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WSJ: Does The Newest Jet Have Butterfingers?

This Wall Street Journal takes a look at the +/- research we conducted earlier this year in reference to the acquisition of Braylon Edwards.

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Smarter Stats: The Blame Game

This week's Washington Post column covers the real problems with eight disappointing teams.

NY Times: Week 4 Matchups

Mike debates how much credit ----- ----- deserves in this week's matchups piece for the New York Times.

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The Breakdown: Deep Trouble for the Bucs

This week's animated play diagram in the Washington Post details how the Tampa Bay defense's increased use of Cover-1 can be exploited for deep touchdown passes, and what concepts the Redskins might want to bring to their game against the Bucs this Sunday.

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NY Times: Week 3 Matchups

Mike Tanier previews Sunday's games for the New York Times. Good luck finding a mention of Zeno's Paradoxes in any other NFL Preview piece this weekend, folks...

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Smarter Stats: Winning's A Brees?

This week's Smarter Stats article in the Washington Post looks at the relationship between great single games (as measured by DYAR) and league-leading seasons for quarterbacks.

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The Breakdown: Don't Forget to Cover Calvin

This week's "Breakdown" article in the Washington Post's Redskins online preview is up. It's also in the paper later this week, but you don't get the cool animations there. The play is based on Calvin Johnson's near-touchdown against the Saints.

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Five Downs With DMN (sorta) 2009, Week 2

Each week last season and for the first week of the 2009 season, Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News conducted a "Five Downs" feature with us discussing the Cowboys and their opponents through the lens of FO.

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The Breakdown: Cooley's Crossing Route

This week's X-and-O animation for the Washington Post details the long pass from Jason Campbell to Chris Cooley against the Patriots in Week 3 of the preseason, a play that gained 73 yards. The Redskins face the Rams this week, and they might test St. Louis with a similar type of play.

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NY Times: Week 2 Matchups

Have you missed the shiny, shadowed circle team logos? They're back! Oh, and Mike wrote some stuff, too.

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