Off The Charts Podcast: September 10

Hey folks, it's the first episode of the SECOND of our TWO new weekly Football Outsiders podcasts. We're calling this podcast the Off the Charts Podcast, because Scott Spratt from Sports Info Solutions and I will gradually be using this podcast to present a lot of great charting data now that SIS has taken over the FO game charting project. However, this inaugural episode is about preseason projections. Why have the Packers fallen in FO's projections, and which NFC North teams could potentially benefit? Why are the Rams so high? Why are the Dolphins so low compared to where we had them in May? What is going on in the NFC South? There are some good details in here about how we model projections. Please feel free to leave comments on what you would like to see from this podcast in the coming weeks. The ESPN fantasy football podcast I'm doing is going to have a great audience, but of the two podcasts, this is the one that is more for the Football Outsiders readers.

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For those who have asked, both the Off the Charts Podcast and the new ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly Podcast should be listed in the iPhone/iTunes Podcasts app sometime in the next week or two. It just takes time to get new podcasts listed, but they're coming. For now, you can listen here!


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