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The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries (PDF)

"Carroll uses his unique skills and background to describe common sports injuries in clear language for parents, coaches, and athletes." -- Glenn S. Fleisig, Ph.D., American Sports Medicine Institute

The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries is an indispensable guide for anyone who watches, plays, or just loves sports. Equally useful for a reporter, fantasy player, or a soccer mom to keep in the van, the Carroll Guide breaks down the 100 most common injuries in sports where anyone can understand. After the coach or doctor tells you that Little Johnny sprained his ankle, Mom or Dad can check out what that really means. When you hear your team's quarterback has plantar fasciitis, now you'll know what that is and how long he'll be out. Lauded by doctors, Athletic Trainers, and sports fans already, the Carroll Guide is going to be known as the definitive text on sports injuries. Although it is sponsored by Football Outsiders, the Carroll Guide covers injuries for all sports, from youth up to the pro level, including not only football but also basketball, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, boxing, swimming, track, and soccer. (Please note that the product being sold here is the electronic version of The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries. If you would like to buy a printed copy of the book for $19.95, please click here.)

"A very informative product, helping to differentiate important concepts for parents and coaches who face inevitable injuries." -- Ron Porterfield, Head Athletic Trainer, Tampa Bay Rays

Check out two samples from the book:

Dr. William Carroll is the Director of Athletic Training Education and a Professor at the University of Mobile. An Athletic Training pioneer, Dr. Carroll's work with amateur and pro athletes has been recognized at the highest levels. He has worked with various organizations at all levels of national and international competitions and many of his students have gone on to sports medicine positions around the world, extending his influence. His passion for sports medicine is unparalleled, as is his love of tennis. He resides near Mobile, Alabama.

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The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries (PDF)