The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

compiled by Vince Verhei


"We're the 'Super Heroes.'"

-- Lions wide receiver Roy Williams, officially bestowing the title upon himself and the rest of the Detroit receiving corps

"Yeah, 'Super Friends.' We all super friends, man."

-- Williams

"In the cartoon, they didn't like each other. But that ain't how it is here."

-- Williams, explaining that while he was now known as Optimus Prime, he would have no problems with teammate Calvin "Megatron" Johnson

"He's old. He's kind of the leader of the group."

-- Williams, explaining why "Professor X" would be a good moniker for quarterback Jon Kitna (Free Press)


"I just got comfortable, more comfortable with the speed of the game."

-- Vikings running back Adrian Peterson after slicing the Bears for 224 yards and three touchdowns.

"I knew anything was possible."

-- Peterson (

"I don't want to say we were in a zone. I don't know if it's possible for an offensive line to be in a zone."

-- Vikings center Matt Birk, lamenting the zone-less fate of linemen everywhere (Pioneer Press)

"He's got probably about 100 more carries than I have. So I would imagine he is."

-- Bears running back Adrian "Not That Adrian Peterson" Peterson when asked whether he was a better runner than his namesake in Minnesota (Daily Herald)

"Well, the mindset here is that he's Chester Taylor's backup and he needs the touches."

-- Vikings head coach Brad Childress, when asked why Peterson is still returning kicks on radio station KFAN.


"He's a receiver, really. He's not a tight end, because he's not going to block anybody."

-- Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter on Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow

"If you ask me who's going to win the Joey Porter-Kellen Winslow battle: Me."

-- Porter

"I think Joey Porter needs a hug. He's so angry, man."

-- Kellen Winslow, in response

"He doesn't have to worry about me. He should be worried about the team concept. They're 0-5 right now."

-- Winslow

"He's not even their best player."

-- Winslow, with an insult that digs really deep when you look at the Dolphins roster. Winslow ended up catching five passes for 90 yards as the Browns beat the Dolphins 41-31. (


"I'm never concerned about the tight end. If a tight end catches a ball on me, then I need to be fired."

-- Vikings safety Darren Sharper, who may want to update his resume, considering that Minnesota currently ranks 18th in pass defense against tight ends

"[Sharper] needs to worry about his job security."

-- Bears tight end Desmond Clark

"I'm sure at one time a tight end caught the ball on him. He's been in the league. I'll go out on a limb and say a tight end has caught the ball at least one time."

-- Bears tight end Greg Olsen (


"The first year I was on the competition committee ... they said, 'Jerry, did you know that everybody in the league knew where y'all were going to run and whether you were going to pass or run?' We won the Super Bowl."

-- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, waxing nostalgic

"And they said, 'Nobody could stop you, knowing where you were going and when you were going there. We had your signals from Day 1 going from the sidelines.'"

-- Jones

"My point is I do not think that that impacted them winning over an opponent if that were the case, which it may have been advanced, but I don't know that to be the case at all."

-- Jones, suddenly remembering that a reporter had asked him about the New England Patriots and their video camera (


"We were right in the middle of the civil rights movement, and I had never been in the huddle with an African-American person."

-- former Packer Bill Curry, who recently spoke to the current Packers as part of the NFL's new Conduct Management Program, an attempt to keep players out of trouble off the field

"I thought the African-American guys would have me beat up and sent me home, and nobody could have blamed them."

-- Curry, a native of College Park, Georgia

"And he said, 'Bill, you come out on our practice field and leave no regrets, you'll make our team, and I'm going to help you.'"

-- Curry on former teammate Willie Davis, an African-American player

"He would help me get through days just by encouraging me. That changed my life. We all have prejudices, and I came from that culture. But it changed the way I looked at human beings. That was my message to the guys here."

-- Curry (


"If you would have asked me before I left Oakland, 'Where are you thinking about playing? Would you go to Green Bay?' I would have told you, 'No, I'm not going to Green Bay. Why would I go to Green Bay?'"

-- Packers cornerback Charles Woodson, endearing himself to hometown fans

"But like I told everybody when I became a free agent, there was really one team knocking on the door and that was Green Bay."

-- Woodson, not helping (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)


"When I threw the ball, I saw the defender stop and all I could think was, 'I just overthrew Steve for a touchdown.' But he caught it and ran, and I was looking at his feet to make sure he didn't go out of bounds."

-- Really old quarterback Vinny Testaverde on his 65-yard touchdown pass to Steve Smith

"I told you you couldn't overthrow me."

-- Smith, to Testaverde

"So I believe him now."

-- Testaverde (

"I think I picked him off 15 years ago."

-- Deion Sanders on NFL Gameday, while narrating highlights of Testaverde. Actually, Deion, it was 16 years ago, and you picked him off twice.


"We're talking about one week here, and this week Trent is our starter. We're not going to talk about anything but this week."

-- Bills coach Dick Jauron, sounding very reluctant as he names Trent Edwards the new starting quarterback of his football team

"I think we're talking about one week here, the Baltimore Ravens, and we'll see where it takes us."

-- Jauron, apparently hoping that J.P. Losman will be ready to play in Week 8 against the Jets

"I didn't sit in my office by myself. I talked to all the coaches on the offensive side, I talked to Marv and I talked to Mr. Wilson, but I made the decision."

-- Jauron, insisting that he wasn't pressured into his decision by general manager Marv Levy or owner Ralph Wilson

"It's not like there's a set plan you can follow. It's a situation now where you're put in there and you have to make the best of the situation."

-- Edwards, showing the type of confidence this team needs (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)


''I was shocked. I didn't really even know anything about the trade deadline or anything like that."

-- Dolphins Chargers wide receiver Chris Chambers on his reaction to being traded

"Coach [Cam Cameron] called me [Tuesday] morning and told me that the deal was done.''

-- Chambers

"I haven't maximized my ability yet. It's been a couple tough years for me. But I'm coming to a great team, a lot of great players, guys who know how to win.''

-- Chambers

"Every year is a retool. Some have further to go than others. I think teams are worried about sending the wrong message, and nobody wants to hear about 'rebuilding.'"

-- Dolphins general manager Randy Mueller, whose team has further to go than others (Miami Herald)


"I was just happy that we're serious. That's how serious they are about winning. It's not like they're going out and getting a player to fill a roster spot. They're getting a dawg. To see that as a player, it lets us know where we want to be as a team."

-- Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman on his team acquiring Chris Chambers

"A.J. pulling that off, it's incredible."

-- Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson, congratulating his general manager A.J. Smith for the Chris Chambers trade

"We definitely upgraded."

-- Chargers tight end Antonio Gates on his new teammate, Chris Chambers

"Chambers is the NFL player with the largest gap between his perceived and actual value. He's simply not an elite wide receiver and has shown nary a sign he's going to become one."

-- Pro Football Prospectus 2007 as quoted in the (San Diego Union-Tribune)


''There has been nothing to say that I can't come back and play."

-- Dolphins quarterback and severe concussion victim Trent Green, who really should read Chris Nowinski's book

"Now, it's just a matter of the team and I discussing what needs to be done in the future. I have a few more tests to go through. But so far, everything has tested out normal."

-- Green

"As long as that course continues, then my intention would be to come back and play.''

-- Green (Miami Herald)


"Offensively, they are the real deal. I'm not going to lie about that. Defensively, I can tell you no, they're not. They're not (that good) at all."

--Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton, venting after his team lost to the Patriots 48-27

"The only time they stopped us is when we had penalties. If that's stopping us, it is what it is. Defensively, they are not the real deal."

-- Crayton

"You put that in the memory bank. You remember. You have a chance to sit on it, kick a field goal, whatever, and you score a touchdown ... You put it in the memory bank and prepare for the next time you face them."

-- Crayton on the Patriots touchdown on fourth down in the game's final seconds

"Another thing I hated, how many bandwagon Patriots fans did you see in the stadium (Sunday)? Where did that come from? There is no such thing as a Patriots fan in Dallas, Texas. Where does that come from? Stuff like that just (ticks) me off, that's total disrespect."

-- Crayton

"When I'm driving the other day and I'm seeing all these Tom Brady and Randy Moss jerseys, where do those Patriot fans come from in Dallas, Texas? I grew up here, I never saw a Patriots fan."

-- Crayton (Boston Herald)


"They should just bring the Buffalo Bills to Toronto. Case closed."

-- Ravens running back Willis McGahee, in the January issue of Penthouse magazine

"It's no big city. You know what I did every day? I came home and played video games."

-- McGahee in a March interview with the Baltimore Sun.

"Buffalo is a nice city."

-- McGahee, this week

"I don't know what you're talking about."

-- McGahee, when asked if he still thought the Bills should move to Toronto

"I just be chillin', man."

-- McGahee (Baltimore Sun)


"It's a bad box to be in, because eventually I'm going to run you out of here."

-- Chiefs coach Herm Edwards, describing his "tolerance box"

"We at times didn't keep our composure. I don't like that. I don't believe in that."

-- Edwards on cornerback Benny Sapp, who drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and shouted at his own teammates during the Chiefs' 27-20 win over the Bengals

"I'm a very patient man. But I'm also patient in the fact there are two sides of me. I'm patient with you, and then I put you in the tolerance category. When you get put in the tolerance category, I'll tolerate you until I can replace you."

-- Edwards

"I have to make sure I don't lose my (composure), because then it becomes bad ... it becomes 'Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da.'"

-- Edwards, singing the SportsCenter theme (Kansas City Star)

"I go with my gut. Your gut always tells you what's right."

-- Edwards in a column entitled "Herm's Terms" that is apparently going to be a regular feature in the Star)


"You're the one who doesn't tip, right?"

-- Dearborn, Michigan, resident Tiffany Marchyok, to pizza-dude-for-a-day Roy Williams

"The total is on the house."

-- Williams, who was delivering pies as a form of apology after admitting that he never tipped pizza delivery drivers

"He's cuter in person."

-- Marchyok

"Why did you start making pizzas?"

-- an unnamed child at a Detroit Boys and Girls Club, where Williams made a pizza stop

"Because I didn't tip the pizza man."

-- Williams (Free Press)


"All I'd heard from my defensive back coach when I got to school was 'Dunta this' and 'Dunta that.' Dunta, Dunta, Dunta."

-- Texans rookie cornerback Fred "Jan Brady" Bennett (Houston Chronicle)

"At some point in the game I knew I was going to fumble because I wasn't used to carrying the ball."

-- Giants running back Brandon Jacobs showing quite the pessimistic attitude after playing his first game in a month (New York Times)

"[The Falcons] are a good defensive football team. They have some problems, obviously, on the offensive side of the ball."

-- Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, apparently unaware that Atlanta has problems, obviously, on all sides of the ball (

"We probably could have run it a couple more times down in [the red zone]."

-- Eagles head coach Andy Reid, saying on the record that he just may call too many passing plays (

"I love offensive coordinators who have the X-factor. It's like, 'Look I have a feel for this game, and I'm not going to be denied.' I'm not sure Mike Nolan is giving that kind of freedom. He's saying, we have a good defense, keep it close. And that philosophy loses more games than wins them."

-- Former 49er quarterback Steve Young, burying the current San Francisco coaching staff (Inside Bay Area)

"I'm a tough city kid from Boston. I was unfazed; absolutely unfazed by that."

-- Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck after a falling camera nearly killed him during the Saints-Seahawks game (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

(Ed. note: Matt, Westwood does not count as "a tough kid from Boston.")

"This is my last opportunity, and it should be my last opportunity. If I drop the ball on this one, I've got nobody to blame but myself. Knowing what I've been through, what I have to lose and what I have to gain, if I mess up then I don't deserve another opportunity."

-- Packers wide receiver Koren Robinson, about to return to the NFL following a one-year suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy (WBAY TV)

"That's enough about the injury, please, I'm begging you. It's enough. I can't do nothing about it. What do you want me to say? I am saying the same thing over and over, the same question. Y'all are just re-wording it.''

-- Titans quarterback Vince Young, after reporters asked one question too many about his injured leg (Nashville Tennessean)

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1 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Wouldn't the "Thundercats" have been a more suitable choice for the "Lions"?

Would that make Mike Martz Snarf?

6 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

#4 - I was laughing at that particular section more than any other. I grew up very much East of the Mississippi river...and in the late 90's, I recall watching my HS friends rotate their Jerseys. DAL, SF, GB, DEN. I was the lone Browns fan in a Wild West Herd of Bandwagonners!

7 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

I do hope Koren Robinson wins his battle to stay sober, but I have to admit he really ticks me off as a Vikings fan. His behavior was the biggest factor in the Vikings only winning 6 games last year, and carried over to one of their biggest problems this year. The fact that he might help a division rival immensely for the balance of this season just irritates me more. What good is it being a fan if you can't be narrow and petty at times?

8 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

– Edwards in a column entitled “Herm’s Terms� that is apparently going to be a regular feature in the Star)

If this is on the Web, it needs to be an auto-Extra Point.

10 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Edwards in a column entitled “Herm’s Terms� that is apparently going to be a regular feature in the Star)

Good work Vince. But "Herm's Terms" has been in the Star since at least Sep 2006 (check out the KC Star archives - you can search for free but have to pay to access the articles). Everything's up to date in Kansas City.

From 27 Sep 06 "Herm's Terms"
On their struggles in the red zone:

"We're not very good in the red area. We ve turned the ball over, and we haven't scored points. It's like going to the bank, all of the sudden you forget your card and you can't withdraw your money. You ve got to go home, and when you come back the bank's closed.

"For some reason I m getting labeled as a field-goal kicker. But I want to score touchdowns, I really do....

You guys will miss Herm when he's gone...

12 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

I lost an aunt to drink, and I really hope Koren Robinson makes it work. That said, while I don't like to mock the afflicted, his "If I drop the ball on this one"
is one of the most unintentionally hilarious quotes of the year.

I too want an auto-link to any Herm Edwards column.

13 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Well, until or unless he sadly relapses, and truly becomes a tragic figure in the Greek sense, I'll still refer to Robinson as Kegger Koren, to better allow me to vent my petty hostility.

14 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

“We probably could have run it a couple more times down in [the red zone].�

Wow, all those issues with his kids must really be messing with Andy's mind. For a minute there he actually sounded like he might plan to run more.

On a related note -- Andy, we are begging you not to kick to Devin Hester this week. Do. Not. Kick. To. Devin. Hester. Please.

Eagles Fans Everywhere

15 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

“He’s old. He’s kind of the leader of the group.�

– Williams, explaining why “Professor X� would be a good moniker for quarterback Jon Kitna
Isn't it because he's bald?

Bill Curry-thanks for including that; I hadn't seen it.

Deion Sanders-I am starting to really like NFL Gameday and the 3some. I'm shocked, frankly.

Yes, please link to the Herm column.


16 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

RE: (Ed. note: Matt, Westwood does not count as “a tough kid from Boston.�)

Hasselbeck's actually from Norfolk and played HS football in Westwood. I think I'm making your point, though, Norfolk is farther from Boston than Westwood.
His lisp doesn't help, either (we want the ball and we're gonna sssscore!)
But his dad Don was a good tough player for the Pats, and Matt is a very good player. He's been to a Superbowl, and at BC he beat Notre Dame on a fake field goal.

17 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

I loved this one from AJ Smith in the article about Chambers:

“What we have on him from college (scouting) reports, what we have on him consistently in pro reports, is (he is) unbelievably talented.�

Um... the guy's been in the league since 2001. When, exactly, does the statute of limitations on college scouting reports hit? How heavily did his college performance rate in this evaluation relative to over a hundred NFL games? Why not go ahead and trade for Robert Gallery, while you're at it? He's a can't-miss prospect!

Now, I think Chambers will be better in San Diego than he was in Miami. I have nothing to base this on, of course, I just think it. I just think it's a little odd to base it on "well, he looked good coming out of college almost a decade ago".

19 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Will, please explain this about the Kegmaster: "...His behavior was the biggest factor in the Vikings only winning 6 games last year, and carried over to one of their biggest problems this year. The fact that he might help a division rival immensely for the balance of this season just irritates me more. What good is it being a fan if you can’t be narrow and petty at times?"

He signed with Green Bay in September of 2006. How did he negatively impact the Vikings?

21 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Re: 19
Koren was the only potential #1 WR on a team with a bunch of other #3 and #4 WRs. He got canned and signed with the Pack because of his pending suspension. That left the vikings without a credible threat at WR, which still persists to this day.

22 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

To add:
"I've had a chance to play with Ryan Leaf, and I've had the chance to play with Tom Brady, and every time I see him (Brady) I want to give him a hug.''
the cuddly Rodney Harrison

23 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Matt Hasselbeck NEVER beat Notre Dame as BC's quarterback. He came close, as in four straight runs within the five yard line, including three from the one, to win the game, but that almost makes the memory hurt more. How I wish he had beat them just once though.

24 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Herm had another great quote about Priest Holmes from the article linked in my name:

Edwards said he still did not know if Holmes would be activated for this week's game at Oakland -- or, for that matter, ever.

"We'll see how he feels tomorrow. That's the whole key now, how is he going to feel tomorrow? And then the next day? Where is he going to be the next couple of days?"

27 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Moridin has it right. Robinson was the only guy the Vikings had who could make defensive coordinators think twice before crowding the box or blitzing against the Vikings, a situation they still are living with, and changing only very slowly. Then, just before the start of last season, he gets hammered and leads the police on a high speed chase, making a one year suspension inevitable. Given Childress' situation as a new coach, cutting Kegger Koren was the only option, so his boozing greatly contributed to the Vikings only winning six games last year, and the lack of a real threat at wr has hurt the Vikings this year, and now the Packers may gain the considerable benefit of a sober Robinson for the balance of this season.

O.K., I'll look at the bright side. If the Vikings had won eight or nine games last year, they probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to draft Adrian Peterson. Drink up, Koren!

28 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Not to highlight the poor Vikings receiving corps, but here are some quick numbers for Koren.

Year; DPAR; DVOA; Catch %
2006; 0.6; -8.9; 44%
2005; 4.5; 4.2; 59%
2004; 6.3 -0.3; 46%

An adequate year in 2005, but not exactly the stuff of legend.

I guess my point is that I'm not exactly holding my breath waiting for him to revolutionize the position with the Packers.

I hope he gets his life back together though.

29 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Moridin has it right. Robinson was the only guy the Vikings had who could make defensive coordinators think twice before crowding the box or blitzing against the Vikings, a situation they still are living with, and changing only very slowly.

I never realized Robinson garnered so much respect from opposing defenses. I've always remembered him, you know, underachieving, when he wasn't sucking. Weren't his only halfway decent years when he lined up opposite Moss, or am I mis-remembering? Regardless, I've never heard "Koren Robinson" mentioned in the same area code as "#1 Receiver".

30 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007


Did I get it wrong? I sort of remember a fake field goal, when Hasselbeck wasn't the starter, he was the holder.
A quick check on the net showed Hartsell was still the starter, and Hassebeck ran a fake field goal for a 15 yard first down.
To the rest of you out of the Northeast and who don't care about BC, I apologize.
If this website's FEI gets its way, #2 will be out of the top 10 in a few weeks anyways.

31 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

So Vike fans don't blame the front office for playing with fire when they signed (or did they trade for him?)Robinson? How about failing to have adequate 'insurance' at WR if he relapsed?

That's where I would be layin' the blame (if I were the sort to lay blame).

32 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Regarding the Tom Coughlin quote about the Falcons defense, did it seem to anyone else like their linebackers were completely uninvolved in pass defense? I only watched the first half but I don't recall ever watching another game where a team was consistently throwing 12-15 yard 'in' routes and the opposing linebackers were never even close enough to be in the TV picture. I felt sorry for their DBs.

33 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Re 29:
Its not that he's like a Moss or a TO. Its just that he can catch. You can't consistently put 8 in the box if the Offense actually has a receiver who can catch. The problem the Vikings have had is that the opposing D figured out it could care less about respecting the pass, because even if the WR actually got open, he'd probably drop it (Troy).
Anyway, never said he was a solid #1, just a potential one (good #2 though, and when you've got borderline #3s and #4s, and #2 is just a massive upgrade).

Re 31:
Oh no, Viking fans completely blame the front office for wiping out the WR corps. We went from Moss -> Burleson -> Robinson (well, sort of, we basically set up the corp to do that. He just got fired before they actually used him as #1). Its not hard to agree they f@%ked that up.

34 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Yep, Robinson's a bad, bad, drunk, and that has impacted his career. When he is sober, however, the talent is undeniable. In 2005, joining the Vikings late, and teamed with a qb who had no velocity left at all, he had a big role in reversing a 2-5 start into a 9-7 finish (Robinson has never played with Moss b.t.w.), and if nothing else, the Packers will likely gain significant benefit from Robinson providing significantly better field position via kick returns. If he stays sober, he'll help the Packers quite a bit.

36 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

I would venture to guess that Hasselbeck was trying to make a joke with the 'tough kid from Boston' comment. If you watch any of his miked up segments you can tell he loves the sarcasm.

39 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

#32: I believe that Eli's first INT in the game on Monday night was to a LB who dropped deep and undercut a "in" route to Plaxico.

But that was in a 2-minute offense situation (end of 1st half). On normal drives when there was the threat of a running play, the Giants were keeping the LBs close with some very effective play-action.

40 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

35: Mike Williams is not remotely fast enough to be Cheetara. Panthro, maybe (big, strong) or Tigra (invisible), but certainly not Cheetara.

41 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

How can you have missed Herm's "Jimmy have you ever seen a Turkish prison" moment?

"(The official) said, 'I can't kick him out,' and I said, 'You should,'" Edwards said. "I talked to Benny and said, 'You can't do that.'" Sapp sat out for a while, "but as the game got going, I felt a guy who kept rubbing on me, and it was Benny. I said, 'Ok, you're sorry, I forgive you, you go back and play now.'"

42 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

I don't get it. Do people not like Roy Williams? I think he's a gem. =P

In a sports world littered with young athletes that worry more about showing "street cred", it's fun to see an oddball type like Roy Williams or Greg Oden crack jokes about silly things like cartoons, comics and what not.

44 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

#17: Considering the benchmark franchise the Chargers were before AJ Smith was GM, it is amazing he's still around. Knowing AJ, its probably Chambers Badger career that tipped the scales.

45 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Robinson may not have the best WR rankings, but he was a threat that defenses paid attention to. He was quite a good wide receiver if he caught the ball.

46 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

45: Isn't that kind of like saying "I'm a good putter when if it goes in the hole"?

(I'm not trying to burn you, I just thought that sounded marginally funny in my head and couldn't resist posting it =P)

47 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Re: Koren Robinson

It's not that he is a world-beater, but what he would have been specifically for the 2006 Vikings. The team had serious issues at WR, and Robinson might have been at least competent.

I'm convinced that Koren Robinson was the difference in 3-4 close wins for the 2005 Vikings. Remember, he was a Pro Bowl kick returner in 2005; he definitely impacted the Vikes in the return game. And despite joining the team in late August, he did make a few downfield plays in the passing game. Without him, the 2006 Vikes rarely connected on downfield passes (some fans blame Childress; I blame the personnel).

I don't know what Koren Robinson's impact would have been on the 2006 Vikings, but they lost a lot of close games, and had pretty horrible problems at WR. The loss of Robinson in August was a pretty major blow. However, Troy Williamson's general suckiness and Marcus Robinson's injuries were arguably bigger blows. If Williamson could have adjusted to and caught the ball, there'd be no complaints about Robinson (there are signs Williamson might be getting better this season), and Marcus Robinson was making plays, but the Vikings went on a pretty lousy losing streak when he was out (small sample size and perhaps no relevant correlation, but the Vikes were 6-4 in games Robinson played).

And yes, you can blame the Viking front office if you want. But everything Koren Robinson said and did since he joined the team suggested he had gained perspective, had changed his life, and was now devoted to being a good football player. Obviously, there was something wrong in that assessment, but that assessment also didn't come out of nowhere. And perhaps the front office also thought Troy Williamson would show a tiny bit of competence, too.

49 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Fantasy questions:

Need to pick one QB out of Warner, Garrard and Bulger. When I drafted Bulger high at the start of the year I assumed this would be a no-brainer, but it just hasn't panned out like that. Warner doesn't look to good either with injuries and facing the Skins, but I still have a lingering distrust of David Garrard.

Also need to pick two RBs from McGahee, Henry and Ward. Seems like McGahee and Henry are the way to go, but the Broncos really did suck last time out and I'm worried about the Steelers completely shutting Travis down. The Giants, on the other hand, I can see building an unassailable lead early on against the 9ers (say, seven points) and then running the crap out of them.

50 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Need to pick one QB out of Warner, Garrard and Bulger.

Delay the decision as long as you can. The injury situation with Bulger and Warner could simplify your choice. Garrard against the Colts' D is something of a risk, but he'll likely get you at least a few points, especially if the Jaguars have to try coming from behind in the second half.

51 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

Funny stuff. With all the video game and cartoon references popping up, it may yet be the anime-FL. The helmet redesigns would be interesting.

As far as the Hasselbeck "tough city kid from Boston" thing goes, I say "Meh".

First, I can't see why it wouldn't be fair to say that. "City kid from tough Boston" would be questionable, assuming Westwood (or Norfolk) isn't a tough place. But even if they aren't, there's no reason a kid can't be tough from there. Just look at the X-gamers from suburbs all over the planet. Their neighborhoods ain't tough, but I don't doubt their toughness (or lack of a pain threshold, whichever).

Second, to the rest of the country, everything northeast of New York is Boston to us. Maine, Rhode Island, etc. are just inconsequential distinctions. It's like how Southerners are just "Southerners" to everybody else (including me, and I live there right now), but the difference between being a Georgian and Alabaman is life and death to some people.

Aah, nothing like stirring the regional muckery in the morning.

Meh. ;)

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IIRC, Hasselbeck's house was about 5 miles from MCI Walpole, which is a huge, maximum security prison, and also, IIRC, there were a couple breakouts while he was in school.

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I also grew up near MCI Walpole. I'm not that tough.

Also, someone above said something along the lines of, "if you listen to Hasselbeck's mic-ed up, you can tell he loves sarcasm." Just to correct your sentance, what you should have said is, "if you listen to Hasselbeck's mic-ed up, you can tell he's from New England."

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Re #15, Kitna & Professor X:

I thought it was because they'll have to push him around in a wheelchair by the end of the season?

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Koren Robinson is a talented receiver, but unless he's fixed his drop problem that I very much remember from his days as a Seahawk, he may frustrate Brett Favre.