FO Radio Hour: The Gang Visits Louisville

Twitch show
Twitch show
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

An all-new stream of the FO Radio Hour hosted by Aaron Schatz with featured guests Mike Tanier, Scott Spratt and Vince Verhei. The FO writers were all together in one spot for the first time EVER. They discuss their travel stories from the week in Louisville and talked about news from the NFC West. They also get into the Josh Allen Third-Year Jump Drinking GameTM.

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2 comments, Last at 23 Jul 2021, 7:41pm

1 Speaking of Louisville

If they were to expand (I hope they don't mess 4x4), bring back the Colonels!

2 The sign

You should all start the YouTube video, then start skipping ahead. You can watch the sign creep its way down the wall, on inch every five minutes, until it falls around the 50-minute mark.