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Off The Charts Podcast: September 20

Thursday afternoon means a brand-new edition of the Off The Charts podcast, with Matt Manocherian of Sports Info Solutions and Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders. This week we discuss the best routes to run against Cover-3, review Week 2, and preview the most important games of Week 3 including Atlanta-New Orleans, Tennessee-Jacksonville, and Green Bay-Washington.

Off The Charts Podcast: September 13
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Off The Charts Podcast: September 13

Thursday afternoon means a brand-new edition of the Off The Charts podcast. This week we discuss why we hate wide receiver screens on third-and-long, how much we can learn from the Jets' Week 1 dominance, and how important the Chiefs win over the Chargers was. Plus previews of Vikings-Packers, Chiefs-Steelers, and Patriots-Jaguars. (Click for audio link.)

Off The Charts Podcast: September 4

The Off The Charts podcast is back for 2018! This week, Matt Manocherian and Aaron Schatz talk about some of this year's research into running the football in the NFL. Then we preview three games from Week 1: Atlanta at Philadelphia, Pittsburgh at Cleveland, and Kansas City at the Los Angeles Chargers. (Click for audio link.)

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Aaron Schatz on ESPN Behind the Bets Podcast

More season preview podcasts! This time we talk a lot of over/unders with Doug Kezirian of the ESPN Behind the Bets podcast. We dive into FOA 2018 and why the Colts, Cowboys, and Dolphins should exceed expectations while Jacksonville and Carolina should regress. My section starts around 17:20 in.

Aaron Schatz on RotoUnderworld Radio

Hey, it's time for another preseason podcast! I'm on here with Matt Kelley on RotoUnderworld's Sonic Truth podcast. We're talking about the imbalance between the NFC and AFC, judging Jimmy Garoppolo despite small sample size, and why FO expects Indianapolis and Dallas to be better than conventional wisdom.

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Aaron Schatz on Bleeding Green Nation Fireside Chats

Hey, time for another podcast appearance, this time with Michael Kist of Bleeding Green Nation to focus on the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles. We discuss how the Eagles use analytics, the over-correction regarding Carson Wentz's rookie season, and the greatest defense of all time.

Aaron Schatz on Down by the Bank Podcast

Go really in-depth with our surprising Jacksonville forecast on the Jaguars podcast Down by the Bank. We also talk some Blake Bortles: bust, or not? It depends what you expected out of a third overall pick.

Aaron Schatz on Beating the Book with Gill Alexander

Yes, more podcasts! Here I am with Gill Alexander from the Vegas Sports and Information Network. This podcast puts together two interviews we did last week, discussing the AFC on Tuesday and the NFC on Thursday, going through all the forecasts from Football Outsiders Almanac 2018.

Aaron Schatz on Sports-Casters Podcast

More podcasts to promote Football Outsiders Almanac 2018! Here we talk about the dominance of the NFC in the current NFL, the Eagles' run to the Super Bowl, and our projections for the rookie quarterbacks.

Robert Weintraub on the ESPN 1530 Bengals Podcast

Let's talk Cincinnati Bengals football! Robert Weintraub went on ESPN 1530 in Cincinnati with Mo Egger to talk about the Bengals chapter of Football Outsiders Almanac 2018.