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Off The Charts Podcast: June 18

Jarrett Stidham
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

We're continuing a series of podcasts focusing on specific teams, this week with the Patriots and guest Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal. Among today's topics: Do the Patriots have Jarrett Stidham by choice or by default? How much did they really try to give Tom Brady weapons in his last couple years with New England? And what happens to the defense this season with so much talent out the door over the offseason?

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3 comments, Last at 21 Jun 2020, 7:31pm

1 Surprised

Lotta TB12 derogatory talk. You hold put that in the blurb—might attract more listeners

3 It's not slander if it's true

In reply to by Raiderfan

TB12 was at best average last year and demanded to be given the 2007 Patriots Offense.

That's not going to happen... anywhere... so...