Off The Charts Podcast: October 1

This week on the Off The Charts Podcast: More discussion of Arizona and their ideal opposites, the Chicago Bears. How rare is it to rank in the top five in all three phases of DVOA, like Arizona does? How far can the Chicago Bears fire sale go, and where are the best landing places for Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffery? Plus: Why Derek Carr is so much better this year, and why the future is bright on both sides of the ball for Oakland despite a No. 28 rank in defensive DVOA so far.

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Was just looking at the cap space situation. Only 8 teams can absorb Forte's salary, and only half of those easily. Most obvious trade choice seems Titans. They are out of the conference. They actually have a chance at the playoffs, unlike the Browns for example, and they badly need a #1 guy cause Sankey et al are pretty terrible.