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FO Radio Hour: DVOA the Origin Story

An all-new stream of the FO Radio Hour hosted by Aaron Schatz with featured guest Mike Tanier dive into the history of Football Outsiders most recognizable statistic DVOA. Aaron and Mike take a trip back in time to the beginning to discuss the early years of football stats, Football Outsiders and the formation of DVOA to where it is today.

Watch the full stream below or listen to the audio on your favorite podcast platform. Be sure to tune in live every Thursday at 1 p.m. EDT on Twitch throughout the off-season to watch and join the conversation! And subscribe to the podcast by looking for the "Football Outsiders Podcast Network" on your favorite podcast app.


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6 Catholic match Girl

In reply to by D

Yes. People would go here for football talk and also soem kther type of enjoyment 

2 This one was fun trip down…

This one was fun trip down the memory hole. There's at least one complete set of Prospectus/Alamanacs on this side of the Atlantic, and there's a side order of
A Good Walkthrough Spoiled with them...

And yes, I absolutely clicked on the CMG picture. It's still strangly compelling.

5 I enjoyed listening to this…

I enjoyed listening to this. My one quibble is referring to Bill James and Pete Palmer as "rivals". They had different approaches, but they respected each other's work. The battle in the 80s was Bill James vs Elias, and Pete was on Bill's side.

7 Watched this on YouTube the…

Watched this on YouTube the other night. Really great job guys, did not know a lot of that history. And a walk down FO memory lane with the Falcones message board curse and the FOX posts.

It was the NYT Magazine's Year in Ideas that made me aware of FO:

FWIW, Catholic Match Girl always reminded me of a young Heather Graham with oversized eyes.

8 FWIW, I believe Pro-Football…

FWIW, I believe has been around since at least 2000: