KUBIAK Fantasy Projections: 2022 Second-Year WR Breakouts

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Football Outsiders' Editor-in-Chief Aaron Schatz (@FO_ASchatz) and Senior Analyst Mike Tanier (@MikeTanier) review second-year wide receivers who are likely to breakout in 2022 and debate if the Chicago Bears have left Justin Fields out to dry, who will be WR1 for the Green Bay Packers, and if the Detroit Lions can be better than projected.

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1 comment, Last at 01 Jun 2022, 2:26pm

#1 by Sifter // Jun 01, 2022 - 2:26pm

Late listening to this one - but that's one advantage of the post-draft NFL picture - a more relaxed schedule. 

I like these little nuggets and will definitely be using this to make an offer or two in my dynasty league.  I feel like Kadarius Toney and Rondale Moore are pretty undervalued right now, so feeling justified that they came up in discussion.  Now if only I could get a willing trade partner...

Side question if anyone is out there: is there consensus in the fantasy community over whether it's the second year or the third year where breakouts occur more frequently/violently?  Or different for different positions?  eg. it seems tight ends need longer to develop, they might be third year candidates?

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