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21 Dec 2006, 03:37pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Complete Mystery

The subtitle of this column reads: "Why Tony Romo? If you look at the season as a whole, Grossman is the Pro Bowler." David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune first argues that Tony Romo doesn't deserve a Pro Bowl spot because he's only made eight starts. Fair enough. Then Haugh loses all credibility when he writes: "The third [Pro Bowl roster] spot should have gone to Grossman, because his good games outweighed the bad ones that created such a civic crisis and nearly cost him his job." Um, no.

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21 Dec 2006, 02:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Chiefs' Green Machine Sputters

The word out of Kansas City is that Herm Edwards will consider replacing Trent Green with Brodie Croyle next season. After all, the Chiefs have scored only one touchdown in their last two games. They've played Baltimore and San Diego, but I can't imagine that there is any sort of cause-and-effect connection there, so let's get on with the Brodie Croyle Era already. By the way, Larry Johnson is still on pace for 402 carries. We'll be having a moment of silence for Johnson's career at some point in the second half of Saturday's game, when he officially passes into the danger zone.

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21 Dec 2006, 11:29am by P. Ryan Wilson

Plan Ahead

Announcing crews aside, here's another reason not to like Thursday night football: players are more susceptible to injuries. Or so think many of the NFL head coaches. According to the article, however, Dr. Ron Grelsamer, a knee surgeon at Mount Sinai's department of orthopaedics in New York City, sees it to be "mostly a mind-set issue," not a physiological one. As an example, Grelsamer points to Max McGee and his performance in the 1967 Super Bowl: "McGee came off the bench hung over in the Super Bowl and couldn't have been more out of shape or more tired ...

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20 Dec 2006, 04:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Carson Palmer Injured?

Attention: Unsubstantiated Rumor Alert. Pro Football Talk is reporting that Carson Palmer was injured in Monday night's loss to Indianapolis, possibly as bad as a torn rotator cuff. For now, this is a rumor, but PFT does have a good record on these rumors turning out to be facts. Not a perfect record, though, so again: Unsubstantiated Rumor Alert.

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20 Dec 2006, 11:40am by P. Ryan Wilson

The Invisible Men

I can't remember a season like quite this one. Have there ever been such big contributions from so many rookies across the league? A lot of the names that didn't show up on the Pro Bowl rosters are mentioned in Jeffri Chadiha's latest column.

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19 Dec 2006, 06:19pm by P. Ryan Wilson

2007 Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Okay folks, get your Pro Bowl rosters right here (the AFC squad is linked, the NFC is here). Good to see guys like Andre Johnson, Nick Hardwick, Frank Gore, Mack Strong and Adrian Wilson get some much-deserved recognition. DeAngelo Hall? Not so much. Also, anybody think Shawne Merriman shouldn't have made it because, you know, he cheated?

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19 Dec 2006, 04:57pm by Aaron Schatz

Welcome to BCS High School

What if all 32 bowl games were kids in your high school class? The best entries are the Texas Bowl and the International Bowl. Seriously, what is the point of the International Bowl???

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19 Dec 2006, 02:58pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: Time for a New Playoff Format

This week, Gregg Easterbrook asks a very simple question. And then answers it: "What would happen if the NFL postseason was a seeded tournament? Games would be better and public interest would increase, that's all."

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19 Dec 2006, 12:05pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: How not to run against the Colts

The Colts run defense is terrible...unless you run around the left end. Aaron Schatz explains why. (Click link to read more.)

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19 Dec 2006, 11:46am by P. Ryan Wilson

Tarvaris Jackson to Start for Vikings

Good news: Vikings rookie quarterback Tarvaris Jackson will start this Thursday night against the Packers. Bad news: Minnesota's 6-8. Sure, they're not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but you'd like to think the Vikings might've had a better shot at the postseason if the move was made three or four weeks ago.

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