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Off The Charts Podcast: October 17

Ezekiel Elliott
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Mike Tanier comes on this week's Off The Charts podcast to discuss the current state of the Running Backs Don't Matter theory. Then we preview three big weekend games: Eagles-Cowboys, Texans-Colts, and Vikings-Lions.

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1 I really don't get the focus…

I really don't get the focus on Ezekiel Elliot anymore. He's signed for 8 years, at around 10-12M cap hit each year, basically flat. In 2024 his 12.5 million cap hit will likely be ~5% of the cap. That's like 9M today. That's *nothing*. For literally the best player at his position.

Comparing Gurley's contract to Elliot's is nuts. Elliot's contract is *way* better value for the Cowboys. It's just not a big deal at all.