I hear voices... talking about football

Off The Charts Podcast: August 13

This week's guest is Zachary Binney, and we're talking about what COVID-19 means for football season in the wake of the Big Ten and Pac-12 cancelling football this year. How can NFL teams keep their players safe? What can we expect from the upcoming season? And why is it important not to put fans in the stands? (Click for audio link.)

Aug 13, 2020

Off The Charts Podcast: July 23

This week's Off The Charts podcast is all about taking a look at the Football Outsiders Almanac 2020. What's new in this year's book? Why are we so high on the Pittsburgh Steelers? How much did Cam Newton mean to the Patriots' projection? And which teams from the bottom half of our projections do I most like subjectively to beat their projections? (Click for audio link.)

Jul 23, 2020

Off The Charts Podcast: July 16

Let's talk about fantasy football on this week's Off The Charts Podcast, featuring FO fantasy analyst Scott Spratt. We talk about how COVID-19 is going to change fantasy football and introduce the new upgraded KUBIAK fantasy projection system, then discuss some of the players KUBIAK likes better (Dak Prescott, Joe Mixon) and worse (Ryan Tannehill, Rob Gronkowski) than ADP (average draft position). (Click for audio link.)

Jul 16, 2020

Off The Charts Podcast: July 9

This week's Off The Charts podcast is devoted to a single player: Patrick Mahomes. What are his weaknesses, if he even has any? What is his role as the face of the league? What do we think of the players surrounding him on the Chiefs, from the offensive line to new running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire? (Click for audio link.)

Jul 09, 2020