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FO on The Numbers Game (Episode 43)

It has been a slow month this offseason, but I was this week's guest on RotoViz Radio's The Numbers Game podcast with Kevin Cole to talk about free agency, team-building strategies and some of our recent stat articles such as AGL and failed completions.

Off The Charts Podcast: February 4

It's the final Off The Charts Podcast of the season, the Super Bowl preview episode! Scott Spratt and Aaron Schatz go through all the numbers to look at Carolina-Denver matchups, plus some discussion of the anxieties that come with rooting for a team that will be favored in the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

Off The Charts Podcast: January 21

This week's Off The Charts Podcast previews the upcoming conference championship games. Is the Denver defense well-equipped to slow down the Patriots offense? Will Denver run the ball as well as it did the first time it beat the Pats? And can Arizona take advantage of a Carolina weakness at cornerback that has fallen under the national radar?

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Off The Charts Podcast: January 14

This week's Off The Charts podcast has previews of all four divisional round games. We look at how Kansas City was better than you thought over the whole season, not just the last few weeks. We also look at where the Panthers can take advantage of Seattle weaknesses, and just how badly Denver and Pittsburgh seem to be set up to attack each other's defenses on Sunday.

Podcast Double Feature: Off The Charts/Beating The Book

We've got a podcast double feature here to look at the upcoming NFL playoffs: the return of the Off The Charts podcast after two weeks off, and my annual appearance on the Beating the Book podcast as well. (Click to read more.)

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ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: Week 17 and Season Review

In the final ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly podcast for this season, Anita Marks and Aaron Schatz discuss who to target and who to steer clear of if you are in a league that goes through Week 17. Plus, they review the biggest surprises and busts of the 2016 season and which players have the most value for dynasty leagues going forward.

ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: ODB Insurance

Anita Marks and Aaron Schatz discuss Odell Beckham's suspension and which favorable matchups you should look to exploit in Week 16 to win you a championship.

Off The Charts Podcast: December 17

This week's show focuses on the question of players where the advanced stats seem to disagree with conventional wisdom. Is Blake Bortles having a good season, or not? Why does DeAngelo Williams fly under all the radars for Pittsburgh, maybe the best offense in the NFL? And what the heck happened to Dez Bryant this year: quarterback problems, the lingering foot injury, or both? (Click for audio link.)

ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: Week 15

Anita Marks, Aaron Schatz and Stephania Bell discuss all the injuries you need to know going into the fantasy football semifinals. Plus, help on the waiver wire, looking at new running backs in Carolina, Seattle, and Jacksonville, and... should you bench Odell Beckham in Week 15?

Off The Charts Podcast: December 10

Greg Thomas sits in for Scott Spratt on this week's Off The Charts podcast and we discuss the weird split this year between the top teams and all those bad (but not too bad) teams. We go in depth into the worst DVOA teams to ever make the playoffs, talking about whether the NFC East and AFC South champions will join them. Plus, interesting Brock Osweiler charting stats.