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Scott Kacsmar on The Athletic Bears Podcast

Kevin Fishbain from The Athletic Chicago talks to Scott Kacsmar about Mitchell Trubisky, Matt Nagy, and the Chicago Bears chapter in Football Outsiders Almanac 2018.

Aaron Schatz on Power Rank Podcast
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Aaron Schatz on Power Rank Podcast

It's another podcast appearance promoting Football Outsiders Almanac 2018! Here I am with Ed Feng on the Football Analytics Show from his website powerrank.com. We discuss the basics of DVOA, how to deal with small sample size with Jimmy Garoppolo and Deshaun Watson, and why our Indianapolis projection is higher than our Jacksonville projection for 2018.

Aaron Schatz on Pick Six Podcast

I went on the CBS Sports Pick Six podcast with Will Brinson to talk about Football Outsiders Almanac 2018 and preview the upcoming season. We get into the surprisingly mediocre Jaguars forecast, talk about why the Browns could be a playoff contender, and ask if the Bears can be the new Rams.

Off The Charts Podcast: 2018 Draft Edition

We've got a special treat for you, a big, long 50-minute special edition draft preview Off The Charts football podcast. There are tons of SIS college charting stats you won't find anywhere else, including breakdowns of the top quarterback prospects. Learn how Josh Allen doesn't always suck, and how Lamar Jackson changes defensive strategy. Plus, who had the best man coverage stats of the top cornerback prospects, what routes were the best for the top receiver prospects, and which other top offensive lineman had even more impressive blown block stats than Quenton Nelson.

Off The Charts Podcast: Super Bowl LII Edition

Here we go with a MONSTER preview of Super Bowl LII that hits on all kinds of stats including: which receivers each defense is vulnerable against, which type of coverage each quarterback excels against, and how pass pressure has changed for the Eagles offense with Nick Foles replacing Carson Wentz. (Click for audio link.)

Off The Charts Podcast: January 18

This week's Off The Charts podcast is packed to the gills with stats to help preview the AFC and NFC Championship Games. Did you know how good the Jaguars are on play-action? Who's better against pressure: Tom Brady or Case Keenum? Are you curious which teams should run with zone-blocking and which with power? (Click for audio link.)

Off The Charts Podcast: January 11

Once again, this week's Off The Charts podcast previews the weekend's big NFL playoff games. Learn where the Titans are most vulnerable to the Patriots, explore why the Steelers win in the front seven both with talent and with scheme, and find out all the ways the Saints-Vikings matchup pits strength against strength. (Click for audio link.)

Off The Charts Podcast: January 4

In the latest Off The Charts podcast, we've got charting breakdowns and DVOA splits for all four of the wild-card games, plus a look at the bowl performances of Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson. (Click for audio link.)

Off The Charts Podcast: December 28

This week, we rundown the Week 17 playoff picture in each conference and talk about the Rams' strategy of sitting starters, then we get into previewing the Week 17 games that matter for the final two wild-cards spots. (Click for audio link.)

Off The Charts Podcast: December 21

This week on the Off The Charts podcast: Tankapalooza and a look at the top college quarterbacks through game charting, and then previews of the playoff race and two big games this weekend, Atlanta at New Orleans and Buffalo at New England. (Click for audio link.)