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Tom Coughlin Gets Extension

Yeah, I don't get this at all. The Giants have faded late now for two straight years. Coughlin was hired to enforce discipline but the Giants are still one of the most penalized teams in the league. The franchise quarterback actually took a step backwards this season and the defense looked completely confused for the second half of the year. Look, there is no way for me to produce statistics that tell you that the players hate his guts, but that doesn't mean it isn't costing the Giants games. What is the argument for keeping this guy?

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Hall of Fame Finalists Announced

So, does Michael Irvin get in on his third try? Is this finally Art Monk's year? Does Paul Tagliabue get the nod? And for the love of god, can we get Ray Guy into the Hall of Fame already? According to the article, he was the first punter to hit Louisiana Superdome scoreboard ... that counts for something, right? Offensive lineman Bruce Matthews is the only former player in his first year of eligibility.

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The Night College Football Went to Hell

In case you missed this last week, an enjoyable article about the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, one of the most important college football games ever played. Because #1 Miami and #2 Penn State were both independents, the second-class Fiesta Bowl could outbid all other bowl games to set up a national championship game. That got people thinking about having such a game each year, which eventually led to the BCS -- and it was because of this game that the Fiesta Bowl ended up in the big four, instead of a bowl with more history like the Cotton Bowl.

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Does Marty Schottenheimer blow fourth quarter leads like Brett Farve un-retires? A quarterly breakdown of scores might surprise you. (Click link to read more.)

FO Mailbag: LT and OJ

LaDainian Tomlinson's 2006 fantasy season - best ever? (Click link to read more.)

Donovan McNabb and the problem with press rumors

A textbook example of invalid internet rumors gone way too far. (Click link to read more.)

Broncos Fire Larry Coyer

This one sort of took me by surprise. Remember that awesome Denver defense from the start of the season, the one that didn't give up any touchdowns? Denver ranked 12th in defensive DVOA this year, but that was actually the lowest rank of Coyer's four years as defensive coordinator. They were top six in both 2004 and 2005. Was Coyer really the reason that team went 9-7? I'm interested in hearing from Denver fans if there were specific complaints about Coyer's strategies.

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TMQ: Stop Obsessing Over Coaches!

This week, Gregg Easterbrook writes that football coaches are nowhere near as important as we think.

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Defensive back stats for the top playoff seeds

The defensive back statistics for the four teams that received byes last weekend based on our game charting project. (Click link to read.)

Cowboys Claim Slick Ball Contributed to Romo's Blunder

The internets are all abuzz in the wake of Tony Romo's botched hold on a potentially game-winning field goal late in the Dallas-Seattle game. From today's Star-Telegram: "Cowboys owner-general manager Jerry Jones contends -- and he wasn't the only one -- that the ball quarterback Tony Romo lost control of on the hold for a 19-yard field goal was brand new and wasn't worked in properly." Um, okay. At least Romo didn't make excuses, however: "Obviously the reason I dropped it...it was a slick ball...It doesn't matter, though; you still have to catch it." (Free registration/bugmenot required.)

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