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Football Outsiders Almanac Set 2009-2018 (PDF)

Go back in time with ten years of the book that The Boston Globe called the "Bible for superfans and fantasy football leaguers."

This package gives you downloads of the PDF versions of the first ten editions of the Football Outsiders Almanac, from 2009 to 2018. The books are presented as they were originally published each year. This is your chance to go back to see how our research has developed over time, read the old jokes, and celebrate when we were right (the 2017 Los Angeles Rams) and when we were very wrong (Washington in 2013, for example).

There's tons of writing here from Football Outsiders authors past and present: Aaron Schatz, Bill Barnwell, Mike Tanier, Doug Farrar, Rivers McCown, Scott Kacsmar, Vincent Verhei, Robert Weintraub, Tom Gower, Bill Connelly, Brian Fremeau, and Andy Benoit are all included.

This is an over 35 percent discount off the current prices of these older Football Outsiders Almanacs, and an over 70 percent discount off the original prices.

FO Almanac Archive 2009-2018