Stat Analysis

Advanced analytics on player and team performance

Maroon Zone vs. Scarlet Zone

In the final TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook introduced the idea of The Maroon Zone, the area between the 30 and 40-yard lines that often is the barrier between punting and scoring. Or is it? We compare performance all over the field to winning and scoring and discover an even more important new area: The Scarlet Zone.

Nov 05, 2003

Introducing Points Above Replacement

Since Football Outsiders launched, we've compared players to the league average on a play-by-play basis. But what about the value of a player like Ricky Williams who runs near league-average but with amazing durability? Borrowing from baseball analysts, we introduce a stat that combines quality with quantity - and as an added bonus, we've translated it into actual points. Plus, the first 2003 player rankings and directional rushing stats.

Oct 02, 2003

How Many Points is a Turnover Worth?

How many points should the offense expect to score, depending on their field position? The answers within, including discussion of The Most Important Thing We've Learned So Far (TM) and the dreaded question of "field goal or go for it?" Plus, graphs galore. Don't miss the Happy Turnover Smile-Time Hour!

Sep 25, 2003

Quarterbacks and Favorite Receivers

Some teams showed completely different pass offenses with two different quarterbacks in 2002. If one of those quarterbacks is now out of the picture, what does that mean for those teams and their offensive efficiency... not to mention your fantasy draft? (No, Vick is not included, since the only WR that had a different value with Doug Johnson was Shawn Jefferson, no longer in Atlanta.)

Aug 14, 2003