Strategy Minicamps

How to beat your opponent with 11 living, breathing chess pieces

Kickoff Returns: A Wedge Issue

The kicker places the ball on the tee, then takes a few steps back. The returner waits patiently at the goal line, poised to grab the ball and take off running at full speed. Those are the two images you see before a kickoff when you're watching a football game on TV. But what about the other 20 players? Michael David Smith explores kickoff returns in the return of our popular "Strategy Minicamps" feature explaining the X's and O's on the field.

Jun 28, 2006

Zone Blocking vs. Man Blocking

Does "the Denver system" really help running backs? What about other teams that switch to a so-called "zone blocking" scheme? In this guest column, Brian Hook looks at the (admittedly limited) data from Denver, Atlanta, and Houston, and tries to discern a trend.

Mar 31, 2005

Guest Column: The Cover 2 Explained

You hear it over and over again: teams are playing more of the Cover 2. What the heck is the Cover 2? How does it work? Chris Miraglia enlightens us with a basic discussion of how to play Cover 2, its strengths and weaknesses, and the changes made by Tony Dungy. Complete with (very simple) illustrations.

Feb 27, 2004