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Off The Charts Podcast: October 11

Off The Charts Podcast: October 11
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Among the subjects discussed on this week's Off The Charts podcast: What is the real difference between James Conner and Le'Veon Bell in the Steelers offense? Are the Atlanta Falcons cooked? Why have so many NFC teams underwhelmed this year? Plus, previews of the Chiefs-Patriots, Ravens-Titans, and Bengals-Steelers games for Week 6.

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Love the pod, and look forward to it every week. My question is why are you guys continually surprised when Carolina wins? They've made the playoffs in 4 of last 5 years and retained most of last year's 11-5 team. They often win ugly and are prone to letting teams back into games in the 4Q. But they stick to their style and it works for them. What's up?