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ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: What to Do Without Luck

This week on the Fantasy Football Weekly podcast we talk about how to deal if you have one of the many players who suffered injuries this week, including Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, and Dion Lewis. Plus, we look at possible bye week subs for Week 10 and when to finally give up on Eddie Lacy.

Off The Charts Podcast: November 5

This week's Off The Charts podcast goes in depth to preview the big Carolina-Green Bay matchup this week. We also take a further look at the improvement of the Oakland Raiders and delve into the way schedule strength in the last two months could determine the wild-card races in both the AFC and NFC.

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ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: Trade Matt Ryan?

Among the subjects on this week's Fantasy Football Weekly podcast with Anita Marks and Aaron Schatz: we break down players who will get more playing time after Week 8's big injuries, discuss which teams have favorable second-half schedules, and talk about which fantasy teams want to trade for Matt Ryan -- and which ones will want to deal him away.

Off The Charts Podcast: October 29

This week's Off The Charts podcast takes a look at last week's Jets-Patriots matchup, and breaks down this week's big Broncos-Packers battle of 6-0 teams. Plus, what's gotten into the Miami Dolphins these last two games?

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ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: Jonesin' for Jackson

This week on the ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly podcast with Aaron Schatz and Anita Marks, we discuss Arian Foster's replacements and what to expect from star wide receivers returning from injury. (Hint: Check out DeSean Jackson's schedule for the fantasy football playoffs.) Plus, a look at the best rookies in dynasty, and why FO stats always thought Stefon Diggs was a better bet than Kevin White.

Off The Charts Podcast: October 22

This week on the Off The Charts podcast: We look at a couple of surprising teams that rank high in DVOA, including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Plus, which is the weakest of the undefeated teams, Carolina or Denver? And just how rare is it to have Denver's split between the No. 1 defense and the No. 32 offense?

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ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: Time to Drop Peyton?

This week's ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly podcast tries to figure out what's going on in the Green Bay backfield and looks at whether it might actually be time to give up on Peyton Manning at quarterback. You might be better off with Blake Bortles. No, seriously. It's a strange year.

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Off The Charts Podcast: October 15

This week on the Off The Charts podcast: What would happen in an Arizona-New England Super Bowl? How much have Seattle's early close losses hurt their Super Bowl odds? And are the New York Giants "for real" in 2015?

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ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: The Replacements

This week's ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly podcast with Aaron Schatz and Anita Marks looks at the replacements for Jamaal Charles in Kansas City and possible bye-week replacements for Week 6. Plus, looking at fantasy football stars without touchdowns this year: for which players is it a fluke, and for which players is it a trend. (Hint: Eddie Lacy fluke, Matt Forte trend.)

NFL Week 5: The Root and Roots Show

For the third season in a row, I talked NFL with longtime FO reader Greg Rasheed on his podcast, The Root and Roots Show. Topics covered include the Super Bowl prospects for Greg's defense-led Broncos, the surprising Falcons, the disappointing Dolphins, how Dallas' injuries have changed the NFC East, the progress of football analytics, who can stop the Patriots, and the current outlook for Super Bowl 50.