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NFL Divisional - Welcome to the Football Outsiders News Show for the NFL Divisional Round. This week the guys take a look at the various coordinators and coaches that have been hired or fired throughout the league, before picking out the best head coaching fit for each vacancy in the NFL.

Cale Clinton and Jackson Roberts will be here throughout the 2022 postseason for updates on roster changes, player suspensions, front-office shake-ups, injuries, and more! Subscribe and click the bell icon to receive notifications for all future Football Outsiders uploads and live streams.

Interview List: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nf...

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1 comment, Last at 27 Jan 2023, 12:05pm

#1 by jkwilson0 // Jan 27, 2023 - 12:05pm

Coaching analysis continues to be extremely poor across even the good sports sites. I realize that it's the job of sports media to stir the pot, and even FO isn't above the fray. But I'm bewildered at how even smart football thinkers can't come up with any solution to a playoff disappointment other than firing the coach.

Mike McCarthy and Sean Payton are the same age, have nearly identical (very good) records, and the same number of Super Bowl wins. One is considered an idiot who should never work again and one is a potential franchise savior.

If you were making a hire this offseason, and I came from the future and told you this guy would get you back-to-back 12-5 seasons and playoff appearances, would be 1st in DVOA one of those years and 6th the other, would you hire him? Congrats, you just hired Mike McCarthy.

OK but he punts too much on 4th down, you say. As the #1 DVOA team he *should* have won the Super Bowl, you say. OK, well, who is the replacement that will ensure this kind of success? Probably 25 other coaches punt too much and EVERY other coach's work resulted in a poorer DVOA. And now you're combing through a bunch of guys for a hire who are not currently employed as head coaches, which generally (though certainly not always) means they are inferior to the currently employed. Where are you finding an upgrade?

Coaching is hard. Winning playoff games is a bit of a crapshoot and all the opponents are good. There is *no one* who is that far above anyone else. If your guy is giving you a really good chance on a yearly basis, you've got a good guy. If you want to fire them for every letdown, your team becomes a clown show like Washington or Houston. Even if *that guy* does come along, he's not working for your crazy team. You fire guys with losing records who are overmatched or who create toxic cultures. If you fire guys who lead the 6th best DVOA team to a close loss to the #2 DVOA team, *you're* the one creating a toxic culture.

Last point to end this rant, why do we still talk about the Cowboys like they deserve yearly titles? Dallas was the gold standard franchise for the league's first 30 years. Five titles and three other SB appearances. Well that's great, but it has now been almost another 30. THESE are the Cowboys. They are just another team that can't break through. They're the Vikings or Bills. A pretty decent organization with some clout to draw coaches and players, but not good or lucky enough to put it all together.

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