FO Radio Hour 5-6

FO Radio Hour: May 6, 2021

An all-new stream of the FO Radio Hour hosted by Aaron Schatz featured guests Mike Tanier and Scott Spratt. The group recapped the NFL draft some of their favorite picks and draft classes. Aaron, Mike and Scott also highlight QBs, RBs, WRs and TEs from the draft class that are likely to make an impact in fantasy in their rookie season. 

Watch the full stream below and tune in live every Thursday at 1 p.m. EDT on Twitch throughout the off-season to watch and join the conversation!


UPDATE: The FO Radio Hour is now available as a podcast as well! Soon you will be able to subscribe to all of FO's podcasts in one feed on your favorite podcast apps by looking for the "Football Outsiders podcast network."


FO Radio Hour



5 comments, Last at 10 May 2021, 2:36pm

1 Available as podcast?

I miss the old Football Outsiders podcast, are you guys going to put this one out in podcast form by any chance? I'm sure there are lots of listeners of the old show who would love to hear this one in that format.

4 Excellent!

Great idea to make this a weekly feature.

I laughed less than I normally do watching your podcasts but then it occurred to me that Bill O'Brien is no longer coaching in the NFL. I suspect toward the end of the 2021 season when the Jaguars are tanking Urban Meyer will fill that void.