We Are the Walkthrough

We Are the Walkthrough

by Mike Tanier

With the 31st pick in the 2010 draft, the Indianapolis Colts select Javier Arenas, cornerback, Alabama.

The Colts' most persistent weakness struck again in the Super Bowl. It wasn't their inability or unwillingness to properly blitz. It wasn't the size of their defensive line. It had nothing to do with Peyton Manning.

The Colts' biggest weakness is their special teams. The Saints' onside kick got the most attention, but that was essentially a fluke play. It's not like the Colts are victimized for nine surprise onside kicks per year. The Colts have suffered from a week-in, week-out weakness in the return game for years. Since the Colts drafted Manning in 1998, they have ranked 20th or below in the Football Outsiders special teams ratings every single season except for 2003, when they ranked 14th.

The kickoff return units were the culprits in the Super Bowl. The Colts started their drives on their 24, 11, 30, and 14-yard lines in the second half, so it's not like they missed that onside kick because they were setting up some marvelous blocks. This year, Chad Simpson and others averaged 22.2 yards per return, 18th in the NFL.

Overall, the bigger problem is punt returns. T.J. Rushing and a few others averaged just 5.2 yards per return last year. Their longest return was 22 yards. Rushing averaged just 5.5 yards per return in the postseason. His lone Super Bowl return, in the first quarter, netted zero yards. The Colts drove 53 yards and settled for a field goal. You have to wonder if a 10-yard return would have led to a touchdown, which would have led to a different game.

The return game was also a problem in 2008, when the Colts ranked 28th in the league in kick returns and last in punt returns. They were 22nd in kick returns in 2007, and while they were sixth in punt returns that year, a 90-yard touchdown had a disproportionate effect on their average because they returned just 25 punts all season. Remove it, and their average drops from 11.2 to 7.9, which is still pretty good by the Colts standards. Rushing and others also call for a high number of fair catches, which don't appear in the return averages.

The Colts can live with weak return units because their offense is incredible. But imagine if they took back a few precious yards of field position. The average Colts drive in 2009 started on the 27.0-yard line, the third-worst field position in the league. (The Raiders and Titans wore worse). The league median is 29.5, two-and-a-half yards away. Give Peyton Manning 2.5 more yards, and short field goals become touchdowns, while punts from midfield become field goals.

In other words, if the Colts can keep everything else equal while quickly upgrading their return game, they will return to the Super Bowl next year, and probably win it.

That's where Javier Arenas comes in.

Arenas is a 5-foot-9, 195-pound cornerback who has been climbing draft boards after a week of solid Senior Bowl practices and an interception in the game itself. He can help the Colts as a nickel cornerback, but that's not why they should draft him. In four years as the Tide's punt returner, he averaged 10.6 yards per punt return, with seven touchdowns.

"His quickness is unbelievable," said Ian Rapoport, who covered Alabama football for years before joining the Boston Herald as a Patriots reporter. "He can be a special punt returner." If that 10.6-yard return average seems unimpressive, it's because Arenas rarely called for the fair catch as a freshman or sophomore. He called for just six fair catches in his first 58 returns, a sign that he mixed a lot of catch-and-crash no-gainers with his touchdowns. "The idea of fair-catching drives him crazy," Rapoport told me. Crazy or not, Arenas was more prudent in 2009, with 20 fair catches in 53 returns.

Arenas could face the same problems in Indianapolis that Rushing has dealt with: none of the blockers are very good, largely because the Colts salary structure is top-heavy and they cannot afford veteran special teams specialists. Their punt return unit features Kelvin Hayden and Tim Jennings blocking on the wings, with Mike Hart, Jamie Silver, Ramon Humbar and Aaron Francisco responsible for most of the interior blocking. I scouted the blockers during the playoffs and determined that Hayden is terrible, Hart is pretty good, and none of the rest are making an impact. The overall return unit won't change drastically in the offseason. A Colts punt returner must be able to make things happen on his own.

That's what Arenas can do. Rapoport noted that the blocking at Alabama wasn't very good. Arenas is powerfully built and often bounces off the first tackler, assuming he doesn't avoid him. "He can side-step, dodge the first guy, and be at full speed in about two steps."

Arenas can also contribute on defense. "He can start as a fifth defensive back now," Rapoport thinks. Arenas lacks size and deep speed, so he fits best as a nickel player in a team that gives cornerbacks a lot of deep support -- just like the Colts. Mix him in with Hayden and youngsters Jarroud Powers and Jacob Lacey, and the Colts will have the depth to overcome the injuries in the secondary that plagued them this year.

Granted, Arenas is a first-round reach. The Senior Bowl interception, plus another long return, got him some attention, but Rapoport believes Arenas will lose some momentum at the Combine. "He'll run well, but he's not going to run an elite time." Arenas is projected as a second- or third-round pick by most experts right now.

But the 31st pick in the draft is essentially a second-round pick. In that slot, the Colts aren't going to find a player at most positions who can help them now. They could draft a linebacker to make them slightly better, a tackle to make them slightly deeper. Or they can automatically turn one of their few minuses into a plus with a player who can turn those 65-yard field goal drives into 65-yard touchdown drives by adding seven or eight yards to the average punt.

As reaches go, that's not much of a reach.

Joining Forces for a Cause

(Last week, I got together with superstars from the NFL and the recording industry to record a song to help the Haiti relief efforts. The song will soon be available for download, but you can enjoy the lyrics and the star-studded roster right here on Walkthrough.)

TONY ROMO: There comes a time, when we must heed a certain call!

CARRIE UNDERWOOD: Put our differences aside for people in need.

JESSICA SIMPSON: Though I may be napalm, I still can do my part.

JOHN MAYER: This will make you forget my Internet screed!


DARRELLE REVIS: Are the world! We are the Walkthrough! We are the ones who make a better day, so let's start giving!

ochoNFLcinco85@Twitter: Trapped on Revis Island and covered too closely to sing in fundraiser. Send Help!

johnCmayer@Twitter: I can help.

ochoNFLcinco85@Twitter: Anyone else?

johnCmayer@Twitter: Seriously, helping you will make people forget certain words I used recently.

ochoNFLcinco85@Twitter: Who are you again? Brady Quinn? One of those Naked Brothers?

JAKE DELHOMME: We are the ...


JAKE DELHOMME: We are the ...

JARIUS BYRD: Walkthrough!

JAKE DELHOMME: I don't know why I can't sing a line without an ...

DARRELLE REVIS: Interception!

PEYTON MANNING: There's a choice I'm making. Audible! Quincy, change the song! "Sun City" on Three! "Sun City" on Three! Dallas, you sing Lou Reed's lines. Pierre, you are Miami Steve. What do you mean you don't know who Miami Steve is? How old are you? Oh yeah. Call it off! Inside Zone! Inside Zone!

JOSEPH ADDAI: We are the world. We are the Walkthrough. I am the one who cleans up all the mess when Peyton audibles.

KENDRA WILKINSON: There's a choice we're making. Hank, take the mic while I pole dance!

HANK BASKETT: We're ... Whoops!

CHRIS REIS: It's true I made a brighter day for you and me!

MATT SCHAUB: (Appearing because Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, and six other quarterbacks mysteriously came down with strep throat.) We are the World! We are the Walkthrough! We are the ones who give you something to watch besides the Pro Bowl!

ANDY REID: Ummm, I choose to start with the injuries. Ummm, Carlos Santana, broken guitar string. Kanye West, ruptured street cred. will.iam., torn a.c.l. Fergie, bruised LLL. Ummm, we're saving our own lives. It's true, we make a brighter day. The time is yours.

CHORUS: We are the World! We are the Walkthrough! We are the ones who recycle old gags when it's offseason!

ME: Here's the choice I'm making. If 100 different readers type "We are the Walkthrough!" in the comment thread, I will donate my check for this week's Walkthrough to the Haiti Relief Fund in the name of Football Outsiders. That way we can all do our part.

Return of the Deserters

The Walkthrough about Colts Deserters -- fans who raised a super-sized fuss when the team pulled its starters in Week 16 -- generated a lot of feedback, good and bad. Of course, I wrote that to stir the pot, and I expected some negative responses.

Many people disagreed with my ultimate premise: that fans who demanded refunds from the Colts or spent days decrying Bill Polian as a confidence man were guilty of a foul against fandom. Some argued that fans have a right to boo and be angry (I would never suggest otherwise) and that fans have a right to astronomical expectations for their team. There's no reason that a Colts fan, or any other fan, should be satisfied by a Super Bowl three years ago, or a string of 12-win seasons, or the promise of a possible Super Bowl to come. Fans have a right to expect and demand an undefeated season, or multiple Super Bowls. Fans shouldn't be ridiculed or given (imaginary) punishments for setting high expectations and expressing their anger when the team falls short.

Those arguments are correct. Ultimately, your fan experience is completely and totally yours. I can't tell you how to be a fan. It's a relationship that belongs to you and only to you.

Which is exactly why you should try to make it better. It's an obligation not to me, or your team, or your fellow fan, but yourself.

You have the power to decide what you will find satisfying or intolerable. The more things you find satisfying, the more satisfied you'll be. It's a pretty simple concept. It applies to everything: your career, your neighborhood, your marriage, and your fan experience.

If only a Super Bowl win will satisfy you, you will be dissatisfied, on average, by 96.875 percent of all your team's seasons. If that Super Bowl only brings you fleeting joy, you are in bad shape, because it may be the only one you will experience in your lifetime. If you can find the joy in other accomplishments -- a Super Bowl loss, a 13-3 season, an ordinary win on an ordinary Sunday -- then your fan experience will be much more rewarding. If you cannot, that's your prerogative.

Of course, no one wants to become a Stepford fan, appraising the team like a tee-ball parent. "Oh, they lost 31-7, but it's all about the spirit of healthy competition!" Those boos are a release, and they are as important a part of fandom as cheers. Trust the Philly fan: I have uncorked many a throaty boo, usually for the referees or the opponent, and have felt the cathartic giddiness that comes with finally being able to take out my frustrations in a way that's inappropriate at home or at work.

But again, this isn't about booing. This is about writing angry letters, about waiting on hold the day after the game to vent on talk radio, about harboring and expressing long-standing contempt for an owner/executive/coach/player who by most accounts is both successful and professional. Those acts aren't spontaneous or primal, like a bloodthirsty boo. They are the results of consideration and thought: it takes time to write a letter, and sports talk stations give you plenty of hold time to consider the tenor of your comments. Hostile calls and letters are the results of lingering anger, the kind that grows into sprawling negativity, the kind that can creep out of fandom and into other aspects of life. Lions fans, who have no other outlet for their frustrations, may have no choice but to revel in the negativity. Other fans of bottom-feeders are in the same boat. Most of us, though, have a choice whether to live win-to-win or loss-to-loss.

Of course, you are entitled to your anger, no matter what team you root for. It's your team, and it's your anger. I know enough fans whose entire relationship with their team is based upon dissatisfaction: the team doesn't pick the right free agents, doesn't draft well, doesn't win the big games, doesn't blow out bad teams convincingly enough, doesn't care about the common fan, and charges too much for hot dogs. Victories are greeted by nitpicking, losses by ridicule. These fans watch every game and know every player; they are as much fans as I am. If they were Colts fans, these guys might have used their season tickets as baby wipes before returning them after Week 16.

It's their fan experience. It appears to be one of misery. I don't know what the rest of their lives are like. Maybe they need something to be miserable about. I don't. I want my Sunday afternoons to be as pleasant as possible. I choose to find satisfaction with my team, whenever I can. I can only suggest you do the same. It makes for a better experience.


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141 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

Thanks Everyone! You guys rang the bell in record time, especially for two week AFTER the Super Bowl. And you did it in Football Outsiders Reader style! I will be making that donation to the Bush Clinton Relief Fund in your name very soon.

Oh, and I am sorry for anyone who really wanted to talk about Javier Arenas or something. Didn't think about how this would foul up the boards.

158 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

It's FO, so back to the stats. Claiming that 2.5 yards of starting position would turn midfield punts into field goals thereby making the Colts even more dominant seems dubious to me. Those FG attempts would be marginal, so while some would convert to points, others convert to field position for the opponent. This was the discussion after "Fourth and Two", and it should be the discussion when evaluating the performance of the Colts kick return squad.

So, what's the actual difference in drive success rate for those 2.5 yards of starting field position? Given the number of Colts possessions this year, how many failed drives become successes as a result?

7 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

Are we the walkthrough?

Yes, we are the walkthrough.

(and unless the Colts shape up, their going against the NFC East next year spells doom for their repeat chances)

85 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

We Are The Walkthrough

Not that I agree with the guy on affecting their actual superbowl chances... but possibly affecting their playoff seeding. They only had 2 losses last season after pulling their starters... but they could catch a few more with the tougher schedule. The NFC East and AFC South are probably the best divisions in football anywho.

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We are the Walkthrough.

Is Cindy Lauper going to say that we all sound like a Pepsi commercial now?

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All hail hypnotoa- oops, I mean WE ARE WALKTHROUGH

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We are the Walkthrough!

I'm not sure I've seen anything quite like that last section come from a Philly fan.

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We are the ones who make the comments unreadable in the walkthrough.

Also, we are the walkthrough.

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We are the Walkthrough.

I wonder how "We are the Walkthrough" looks in raiderjoe-ease?

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Through the walk are we.


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He's not the Walkthrough, He's a very naughty boy!

We are the Walkthrough!

Phil Simms is a Cretin.

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We are the walkthrough.

But do you really need 100? I think 40 should suffice!

EDIT : Er, 37!

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The comments section is getting as repetitive as the original song.

We are the Walkthrough. Like the Giants safeties, we just keep giving.

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We are the Walkthrough.

"When you call my name, I salivate like a Pavlov's dog..."

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As Steve Martin once said, I promise to be different! I promise to be unique! I promise not to repeat things other people say!

Mike T, your Colts spelling is positively raiderjoesque. But the message is right on.

okay... we are the walkthrough....

there, you happy now? I hate myself.

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Bring that back one more time!
Bring that walkthrough back!
Bring that walkthrough back!
Bring that walkthrough back!
Y'all wanna read that walkthrough, right?
Bring that walkthrough back!
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Nah, using an internet translator is not showing off.

Nosotros somos la caminata.

Using one's native tounge isn't showing off either though...

- Alvaro

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"Marty? That's L. J. Smith"

"Oh, shit."

Hard to believe that was nearly a year ago.

Who watches the Walkthrough?

We do.

We ARE the Walkthrough.

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We are the walkthrough

Goo goo ga joob?
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I swear it's something like that. Can anyone who was born before Lenin died weigh in?

Captcha: On Quezon. I think that's the first time I've had to look up a captcha word.

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I'd be surprised if anyone on here was born before Lenin died. And, I'm not sure what a long dead soviet leader has to do with the song anyway. Oh well - any 85 year olds out there who were also Beatles fans?

Football Outsiders : Come for DVOA, Stay for incredible comment nit-pickery!

124 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

And assuming he meant "Lennon", why would we need to speak with someone whose life overlapped the songwriter's? The beauty of a recorded song is that it has been, you know, recorded. We can just listen to it, can't we?

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We are the Walkthrough!

Oh, we SO are the walkthrough...

-- Go Phins!

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We Are Family.

And, by the way, we are the walkthrough.

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We Are The Walkthrough!

Can we have C.C Brown donate his 2009 salary to Haiti as well, since he clearly didn't earn a dime of it?

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We are the walkthrough.

You can point out my spelling errors, but I'm still going to point out the truth.

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We are the Walkthrough (with thanks to Annie Lennox)

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Walking on, walking on, walk on through
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The sun's still shining in the deep blue sky
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And if you're trying to cut me down
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75 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

No I'M Spartacus!

Bravo to the last segment of that article. As a diehard Colts fan (living in Baltimore, which is no fun), my friends have a hard time swallowing the idea that I'm really happy with what the Colts accomplished this year. The Atlanta Braves of football? We should be so lucky! The Colts are in contention every year and have been an absolute joy to watch since 1999.

82 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

Look me up next time you're in Seattle. For now, I hoist a virtual beer in your general direction. Maybe a crabcake, too.

Yes, I am disappointed, but miserable? No. There's a lot of promise and the window is wide open.

I'm pretty optimistic.

Plus, I'm walkthrough.

96 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

I've never understood the whole Braves thing. is that an insult?

Considering that the post season is a crap shoot, every team's goal should be to get there each season and let the chips fall.

Even a crazy super team that would be favored by 75% in each playoff game is still less than a coin flip to win it all.

76 Re: We Are the Walkthrough

We are the walkthrough. Thank you for the Wilkinson/Baskett joke. You know, as a Vikes fan,I absolutly loved this season, fumbles and all. Great last topic, makes me wanna boo santa claus lustily. ; P.

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We are the walkthrough!

And Colts fans suck!

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We are the walkthrough, and all your base are belong to us.

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We are the Walkthrough!

I guess it's time for us European readers to cost Mr. Tanier his paycheck.

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Previously on FootballOutsiders ... We are the Walkthrough!

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We Are the Walkthrough.

Abandon all hope, ye who walkthrough here.

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We are the Walkthrough!

Insert witty remark I can't think of here.

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We are the Walkthrough!

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"Nós somos o Passeio"

It's good to see some Brazilian peeps on the board.

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Merriam-Webster has "walk-through" as rehearsal. But that doesn't make sense related to this column. So, I've free translated as Promenade, or "a leisurely walk or ride especially in a public place for pleasure or display". That's sounds better and seems to fit.

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Wir sind oberflachliche Uberprufung eines Computerprogrammes durch Lesen der Gebrauchsanleitung.

(I love on-line translators)

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It's easier to read in hex... :mischief:

Captcha: first savant...

115 Could it be?

Since I've posted my mandated comment, the cynic in me has begun to wonder: is this all just a disguised bet with Barnwell?

117 Re: Could it be?

In reply to by Eddo

Maybe we should ask what he gets paid for this column...

120 Re: Could it be?

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It surely is, but he certainly isn't allowed to admit this to the readers.

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I really enjoyed seeing some of the more creative ways of putting up the message! I know it's already reached the desired 100, but I wanted to join in anyway...


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We're just trying to be the f**** walkthrough!!!
- J. McDaniels

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We are Walkthrough!

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I'm surprised no one busted out a Yoda yet:

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You want the walkthrough?

I think I'm entitled.

You want the walkthrough?

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You can’t handle the walkthrough!

We Are The Walkthrough!

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One verse only. Regardless, it still sounds like Mike going to Delaware:

Another Eagles game left behind,
Another drink completely blind,
Another meal I can't find,
Another pressbox pass for you,
Another play diagrammed for you,
Another column to get through,
He's writing like a maniac,
Joking his way to hell and back,
Another 2 games of plays to track,
We Are The Walkthrough