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2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

comments by Aaron Schatz

This is our fourth year of doing the Football Outsiders awards. Every year we get a great mix of the expected and the unexpected, and this year is no exception. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who voted on the awards. Today we'll look at the on-field voting, and next week we'll look at the questions about broadcasts and commercials and writers and so forth.

Part II of this year's awards are here.

Here's a look back at the three previous FO awards results:

Who is your choice as Offensive MVP for 2006? (Last year's winner: Steve Smith)

37.1% LaDainian Tomlinson
35.6% Peyton Manning
27.3% Drew Brees

FO readers agree with the writers who officially vote on the award, although not by much.

Who is your choice as Defensive MVP for 2006? (Last year's winner: Troy Polamalu)

30.0% Jason Taylor
25.4% Champ Bailey
12.5% Adalius Thomas
8.9% Brian Urlacher
5.9% Pat Williams
5.7% Asante Samuel
4.9% Shawne Merriman
3.6% Julius Peppers
2.3% Pac-Man Jones
0.8% Aaron Kampman

Note to anyone who loves Bart Scott or Lance Briggs: I deliberately did not list more than one player from any team so that there wouldn't be any vote-splitting. Safeties had won this award for two straight years, and I bet if we included the playoffs and had this vote over, a safety might win it again this year (Bob Sanders). Julius Peppers finishes eighth for the second straight year, which is fun bit of randomness.

Who is your choice as NFL Rookie of the Year for 2006? (Last year's winner: Lofa Tatupu)

26.1% Marques Colston
25.6% Marcus McNeill
15.9% Vince Young
9.1% Maurice Jones-Drew
8.0% Joseph Addai
4.7% Devin Hester
3.8% Nick Mangold
3.4% DeMeco Ryans
3.0% Reggie Bush
0.4% Tamba Hali

What a great year for rookies. I could have listed 20 guys. I didn't have room for Matt Leinart or Laurence Maroney. And I could only fit two defensive players on the list, leaving off Dewan Landry, Mark Anderson, Thomas Howard, Mario Williams, and a few others. Actual NFL Rookie of the Year Vince Young comes in third in our voting. Marques Colston, the seventh-round wonder, narrowly beats out San Diego offensive tackle Marcus McNeill for the FO Best Rookie with a Homophone Name Award. If you are reading, Marcus, don't feel too bad about Colston's victory, because you are about to win an award of your own...

Who was the best offensive lineman of 2006? (open question, two votes per ballot, top 12 listed) (Last year's winner: Walter Jones)

18.8% Marcus McNeill (LT, SD)
12.6% Jeff Saturday (C, IND)
9.6% Shawn Andrews (RG, PHI)
6.6% Olin Kreutz (C, CHI)
6.1% Jonathan Ogden (LT, BAL)
4.2% Jamaal Brown (LT, NO)
3.9% Steve Hutchinson (LG, MIN)
3.8% Willie Anderson (RT, CIN)
3.1% Walter Jones (LT, SEA)
3.1% Nick Mangold (C, NYJ)
2.2% Tarik Glenn (LT, IND)
1.9% Tom Nalen (C, DEN)

Yes, that's right. FO readers chose a rookie left tackle as the best offensive lineman of the year. I guess when you protect a first-year starting quarterback who is rarely sacked, and block for a running back who breaks the NFL record for touchdowns, that's a pretty good rookie year. In 2005, Walter Jones won this award handily with over 40 percent of the votes. This year, the votes were a bit more spread out. It's a bit strange to have a right guard in our top three -- that's not often considered to be the position of your best lineman.

Who is your choice for NFL Coach of the Year in 2006? (Last year's winner: Lovie Smith)

62.5% Sean Payton
11.8% Eric Mangini
9.7% Jeff Fisher
4.4% Marty Schottenheimer
3.6% Andy Reid
3.2% Brian Billick
2.7% Lovie Smith
2.1% Mike Nolan

Wow. That's a win. I expected more votes for Eric Mangini, but the great majority of FO readers went for the man behind the Miracle of New Orleans.

Who is your choice for the Keep Choppin' Wood Award for 2006 (player who most hurt his team)? (Last year's winner: Jamal Lewis/Terrell Owens)

27.8% Ben Roethlisberger
22.8% Daunte Culpepper
9.2% Chris Chambers
8.4% Rex Grossman
7.7% Robert Gallery
6.3% Jerry Porter
6.3% Brad Johnson
5.7% Odell Thurman
4.2% Pat Watkins
3.8% Mike Vanderjagt
1.7% Kerry Collins
0.2% Fred Smoot

I think the moral of the story is to wear a damn helmet.

Who is your choice for the Keep Choppin' Game Film Award for the worst coach of 2006? (Last year's winner: Norv Turner)

27.8% Art Shell
20.0% Herman Edwards
19.4% Tom Coughlin
8.2% Dennis Green
6.9% Joe Gibbs and his cast of thousands
6.7% Nick Saban
5.7% Jim Mora
5.3% Mike Shanahan

This now makes three years out of four where Oakland's head coach has won this award, and each time it's a different head coach. Maybe the problem isn't the head coach. Herman Edwards went 9-7, sure, but the readers will never forgive him if Larry Johnson crashes and burns next year. I still can't believe that Tom Coughlin kept his job, but Marty Schottenheimer got fired.

Who is your choice for the Bill Arnsparger Award for Coordinator of the Year? (New award)

42.9% Rob Ryan, OAK defense
9.9% Cam Cameron, SD offense
8.5% Marty Mornhinweg, PHI offense
8.2% Ron Rivera, CHI defense
8.2% Rex Ryan, BAL defense
8.0% Mike Tomlin, MIN defense
5.8% Tom Moore, IND offense
3.5% Bobby April, BUF special teams
2.1% Jim Johnson, PHI defense
1.2% Bob Sanders, GB defense
1.2% Michael "not David" Smith, JAC defense
0.6% Josh McDaniels, NE offense

Wow. Putting this award out there for the first time, and putting up 12 candidates, I never would have expected this many votes for one guy. It is pretty remarkable what Ryan has done with the Oakland defense, considering that most of the players are still under 25 and they are always in bad field position because the offense is so pathetic. The two Ryan brothers together received more votes than the other 10 candidates combined.

Bill Arnsparger, by the way, was defensive coordinator for the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Who is your choice for the Art Rooney Jr. Award for Executive(s) of the Year? (Last year's winner: Randy Mueller/Nick Saban)

47.9% Mickey Loomis, NO
23.7% A.J. Smith, SD
9.7% Scott Pioli/Bill Belichick, NE
8.0% Ozzie Newsome, BAL
6.2% Mike Tannenbaum, NYJ
4.5% Marv Levy, BUF

Once again, everyone loves the Miracle of New Orleans. FO readers seem to favor the general manager as the reason for success in San Diego and the head coach for the reason for success with the New York Jets.

The most overrated offensive player in the NFL is: (open question, top 12 listed) (Last year's winner: Michael Vick)

14.9% Terrell Owens
13.0% Michael Vick
10.8% Tom Brady
9.5% Chris Chambers
5.6% Tony Romo
3.9% Eli Manning
3.7% Reggie Bush
3.2% Randy Moss
3.0% Brett Favre
3.0% Jeremy Shockey
3.0% Shaun Alexander
2.8% Vince Young

T.O. sneaks past Michael Vick, keeping ol' Ron Mexico from a three-peat. The Patriots backlash is large and in charge in the "overrated" categories, but Brady didn't suddenly stop being one of the league's top quarterbacks. Heck, even "overrated" T.O. led the league in receiving touchdowns, so "overrated" is really in the eye of the beholder. Well, except for Vick. Obscure vote: Bo Sciafe. Bo Sciafe???

The most overrated defensive player in the NFL is: (open question, top 12 listed) (Last year's winner: Ray Lewis)

28.0% Ray Lewis
12.3% DeAngelo Hall
10.7% Roy Williams
9.3% Dwight Freeney
5.9% Shawne Merriman
3.6% Brian Urlacher
3.0% Ty Law
2.7% Tedy Bruschi
2.3% John Lynch
1.8% Bob Sanders
1.6% Michael Strahan
1.6% Warren Sapp

That's three straight for Mr. Baltimore. I think people are sick of having a "mic-ed up" Ray Lewis shoved down their throats. I hope nobody thinks he's a bad player -- he may not be as good as he used to be, or as good as Bart Scott and Adalius Thomas, but he's still pretty good out there. Personally, I would vote for DeAngelo Hall, the Michael Vick of defense (i.e. observers confuse athletic talent with football skills). Hall didn't even make this list in past years. Roy Williams is the other guy who takes a big jump up in 2006. Champ Bailey was second in this category for two straight years but I have a feeling most of those voters have changed their view on him significantly. Same goes for anyone who voted for Bob Sanders before the playoffs were over. Weirdest vote: Kevin Williams. Kevin Williams is overrated? Nobody ever even talks about the guy.

The most underrated offensive player in the NFL is: (open question, top 12 listed) (Last year's winner: Matt Hasselbeck)

9.3% Lorenzo Neal
8.8% Brian Westbrook
6.4% Lee Evans
2.7% Dallas Clark
2.7% Jason McKie
2.4% T.J. Whosyourdaddy
2.2% Donald Driver
2.2% Frank Gore
2.2% Jeff Saturday
2.2% Marcus McNeill
2.0% Jerricho Cotchery
1.5% Mike Furrey

This year I told people not to say "all fullbacks." If you think fullbacks are so underrated, name one. People took me up on the offer, so we got a fullback as our most underrated player. I like those Lee Evans votes. Players with a couple of votes who I happen to agree with: D.J. Hackett, Jeff Faine, Ladell Betts, Moran Norris, and Justin Griffith.

The most underrated defensive player in the NFL is: (Last year's winner: Casey Hampton)

Every year I screw up at least one category with my B-level HTML programming skills, and this year the winning category was "underrated defensive player." All the votes in this category were lost somewhere in the series of tubes that make up the Interwebs. Sorry about that. I'll just list some players who I think are worthy of the award: Pat Williams, London Fletcher-Baker, Leigh Bodden, Antonio Cromartie, Raheem Brock, every New England lineman not named Richard Seymour, Aaron Smith, and -- even though he did finally make the Pro Bowl -- Adrian Wilson.

The most overrated special teams player in the NFL is: (open question, top 10 listed) (Last year's winner: Mike Vanderjagt)

27.0% Dante Hall
22.6% Adam Vinatieri
10.3% Devin Hester
4.1% Mike Vanderjagt
3.4% Larry Izzo
2.8% Mat McBriar
2.8% Nate Kaeding
2.5% Antwaan Randle El
2.5% Reggie Bush
2.2% Jason Elam

At this point, Dante Hall is just another guy.

The most underrated special teams player in the NFL is: (open question, top 10 listed) (Last year's winner: Antwaan Randle El)

6.1% Stephen Gostkowski (K, NE)
5.2% Adrian Peterson (coverage, CHI)
3.5% Mike Scifres (P, SD)
3.2% Josh Brown (K, SEA)
3.2% Koy Detmer (holder, PHI)
3.2% Quintin Mikell (coverage, PHI)
2.6% Brad Maynard (P, CHI)
2.6% Chidi Iwuoma (coverage, PIT)
2.3% Dustin Colquitt (P, KC)
2.3% Ethan Kilmer (coverage, CIN) 

Yes, that's a holder ranked fifth. Think people had that Seattle-Dallas game on their minds when they voted?

2006's biggest disappointment in fantasy football was: (Last year's winner: Daunte Culpepper)

33.7% Shaun Alexander
17.2% Daunte Culpepper
12.1% Cadillac Williams
10.3% Matt Hasselbeck
9.1% Randy Moss
8.5% Edgerrin James
5.5% LaMont Jordan
1.8% Jake Plummer
1.0% Rod Smith
0.8% Vernon Davis

After two years of finishing first and second, I doubt Daunte Culpepper will taken in fantasy drafts early enough that he would disappoint people in the future.

Player most likely to breakout in 2007 (open question, top 12 listed): (Last year's winner: Ronnie Brown)

9.2% Matt Leinart
6.8% Michael Turner
5.9% Reggie Bush
5.4% Santonio Holmes
5.2% Alex Smith
5.2% Brandon Jacobs
5.0% Vincent Jackson
3.3% Jay Cutler
2.8% Joseph Addai
2.6% Maurice Jones-Drew
2.4% DeAngelo Williams
2.1% Vernon Davis

Hidden reason to believe Matt Leinart will break out in 2007: Arizona now has Russ Grimm to tutor the offensive linemen. As for last year's winner: Whoops. Apparently, we didn't know that the Miami offensive line would fall apart again this year. Oh, Hudson Houck, how did you let it happen? 

Interesting names lower down in the voting: Chicago receiver Mark Bradley, Denver receiver Brandon Marshall, and Cincinnati middle linebacker Ahmad Brooks.

Player most likely to significantly decline in 2007 (open question, top 10 listed): (Last year's winner: Shaun Alexander)

53.8% Larry Johnson
3.9% Marvin Harrison
3.7% Steve McNair
3.7% LaDainian Tomlinson
2.8% Tony Gonzalez
2.5% Tony Romo
1.8% Drew Brees
1.4% Terrell Owens
1.4% Corey Dillon
1.4% Jeff Garcia

We might as well call this one the "guy who went over 370 carries" award, but Shaun Alexander and Curtis Martin (the year before) didn't get anywhere near as many votes as LJ.

Which of the following teams is most likely next year's surprise Super Bowl contender? (Last year's choice: Cleveland)

28.0% San Francisco
25.1% Arizona
14.9% Buffalo
7.5% Green Bay
6.1% Washington
4.3% Minnesota
3.5% Oakland
3.1% Miami
2.7% Cleveland
1.8% Tampa Bay
1.6% Houston
1.4% Detroit

The majority of FO readers believe that next year's surprise team is coming out of the NFC West, but the readers are split on which team it will be. By the way, New Orleans was last with 0.9% of the vote in this category last year. There really was no way to forecast what the Saints did in 2006. It was amazing. Cleveland? Not so much.

Which playoff team is most likely to decline in 2007? (Last year's choice: Chicago)

36.5% Kansas City
13.8% New York Giants
13.0% Baltimore
10.5% Dallas
5.3% Seattle
4.9% Chicago
4.5% New Orleans
4.3% New York Jets
3.1% Indianapolis
2.5% New England
0.8% Philadelphia
0.8% San Diego

Here's another one where we all whiffed in 2006. The top two vote-getters were Chicago and Indianapolis, who met in the Super Bowl. The two teams with the fewest votes were Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, who both went 8-8. I think that the FO readers will end up a bit more accurate in this category in 2007.

Next week we'll announce the second half of the awards, including best and worst writers, announcers, and commercials.


116 comments, Last at 14 Mar 2007, 1:52pm

2 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Devin Hester as an overrated speacial teamer? I know he had a few drops, but he accounted for 6 touchdowns in the season and another in the Super Bowl. and how was he rated before this?

considering him and Mark Anderson (and Robbie Gould's improvement) no love for Angelo when it came to the executive category? i suppose that's Grossman's doing.

4 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Most underrated special teams player - #8: 2.6% Chidi Iwuoma (coverage, PIT)

Chidi was particularly underrated by Steeler management who cut him at the start of the year and didn't bring him back until what - week 12 or something?

Ryan and the Steeler fans certainly didn't underrate him.

6 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Some Things I Think That I Might Think Before I Become Too Distracted By A Lack Of Coffee Over The Last Wow It's Snowing

-I'm surprised LT2 beat out Manning for Offensive POY.
-It's interesting that McNeill lost ROY, but won best lineman (i voted for McNeill for ROY and Ogden for lineman).
-no-one i voted for won until Rob Ryan.
-i thought lee evans and adrian peterson should've won their underrated categories.
-I wouldn't have voted for Turner as breakout player if I thought the Chargers were going to keep him.
-FO readers don't think the Chiefs are going to be very good next year. I thought Herm would've won worst coach.

7 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

6: McNeil winning best lineman is probably due to he poor seasons from the HOF type standouts of the past few years. Walter Jones, Odgen, Hutchinson, Faneca etc. all declined a little this year and Willie Roaf rode into the sunset.

And also, McNeil is a beast.

8 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

so...that's four straight years with the lions getting votes as 'next year's surprise super bowl contender.'

presented without comment.

well, except one - i've been a lions fan for all of my 41 years, and i truly think i'll die before the lions get anywhere near a championship.

worst franchise in sports, bar none.

9 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

"Champ Bailey was second in this category for two straight years but I have a feeling most of those voters have changed their view on him significantly."

Champ Bailey isn't even listed on the most overrated defensive player list...

10 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

I got a good chuckle out of the two players finishing 2nd and 3rd in the 'who hurt their team the most' award. First off, while Chambers was bad, I didn't realize a WR could have that much impact on the whole season. And with Culpepper, he only played in 4 games. 4. How can you be the second most detrimental player to your team while playing only 4 games? Jeez, Joey Harrington was a lot more of a problem than Culpepper was. And the offensive line wasn't helping the cause of any of these guys. That line was average at best at its high point last year.

11 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Yep. You would think that if the best lineman in the league is a rookie, he'd probably have to be the best rookie. I mean, Colston had a great year (and my vote was MJD), but where would Colston have ranked in the top WR rankings? Somewhere between 15-20 at best? I think Colston gets bonus points because of his lowly draft standing. If he were a 1st or 2nd rounder, I'll bet he would have fallen behind McNeil, Young, and some others.

12 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Last year, Aaron wrote Dennis Green, meanwhile, finishes third for the second straight year. Next year, after Arizona goes 6-10, he will finish third for the third straight year. Close. He was 4th this year.

13 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Player most likely to significantly decline in 2007 (open question, top 10 listed): (Last year’s winner: Shaun Alexander)


2006’s biggest disappointment in fantasy football was: 33.7% Shaun Alexander

So... last year we felt that Shaun Alexander was the most likely to decline, yet we were suprised when it happened?

Side Note: To me, a disappointment is when a player does not perform up to expectations.

15 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I


-Art Shell had that award locked up tight. No way Herm was getting at it, and I'm frankly surprised Shell only got 27.8% of the vote.


-Culpepper hurt the team by not being ready to play. He was supposed to be a starter and he only played in four games? Hard to hurt a team much more than that.

17 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Yeah, but you'd think some lineman would be good enough to win ROY if eligble, especially over a wide reciever having a good season. It's not like Colston was Evans, Wayne, Harrison, CJohnson, Whosyourdaddy, Steve Smith, Javon Walker.


15-Herm basically killed the team's future for a 9-7 season. The Chiefs are a mess right now. Art Shell would have only compared if he had run over Rob Ryan in the parking lot.

19 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Marcus McNeill is the obvious choice for ROY. As others have pointed out, it's absurd that he won best lineman but not ROY. If outplaying future Hall of Famers like Orlando Pace and Jon Ogden doesn't count as a ROY season for a lineman, what does?

I voted for Jason McKie, but I'm surprised he came in 4th in the underrated offensive player category. He is little-known but a very good blocker and a reliable receiver.

Scifres is a great punter, possibly better than Brian Moorman and definitely better than the overrated Shane Lechler.

It seems, from the discussion in the AFC West Four Downs and the voting here, that we're all agreed that the Chiefs are screwed.

My votes:
MVP: Tomlinson
DPOY: Taylor
ROY: McNeill
Linemen: Jeff Saturday, Shawn Andrews
Coach: Schottenheimer
KCW: Grossman
KCGameFilm: Coughlin
Coordinator: Rob Ryan
Executive: AJ Smith
Underrated Offense: Jason McKie
Underrated Defense: Pat Williams
Underrated Special Teams: Scifres
Overrated Offense: Tom Brady
Overrated Defense: John Lynch
Overrated Special Teams: Vinatieri
FF Disappointment: Shaun Alexander
Breakout Player: Matt Leinart
Decline Player: LJ
Breakout Team: Arizona
Decline Team: Kansas City

(Obviously, I see a link between Matt Leinart becoming great and the Cardinals making a playoff run. I'd probably vote for the Chiefs even if LJ hadn't logged 400 carries, though.)

22 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Bob Sanders played in a grand total of FOUR regular season games this year. For him to be a worthy Defensive Player of the Year, he would have needed about eight interceptions in the Super Bowl.

23 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Kevin Williams might be considered overrated because he was an All-Pro selection and initial Pro-Bowl selection, even though a lot of people (including myself) consider Pat Williams better.

24 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

#10 & #15 Culpepper hurts his team in more ways than even playing time. Miami lost a 2nd rd pick. Also I think Saban stays if they don't trade for Culpepper.

26 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

I don't really know why, but I found the "Overrated Special Teams Player" pretty interesting. Hall may have climbed a spot to take the crown, but he only gained 6.5% of the vote. Vinatieri had the largest increase with 14.9%. And (not surprisingly) last year's winner sucked so much this year that the idiot kicker lost 31.5%.

BTW, both years these three garnered more than half the vote (53.7% last year and 63.8% this year).

27 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

#8 & #21 -

The Pirates have won two World Series in my lifetime. They need another twenty or thirty years at their current level of suck to come anywhere near the distinction of worst franchise in sports.

The Chicago Blackhawks, on the other hand...

28 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I


Enough about Bo Scaife already. How many times do we have to hear fans and commentators slobbering in anticipation to talk about the guy.

30 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

If I had to guess as to why McNeill got Best OL but not ROY is more because of the lack of standout OL this year (at least from the usual suspects). So there weren't as many names he had to jump. For ROY, OTOH, there were a ton of names that all had notable seasons.

33 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Re 13

It probably wasn't the same people voting for him both times. The one's who didn't think he would decline were the ones who were later disappointed. Maybe.

Re 10

It's already been said but, yeah, Culpepper hurt the Dolphins by being crappy enough that Harrington was actually considered an upgrade. Then throw in the fact that they gave up a high draft choice to get him.

34 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

dryheat and others: Marques Colston was 11th in DPAR (including missing a game or two, can't remember how much time exactly) and 16th in DVOA. That makes sense to me, as I'd put him in the 2nd tier of WRs this year down a step from Steve Smith, Harrison/Wayne, the Bengals duo, etc. It would've been a great rookie season even for a 1st round draft pick. All of which makes McNeill's season even more astounding because he may or may not have been the best O lineman but he was certainly in the top 5. I think it's very difficult for anyone, even intelligent video junky FO people, to accurately judge line play to the degree where you can say one guy is the best LT and another the second best. There's clearly a few guys on another level and beyond that deciding which is the absolute best is just a matter of opinion.

35 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Re: McNeill

I'm sure that most of the people who named McNeill one of the top two linemen also named him rookie of the year. It's just that a lot of people named him neither. I had Ogden and Brown for linemen and McNeill for ROY.

Speaking of linemen, four centers in the top 12? Really, people? More than a quarter of us really think that a center is one of the two best offensive linemen in the game?

36 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

I imagine that most of the people who voted McNeill as the best lineman also voted for him as ROY -- but that far more people overall voted for ROY. I know very little about how to judge line play (and the cameras don't exactly focus on the line), so I didn't vote for best lineman. I'm guessing a lot of others did the same.

37 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

What's so good about that semi clever commercial?
It's Beavis and Butthead. Huh huh uh huh huh. Uh huh.

38 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

for underrated defensive player:

I voted for Dre Bly. The splits between the guy he covers vs the rest of the Lions coverage is so dramatic, it's insane. If he's anywhere else, people are talking about him as one of the best CBs in football.

39 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Aaron: Sorry if the "write-in campaign" thing came across as "WHY ISN'T THIS INCLUDED, OMG YOU SUCK." It's just that a particularly funny ad wasn't "officially" up for a vote, for whatever reason.

40 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

16: Announcers slobber all over Roy Williams, as do others in the media. That's why people call him overrated -- because many Dallas fans as well as FO readers know he sucks, but the media makes him sound great. And didn't he make the Pro Bowl again this year for crying out loud?

41 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Wasn't Lorenzo Neal the AFC's starting fullback in the pro bowl? And the ap's first team all-pro fullback? He's not even the most underrated player on the Charger offense. Mike Goff kicks butt.

43 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Whoever voted for Bo Scaife misspelled his name. Must've been a joke.

Jason Taylor, Art Shell, and Rob Ryan were three examples where the guy I voted for won. I'm surprised Vince Young got even 16%. He certainly didn't deserve the votes. My ranking goes like this: 1)McNeill 2)Drew 3)Colston

I like all the people who voted for Vinatieri as the most overrated ST player. He definitely is overrated. I've heard people say he's the best kicker of all-time because he hit some game-winning field goals in big games. Give me a break. He's a great clutch kicker (if you define "clutch" as only the end of big games), but he's severely overrated overall.

Thanks for compiling this again, Aaron.

44 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Larry Johnson: 416 regular season carries, 13 playoffs carries, 6 Pro Bowl carries. 435 total. Yeah, I'd say he's most likely to decline. Is that 3rd all-time overall behind Jamal Anderson and Terrell Davis? Davis was way up there twice.

45 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

RE: 10

I voted for Culpepper, and for good reason. He screwed up Miami's season even when he wasn't playing. Notice how so much time and effort was spent on him and deciding whether to place him on IR, etc. If they had brought in a real QB...

47 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

saying that VY "didn’t deserve the votes" is a reach. he singlehandedly won some games for the Titans. that doesn't mean he's a great player or that he was consistent or the only reason they won (or even had anything to do with some of their wins), but he made plays that won games. he deserves recognition for that.

also, in what universe is ray lewis still overrated? nobody even talks about him anymore!! same with sapp. and the big theme of the dallas defense this year was everyone in the media finally noticing that roy williams can't cover.

48 Re: 2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

Michael Vick gets rubbished by every NFL fan and hack commentator for the last 2 years, sets a rushing record, throws for 20 TDs and still finishes second on an overrated players list ahead of Tom Brady?

There was a difference of 130 offensive yards between these two guys yet they are at polar opposites in terms of how they are viewed in the media and on FO.

If dropping to 11th in DVOA (while playing behind one of the league's best offensive lines, possibly the most important factor for a QB's success) means that 'Brady did not stop being one of the league's best QBs' then what exactly does he need to do?

And how does Ray Lewis even make the overrated defenders list? No one's rated him for about 3 years either. DeAngelo Hall is much more deserving of the 'honor.'