pick this game to spotlight?





Those games.