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FO Radio Hour: Patriots with Greg Bedard and College Preview with Parker Fleming

An all-new stream of the FO Radio Hour hosted by Aaron Schatz with Mike Tanier and special guests Greg Bedard editorial director of Boston Sports Journal and Football Outsiders College Football Contributor Parker Fleming. Greg came on to discuss his observations from Patriots training camp. The Pats made the biggest move to end training camp by cutting former MVP Cam Newton to start rookie QB Mac Jones. Later in the show, Parker joined to discuss the state of college football and what to look forward to as we head into the first full weekend of college football. 

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1 Good Points

Not having Gilmore on the field will of course be a real blow. And Gilmore, after some struggles early in the season, was very good, especially after he came back from the first injury. Across the board, the Pats were much harder to throw on when Gilmore was there.

The one thing I don't agree with is that the Pats will 'sell out' on the pass rush to address it. Belichick has run much worse secondaries out there - CBs named Edelman and Brown, for example - and stuck with his approach or changed his coverage scheme. I seem to remember him playing a great deal of zone in the earlier years of the last decade and the decade before. BB hasn't always had a Revis or Gilmore to make these man schemes workable. 

I was a little confused by the Gilmore injury comments, and the mention that the Pats might be covering for him, so that he doesn't incur fines. If that were true, wouldn't they try to push Gilmore on the field for Week 1? Or if he won't play, take him off IR and watch the fines accrue. How would it service them to let him sit healthy?