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ESPN: Week 8 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 8 DFS matchups include Andy Dalton (with A.J. Green), Jay Ajayi, Keenan Allen, and Jordan Reed.

Each week I will recap the picks I made in the previous week's column to gauge the accuracy of my advice. References to rankings are from DraftKings for that player's position.


Carlos Hyde - a minor hit here since Hyde had 12.8 FPT, but that was good enough for RB18 on a week where the elite backs dominated.

DeMarco Murray (fade) - he still fared better than Derrick Henry (4.4 FPT), but 10.6 FPT were disappointing for Murray. The Titans as a whole really disappointed in this juicy matchup, but at least the run defense of Cleveland was expected to contain these backs fairly well.

Michael Thomas - Drew Brees missed at least one big touchdown to Thomas, but overall, not a bad day with 15.2 FPT (WR15, which is really WR14 since Deonte Thompson wasn't even eligible to use due to how late in the week Buffalo acquired him).


Marcus Mariota - he was the biggest dud of the week (8.92 FPT) among passers who didn't get injured (so not Carson Palmer). The Titans were unable to find the end zone.

Brett Hundley - I used him, and I was very nervous after he didn't complete a pass in the first quarter. The rushing value was the only reason this wasn't a total bust, but 12.88 FPT is just not enough. The Packers need to open things up more next time.

Russell Wilson (fade) - whoops, this was looking good for a few quarters, but Wilson added a few more touchdown passes in the fourth quarter and finished as QB4. He was as good as anyone on Sunday games alone.

Melvin Gordon - hard to say if it was the matchup or his health that led to just 5.4 FPT for Gordon, but it was a bad performance.

Jerick McKinnon - this one frustrates me the most from Week 7. Baltimore's run defense has fallen off, McKinnon looked good the last two weeks, and the Vikings were down a big weapon in Stefon Diggs. This also looked like a game the Vikings would control at home against a bad Baltimore offense. Everything looked good with this matchup, and it did all work out, except for the fact that Latavius Murray was the one who rushed for over 100 yards and a touchdown. McKinnon only had 8.7 FPT compared to 20.3 for Murray (RB8).

Eric Decker - again, the Titans frustrated me. Decker played more snaps than any wideout for Tennessee in this game, was coming off his best game of 2017, and still had no catches on two targets.

Pierre Garcon - I'm still waiting for Garcon to catch that first touchdown of 2017, but he's clearly limited by the quarterback play in San Francisco. Only 9.9 FPT here.

Kyle Rudolph - again, the only DFS-viable player in this game was Latavius Murray, which I don't think anyone could have predicted. Rudolph wasn't a total loss, but you want more than 9.3 FPT (unless he was a $2,500 TE, which wasn't the case).

Jason Witten (fade) - it seems like Witten always burns me when I fade him, but he came through again with 15.4 FPT (TE6). That concludes this Week 7 bloodbath, the worst I think I've ever had in the last three seasons.


Stefon Diggs - he did not play against Baltimore.

Week 1 tally: 7-4
Week 2 tally: 6-5
Week 3 tally: 5-8
Week 4 tally: 6-8
Week 5 tally: 8-4
Week 6 tally: 4-8
Week 7 tally: 3-9
Season: 39-46


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