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The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

compiled by Ben Riley and Vince Verhei


"There is always truth in something. Always. There's always truth to something."

-- Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson, responding to rumors that he's on the trading block

"Did that come from anyone here? Is there a source inside this organization? Not the last time I checked. I don't think there are any sources inside this organization."

-- Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, responding to those same rumors

"I cannot perform at a high level and not be Chad. It's impossible. It's impossible. I cannot and I will not change. Perception is not reality."

-- Johnson, continuing with his very un-postmodern take on himself

"Everything I've done has always been positive, it's always been fun. It's never been a 'me, me, me' thing. It's how Chad plays the game. We knew that before Chad got here."

-- Johnson, speaking in the third person (Cincinnati Post)

"What you see on TV is not me. That's nothing but entertainment."

-- Chad Johnson, reacting to questioning from Keyshawn Johnson about his (Chad's) decision to stop celebrating after scoring a touchdown

"The fact that you are pulling back with your celebrations, that has nothing to do with you being 1-4?"

-- Keyshawn Johnson

"What is there to celebrate about? Nothing. There's nothing."

-- Chad

"You don't want to move to another city, take your act on the road?"

-- Keyshawn

"My act?"

-- Chad, incredulously

"I would call it an act, because that's basically what it is. You act, you put on a premeditated celebration. I would call that an act."

-- A remarkably coherent Keyshawn

"Isn't that the point, to score?"

-- Chad

"The point I think is to win."

-- Keyshawn

"As soon as we start winning, I'm going back to me."

-- Chad

"You see them [fans] say, 'He thinks this is a joke?'"

-- Keyshawn

"Do I approach this game on Sunday like a joke? Do you think my game is a joke? Do you think when I talk trash about somebody trying to stop me and embarrassing them it's a joke? It's not a joke, I'm just smilin' with it."

-- Chad

"Perception don't win no games here in Cincinnati."

-- Chad

"Is it about Chad or is it about the team?"

-- Keyshawn

"What does that have to do with the way ... that's the way I play the game. Period. I don't care what people think ... I am who I am because of you."

-- Chad Johnson (from ESPN Sunday Countdown)


"It was as frustrating for you as it was for me. As far as decisions, you have to let Willis McGahee touch the ball on one of those plays."

-- Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, complaining about coach Brian Billick's decision to have the Ravens throw the ball three times on second-and-1 with less than two minutes to play against the Bills

"We knew [McGahee] should have touched the ball when you have a fourth-and-1. Old-school football is old-school football. If there is a yard I need to get, there is a running back, a fullback and an offense that is meant to get that."

-- Lewis

"You can't make oranges be peaches."

-- Lewis (Baltimore Sun)

"There's frustrations, and I don't know that he's not right. I don't know if I agree [with Lewis about running the ball] on the second-and-1 and third-and-1. I definitely agree on the fourth-and-1 call. I certainly don't find any fault with Ray being honest and straightforward."

-- Ravens head coach Brian Billick (Baltimore Sun)


"You've got to remember, I'm coming in from Baltimore. People there wanted the limelight, people sought out the limelight, starting with the head coach. It was a star-studded system. Here it's about as different as you can get. Everybody here shies away from being the star guy. Nobody on this team beats his chest. They just all go about their business. And win."

-- Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas, making a seemingly innocuous comment about his former team and teammates (Sports Illustrated)

"When you take a shot at men that you claim to love to go to war with, I call those cowards. If you got something to say privately, you don't have to go to a newspaper. If you got something to say to a man, speak it."

-- Ray Lewis

"You don't become a Super Bowl champion in this business without having character and dignity for what you do for your teammates. We won a Super Bowl without Adalius Thomas. The New England Patriots won three Super Bowls without Adalius Thomas."

-- Lewis

"As far as calling me a coward I think that goes to something personal. I don't like it. I will address that with him personally myself."

-- Thomas, before coming to his senses

"I don't think I recall any of the conversation I had, I don't think what I said came out that way. I could be totally wrong."

-- Thomas, backtracking

"Like I said, it was a compliment of the Patriots. I never downed the Ravens."

-- Thomas, still backtracking

"Nothing that I said was a comment or shot at the Ravens, or none of the players. Actually, I said I had a chance to play with Hall of Fame players that was not in that quote. I went on to name names. Ray Lewis was one of the names I named."

-- Thomas, backtracking to save his life (Baltimore Sun)


"[Monday Night Football] isn't what it used to be.''

-- Peyton Manning, offering some unexpected criticism of the new MNF crew

"I enjoyed watching [Eli] play on Monday night because I got a chance to see him play live on TV, and being able to watch the game in mute. Because it's an easier way to watch the game than hear some of those broadcasters.''

-- Manning

"I'm sure it was the heads-on-sticks segment I did before the game. You think that upset him? Really? I thought it was very funny. I think most people thought it was hysterical."

-- Tony Kornheiser, responding to Manning's comments

"That wasn't me saying those funny, mean things about Peyton. That was Eli. That's the whole idea behind heads-on-sticks. I was just saying what Eli wanted to say. Like, 'What a raving egomaniac; he sent me a DVD of his Saturday Night Live appearance.' It was the perfect marriage of [Pardon The Interruption, the show on which Kornheiser does the bit] and Monday Night Football."

-- Kornheiser

"C'mon, that was funny. Wasn't it?''

-- Kornheiser. The answer is no. (Indianapolis Star)



-- Hall of Fame linebacker Nick Buoniconti on the current status of his former team, the Miami Dolphins

''Trent Green is starting to shape up as a pretty good move, huh? And Jason Allen has really fulfilled expectations.''

-- Buoniconti

''Embarrassing to the franchise."

-- Legendary Dolphins running back Jim Kiick, evaluating the 2007 Miami squad

"We feel for the current players. It hurts. [But] I couldn't believe how bad they were. The defensive backfield is terrible. They're at least three or four years from [contending].''

-- Kiick

"They're not beating Buffalo -- 0-16 is very possible. The odds are better than 50-50.''

-- Hall of Fame center, former Dolphin Jim Langer

"It's just sad."

-- Legendary Dolphins defensive lineman Manny Fernandez

"The whole off-season was pathetic. The Dolphins get ... Joey Porter, who's got a big mouth and never delivers."

-- Buoniconti, accurately assessing the Dolphins' off-season and Joey Porter

"The Dolphins should have gotten rid of Chris Chambers last year instead of getting rid of Wes Welker. They get rid of the only guy who can play and keep the one guy who can't play. Totally ridiculous.''

-- Buoniconti, showing that the game has not passed him by (Miami Herald)


"I couldn't find London on a map if they didn't have the names of the countries. I swear to God. I don't know what nothing is. I know Italy looks like a boot. I learned that."

-- Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder

"I know (Washington Redskins linebacker) London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him. That's the closest thing I know to London. He's black, so I'm sure he's not from London. I'm sure that's a coincidental name."

-- Crowder, either joking, showing he doesn't own any Seal records, or both (Palm Beach Post)


"The Lions are 4-2, media! You can kiss my ass!"

-- Forgotten Lions wide receiver Mike Furrey, yelling aloud after the Lions defeated the Buccaneers on Sunday

"He was just fired up."

-- Lions center Dominic Raiola, offering an explanation after Furrey's outburst generated some local controversy

"I think that was just an emotional statement, basically. I mean, I never take anything seriously after games, hence Dan Orlovsky saying that he would rather have Jon Kitna than Peyton (Manning) or Tom Brady."

-- Lions quarterback Jon Kitna, offering another explanation (Detroit Free Press)


"I dangled a little carrot in front of them Saturday night and told them the bye week was one where they would come in on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it can always be changed if you help me to help you. They won the game, and now I'm helping them."

-- Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards, explaining why he was giving his team some time off during the bye

"He's been hit some. I'm not going to give you the body parts, but he's sore."

-- Edwards, describing the elusive soreness of quarterback Damon Huard

"Be a pro, stay out of bad places where bad things happen. No one should be on SportsCenter because we don't play. By Thursday, wherever you're at, get up, go outside, walk, jog, run, whatever to get some exercise. Don't sit around the house all week feeling good about yourself and eat."

-- Edwards' bye-week advice to his team (Kansas City Star)


"It had nothing to do with anything but football. It was just the way we wanted to go. We felt like for our best opportunity to win games, the next nine games that we played, this was the right move to make and that's really all there is to it."

-- Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino explaining why the team surprisingly released defensive tackle Grady Jackson (

"I don't know what kind of message it sent to let Grady go."

-- Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall

"Coach [Bobby Petrino] didn't address anything with us. You guys probably know more than we know. You guys just talked to him. We don't know nothing. We're going to have to wait and read what y'all put out."

-- Hall

"We had a team meeting today, kind of thought the team meeting was to talk about that; didn't say one word about it. Had a defensive meeting, didn't talk one word about it. Had practice, broke down practice, didn't talk one word about it."

-- Hall

"We kind of don't know what the reason was, why, what's the next step.We don't know anything. I'm going to read your article tomorrow and see what he had to say."

-- Hall

"If that's the case they need to cut about 52 [players], they can cut me too, they can cut all 53 of us. Ain't nobody playing the way they should be playing right now. Obviously. We're 1-6. To single out Grady is asinine. It's ridiculous."

-- Hall, when told that Petrino called Jackson's release a football decision

"To sit there and single Grady out and say that's the reason why, that's ludicrous. If you've got something else better and more concrete to go off of, I'd love to hear it. I'm not buying that one."

-- Hall

"We all that are in this locker room, we felt what Alge was saying and we kind of agree with him. Obviously, we don't think that was the right way to go about it, but we pretty much agree with Alge was saying."

-- Hall on teammate Alge Crumpler's earlier criticism of the coaching staff

"It's tough to go out there and lay it on the line when you feel as though no one else is laying it on the line. As far as not players, obviously the players are going to play as hard as they can. When you feel like you're not getting -- I don't want to say coached 100 percent -- maybe they are thinking of something else. It's kind of hard for other guys to play 100 percent ... knowing that everyone's not on board, from the front office on down."

-- Hall

"I didn't just sign a lucrative deal where I can sit around and watch this ship sink."

-- Hall, likely referring to Petrino's lucrative deal

"I got one more year left on my deal. I feel I can go out and get a ton of money, whether it's here or somewhere else."

-- Hall, saying goodbye and good luck to Falcons fans (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


"We had Norv Turner (last year); he's been doing this for a while. Whenever he said something, we wanted to do it. Now I feel a lot of people when (offensive coordinator Jim Hostler) calls something, it's in the back of their head, did he call the right play? That's all it is.''

-- 49ers running back Frank Gore (New York Post)

"Receivers have their shots, too. Out wide, they act so innocent in their little paradise. But in reality, sometimes these cats are like snipers. The wideouts use a technique called a cut block. It's complete BS. I call it's a coward's block ... Guys like the Colts' Marvin Harrison and the Steelers' Hines Ward -- the guys who are seen as classy -- are two of the worst snipers. They take those kinds of shots often. Players hate them on the field. Don't grin and smile in our faces, then dive at our knees when we aren't looking.''

-- Michael Strahan, in his new book Inside the Helmet: Life as a Sunday Afternoon Warrior (as quoted in Sports Illustrated)

"Well, heck, I mean we probably would have won this game 35-7 if [Schaub] stayed in. It was good to knock him out I guess, but he's going to come back and I don't think there'll be any kind of quarterback controversy because they pay that guy a lot of money."

-- Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, discussing the fate of injured Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (

"They told me I tweaked my oblique, which is awesome because I didn't know I had any obliques It's good news, honestly. It's in there somewhere, so I am really happy about that. I'm going to go home and tell my wife."

-- Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (Everett Herald)

"Right now I am grateful that God has blessed me to be a Ram, but right now I am very embarrassed to be one."

-- Rams tight end Randy McMichael (Tacoma News-Tribune)

"I don't get paid to make those decisions. I'm a pawn."

-- Jaguars running back Fred Taylor on whether or not he's being properly used by coach Jack "Kasparov" Del Rio (Florida Times-Union)

"I'm actually a phenomenal guitar player."

-- Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo after losing to Carmen Electra at Guitar Hero III (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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1 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Love the Hasselbeck quote, although I have no idea why it's in there twice. The longer version is much better.

3 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I didn't see the Chad Johnson interview with Keyshawn Johnson but it certainly reads like Keyshawn was being critical of him. Is that the case?

I really don't get the whole "Chad Johnson is hilarious" thing.

Also what happened with Kornheiser and Manning? What's with everyone being pissy this week?

In BREAKING NEWS : We have black people in London now.

4 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

“I think that was just an emotional statement, basically. I mean, I never take anything seriously after games, hence Dan Orlovsky saying that he would rather have Jon Kitna than Peyton (Manning) or Tom Brady.�

Kitna understands that God loves humility.

5 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Wow. Herm is halfway sane this week. But only halfway. Is anyone else thinking that Damon Huard is singing soprano this week?

And Channing Crowder is clearly the posterboy for those who claim that academic success is just as important as football skills at college.

7 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Players very rarely say anything interesting, and Kornheiser is very rarely funny, but at least players aren't being paid to say interesting things. I'd say Hasselbeck and the retired Dolphins were underpaid for their verbal efforts, and Manning was paid fairly. Draw you own conclusions about Kornheiser.

8 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

#3, that's what makes the rest of the quote (not included in QOTW) even better:

When reminded Dolphins practice squad receiver and NFL Europe veteran Marvin Allen is from London, Crowder’s standup routine didn’t miss a beat.
“He’s from London?� Crowder said. “I knew he was from over there because he talks funny. I was surprised (when they met) because — I don’t want to say he didn’t look the part because that’s a stereotype — but he didn’t look the part. I heard him talk, and I thought he had a recorder and was just mouthing.�

By the way, Crowder was almost certainly goofing off.

9 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Anyone know what Ray Lewis scored on his IQ test? How can he rip his coach and then rip Thomas for saying something critical about the Ravens? Thomas is a coward for making critical remarks to the media and Ray Lewis is what? - for doing the same thing.

And Kornheiser was so bad on MNF the other night that I had to hit the mute button. He's gone beyond moronic.

11 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Good quotes, especially those from Nick Buoniconti. I wish all of the former players supposedly providing analysis for the various networks were as candid as Buoniconti.

Fred Taylor's quote reminded me of Mongo in "Blazing Saddles": "Mongo only pawn in game of life."

12 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

The Strahan quote is even funnier when it's juxtaposed against the other passage from his book, talking about how he takes cheap shots at other guys whenever there's a pileup.

17 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Kevin Cadle on UK TV was, I think, a little over-egging the pudding last week when he said something like the following when trying to hype the London game.

The Giants are on a 5 game win streak, the Dolphins are winless. At Wembley, on the 28th of October, somethings gotta give!!

Er, Kevin, like what?

18 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Wow, former Dolphins players don't sugarcoat things do they?

Also, it wasn't just DeAngelo Hall that said this came out of nowhere. Warrick Dunn, a player who I think we all respect more than Hall, even said there was no communication about it from the coaching staff.

What does Bobby Petrino think he's doing? It seems pretty obvious at this point that none of the players are happy playing for him, and at least a few of them seem to think he is downright incompetent. Is he scared the Dolphins will steal Brian Brohm from him if they draft before Atlanta does?

The Channing Crowder quotes were hilarious!

20 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I am glad to see that I'm not the only one who watchs MNF with the mute on. For that matter, at least half of the SNF game is muted as well. The cover guys are trying to be the show. I'm just interested in the games.

22 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

#6 - Is he really joking? This is the guy who went to a keg party in college and used the keg to assault the host. He's never struck me as the cerebral type.

As for Ray Lewis, his arrogance grows as his physical skills decline. I think that if you pointed out to him that ripping his coach was at least as bad as what Thomas said, he'd be genuinely affronted that he wasn't being considered on the same level of importance and authority to the Ravens as the HC.

Hasselbeck has a nice line in sarcasm. Keep them coming.

23 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

The funniest part of all that Dolphins stuff was the headline. Though the 'legendary' stuff was sort of amusing too.

Old Dolphin players seem like disgruntled university alumi. I keep waiting for them to mention how much they contributed to the new Dolphin library or threaten to withhold their annual contribution to the building fund if things don't turn around.

All teams go through some tough times. Sorry, the Dolphins aren't immune.

26 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

"Joey Porter, who’s got a big mouth and never delivers."

Odd, I thought he has delivered with his big mouth.

27 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

#21... Yes, they are cousins.

The funniest part of the Keyshawn commenting on Chad's behavior is the fact he was once paid by an NFL team to GO AWAY AND NOT COME BACK.

28 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

The less funny version of the Hasselbeck quote has been removed. That's what happens when two guys work on something and they both find the same gem.

29 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I had Chad Johnson last year in fantasy football and had been his biggest supported. Then he comes out with some crappy shoes in warm-ups and its all the talk. He goes on to get injured in the game, drop a few balls and alligator a few more as the Bengals lost to the Colts. If he would have spent more time warming up maybe he wouldn't have played so poorly. He is dead to me, a me first player.

30 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Maybe it was just the Baltimore Sun's version but thats not how I saw A Thomas's response. In the Boston Globe he said

"To attack my integrity, and say you had to make a scheme up for me, I didn't know they made up outside linebacker for me," Thomas fired back. "I know he was crying about a big guy in the middle so you can keep blockers off of you. I mean, I don't know if that's a scheme made for you or not. As far as that goes, if you want to criticize your head coach, talk about a coward. You can go right upstairs and talk to him like a man, just like you're talking about me.
Thomas plans to speak with Lewis before then.

"If I have something to say, anybody that knows me, I don't hold my tongue for nobody," Thomas said. "If I have something to say, I'll say it to Ray, or I'll say it to anybody else that is out there. But I'm not here to go back and forth with he said, she said or try to throw a quote at somebody that indirectly."

Thomas explained what he was trying to say in the Sports Illustrated piece.

"I don't think what I said came out that way. I could be totally wrong," he said. "It was a compliment of the Patriots. I never downed the Ravens. Anybody that has seen me do an interview in seven years knows my integrity isn't that. If I have something to say to somebody, then I'll say it. Nothing that I said was a comment or shot at the Ravens, or none of the players. Actually, I said I had a chance to play with Hall of Fame players that was not in that quote. I went on to name names. Ray Lewis was one of the names I named.

"The only thing I tried to say was that it's different here than it was there. I said the superstars that were there were everyday household names, from Randall Cunningham to Deion Sanders, those are everyday, household names. That's what I said, but that got cut out [of the article]. That's how it went. As far as that goes, I said [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick is the same way, everybody here shies away from the media. I said the head coach there, he stayed in the media when I was there. That's not a shot, that's a fact."

He wasn't really backing away at any point, although I'm sure BB isn't happy about the distraction.

31 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Chris Mortensen, who started the "trading Chad" rumor, has since recanted:

"There were two parts to it," Mortensen said Wednesday. "The first part dealt with the source saying that because of Chad's passion and pride, they have to figure out a way to deal with him. The second part was my analysis that the discussions could bring them to a crossroads and that could involve a trade. At no time did a Bengals source tell me they could possibly trade him."

32 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Clearly Petrino's not doing that great of a job building relationships with his players, but...I don't envy that position. The players expect to be "treated like men", yet act like children--unconstrained egoism and insurrection do not a man make.

33 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Re: 31, Rex Grossman: Eyebrows of DOOM!.

Lol I learned the "of DOOM" part of that when, in my fantasy football league, I went into that infamous Chicago-Arizona MNF game with Berrian and Grossman to play, up by 8. My opponent had no one left to play...I figured I would run up the score. I lost, instead. >

34 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I always thought Nick Buoniconti and Len Dawson did a good job on inside the NFL. Wouldn't it be more fun to watch the 1972-3 squad play the current Dolphins than the Giants.

35 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Click my name for a link to the Keyshawn interview of Chad Johnson.

Awesome. After the end of the video Keyshawn says something like "i've got places to go, you've got places to go" And Chad says: "where have I got to go?"

There's another part where Chad says something to the effect of: "You were a player, now you're wearing a suit and sitting here. So you've got all the answers now?". I'm guessing ESPN cut the interview down so that it didn't make Keyshawn look too stupid.

36 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007


Again, it all depends-he scored a 30 on his Wonderlic (Cutler from Vandy had a 26), he graduated with a 3.5 GPA as well. Again, this does not mean he has no clue about geography, but he is not drooling on himself either.

37 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

21, 27:
That is false. They are not actually related. The idea somehow got started early in Chad's career, but it's not true and both Chad and Keyshawn have said so.

38 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

The commentary Monday night was deplorable. From the get it was all Pats-Colts controversy. Who's the better QB? Who cares how about they describe the game I was watching. IDK if it is production or just a general lack of knowledge, but these guys should stick to the topic. Jaws seemed like the only one trying to describe the game and Kornholer kept baiting him to say who was the best QB in the league. Also, I wish FO had listed some of the Steve Young quotes after that game. That lazy-eyed freak from Sportcenter was also baiting Steve to hype up the game to be played in 2 WEEKS (Pats v. Colts) and he refused. Young is still a class act whom should maybe think of switching networks. The only problem is they are all pretty awful.

39 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

#37... I read that Johnson's cousins are Keyshawn and Samari Rolle. Guess you can't believe everything you read...

41 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

He had to be 3 years out-I assume he went to prep school his first year....most college football players just need 3 years to graduate....but he probably did not graduate since he was likely not enrolled during the spring. Florida fans said he had a 3.5 GPA, not sure how reliable that is. The 30 on the wonderlic is known though.

42 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

wow. could it be? Herm is actually... SMART this week! this has gotta be a first.
also, the Hasslebeck quote is awesome.

43 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Re 41:

"most college football players just need 3 years to graduate"

That's true... for a course load that would take an average person 1 year! HI-YO!

Seriously though, I just looked it up and he was originally in the recruiting class of 2002, "but delayed his enrollment until January of 2003 due to knee rehibilitation" (wikipedia).

46 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Here's a quote regarding Adrian Peterson that should be in next week's edition:

"But more troubling than the way the Vikings use Peterson is the fact that they send him out on the field with zero threat of a passing game. Peterson is destroying NFL defenses despite the fact safeties do not have to fear the pass. The Vikings should call my boy Jeff George pronto."

I presume anyone who reads this site regularly knows who wrote this. Click on my name for the link. The quote is at the bottom of the article.

47 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

OK, Samari's wiki page says Samari is cousins with Keyshawn and Chad, Chad's page doesn't say anything, and Keyshawn's page says, "Johnson is a cousin to Baltimore Ravens CB Samari Rolle. However, contrary to popular belief, he is not related to Bengals WR Chad Johnson. This was clarified in a 2006 pregame show between Chad's Bengals and Keyshawn's Panthers. "

I found an article (linked in my name) attributed to the AP with, "Cousin Keyshawn Johnson, a former NFL receiver, criticized him on a pregame show Sunday, saying his antics are a disruption."

The Bengals' media guide says, "two high-profile cousins who have been NFL standouts, WR Keyshawn Johnson and CB Samari Rolle"

So, I guess you have to trust the AP and the media guide.

49 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I've never believed that the stats or analysis on this site were biased in any way. But when the two weeks that TMQ is harshest vs. the *Patriots there is no link posted in extra points one gets to wondering... :(

50 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Arrgh. Just found another article that clarifies things (again, linked in my name):

"They've been close since childhood, so close that Johnson claims Rolle as his cousin. The Bengals media guide also says Rolle and Johnson are cousins, and Johnson said so during a conference call yesterday with Nashville reporters.

Rolle said he and Johnson are not related by blood, ''but the relationship is that of cousins.''

I also found an SI article from 2001 with this:

They tried to do something about the offense by taking Chad Johnson -- Keyshawn Johnson's cousin -- in the second round. Johnson is an unpolished receiver with only one year of big-school experience.

52 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

49. They haven't been consistently linking to TMQ for a year. You're saying they should link to it specifically because its about the patriots, and then complaining that theres patriots bias? What the hell?

Theres absolutely nothing about football in that article.

53 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Kornheiser is hideous; he couldn't be less interesting in discussing the game in front of him. He's the sort that's more engaged with the "issues" of sport than with sport itself. This is fine for a columnist, but fatal for a colour guy. He talks over Jaws as the man tries to break down a play, which is what I really want to hear. It's the same sort of thinking that results in the terribly awkward celebrity appearances. Stop the pain.

One more quote I liked, from JP Losman on the subject of whether he's thinking about the future after being demoted: “Of course; I’m a human being. So you’re always trying to figure it out, setting your life up in stages. OK, this is what I’m going to do for the next three to four years. Or this is where I’m going to be. Sometimes we buy a house. Whoops.� Looks like a little bit of buyer's remorse...

54 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

#45, Same here, but then again I like chronic nosebleeds much better than Norwalk virus.

22/36/41, yeah, but a 3.5 from UF counts as what from a real school?

I should probably take my smug little prick act to the Colts/Pats thread, where it will be appreciated.

#38, Jason, you can't hold Emmitt Smith blameless in that postgame "discussion." I don't buy the "confidence" angle Emmitt was selling any more than Steve Y, but the HFA potential he brought up at the end at least makes sense. Steve didn't even take that. I wonder how much of that was scripted, even if only "Okay, Steve, we push hype and you push back."

56 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I interviewed Chad once. He has a lot of play-cousins, and Samari and Keyshawn are among them. Samari might actually be his real cousin, not sure. They did grow up together though--Keyshawn and Chad got cool when he came into the league.

57 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Even if the TMQ article were comment-worthy, it's wise not to agitate those folks who like to argue about the Patriots or the Colts.

I come to this site for reasoned and knowledgeable discussions, with some humor thrown in, and I bet there are many who feel the same way.

58 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Re: 55

I didn't consider most of that in a serious vein (I got a particularly good laugh from that little picture of Belichick with horns coming out of his head).

He was making a fair point about the good guys vs. the bad guys angle but it was intentionally over the the top.

59 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

mawbrew, nobody but colts fans think the colts are "the good guys"

(i'm not arguing that people dont think the patriots are bad guys, just that the whole "colts as good guys" is absurd. Everybody else hates them for the same reason they hate the pats: they win a lot of games)

60 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Depends I guess on what a real school is. I assume the same as Penn State and Texas since Florida is a top 50 undergrad. Too bad Crowder was not some legacy at an Ivy league school he could have gotten in there regardless of if he could find Canada, let alone England.

62 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Re: 59

I bow to your ability to look into the minds of tens of millions of football fans and unearth the true thinking of each and every one of them.

It's quite a skill. I hope you've figured out a way to turn it into some cash.

63 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

61: Its not BB's fault if Easterbrook can't get it done at home.

Maybe she likes it when he "runs up the score"

64 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007


Mawbrew, I bow to your like ability. Its amazing how you and Easterbrook have come to know how all of us deep down think the colts are holy knights.

65 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Rich, you're revealing your lack of logic skills again.

He pointed out that you're attempting to speak for millions of people you don't know. He didn't state that you were wrong, contrary to your "rebuttal".

66 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

No, I think Easterbrook was about half serious with that stuff, and that qualifies ol' Greg as a full-blown loon. This has been observable for a while, like when he thought it useful to note that Bill Parcells was a "failed human being". Hey, Greggy? It's supposed to be a football column, not your pursuit of Milton. Get a grip.

67 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

"He pointed out that you’re attempting to speak for millions of people you don’t know. "

Yes, but Easterbrook IS attempting to speak for millions, and hes saying thats fine.

68 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

That "Johnson & Johnson on Johnson" interview was simply pure gold.

BTW, cousins or not, Keyshawn alluded before and after the interview aired to the fact that they were fairly close; yes, the debated got heated at some point, but some people can pull off pretty well debating passionately without getting any hard feelings, and Chad and Keyshawn seems to be some of them. I think at one point they had to try really hard to not start laughing.

This said, no offense but I don't think TWIQ does justice to the actual interview. It makes Chad look like he only cares about himself, and I don't think that's quite fair. I think what he was trying to establish was that people use to like his antics, so why hate them now when he hasn't changed at all? And that he won't let all the talk about him get into his head because he knows what he has to do, he knows he can deliver, he knows he can help his team win, so why care about the rest?

And I can see his point. I do have a bit of a bone to pick with the media (and some of the fans by extension) in cases like this. Here's a player that always works hard, always plays tough, always delivers, has always stayed out of trouble... and instead of focusing on that, we focus on the fact that he has a little too much fun on the field and draws a little too much attention to himself. Except that he doesn't anymore, because he doesn't see the point when his team is losing. But that's a problem too, because... I'm not even sure why. It's like Sammy Sosa circa 2004, except that Sammy's game had gone completely to pot so at least you had that excuse.

I'm not too high on ESPN these days, but this was a really nice move. Yes, it was pretty comical to watch Keyshawn get on his high horse and get all "WR shouldn't make a spectacle of themselves," but it was worth it. Like it or not, when given the oppourtunity to do so Chad will not hesitate to speak his mind, and to me that's always welcome. High marks to everybody involved.

69 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Well, *I* see the Colts as the good guys (within that rivarly). So do most of my friends who aren't Patriots fans.

70 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Hey Rich, don't take it so badly that you're on the side of evil. The Raiders and Pistons have shown that it's cool to be bad.

71 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Re 63: Rich, I've been known to criticize you before, but I have to give you credit here--"runs up the score" is really funny. What other football euphemisms for distinctly non-football activity are lurking out there?

How about "throws the challenge flag?" Or "runs the double reverse?"

Of course, Mel and Tim anticipated all this in around 1969 or so with "Backfield in Motion."

72 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

"Yes, but Easterbrook IS attempting to speak for millions, and hes saying thats fine."

He didn't say what easterbrook said is fine at all. Just argued against your assertion that nobody outside of colts fans thinks they're the good guys.
For example, most of my non-pats fans friends are rooting for them not to go undefeated (because they're mostly Jets fans and have hated BB since he left for NE and even more so since the whole video tape thing). I personally don't care, I just want good football.

73 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Oh god, I just realized I bought into the colts/pats thing all over again without even realizing it. Shoot me now.

74 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

re: 9, 22

Ray Lewis is hypocritical only if you are sure he didn't speak to Billick about the play calling before the tuesday evening interview. Judging by Billick's reaction, he seemed quite aware of Lewis's objections. If you are going to insult someone's intelligence, try thinking a bit first.

75 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

1) Awesome week in quotes, great job.

2) Chad Johnson didn't seem to say anything bad.

3) the Colts are the good guys, sorry Pats fans, if that bothers you.

77 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Honestly, in ranking factors contributing to the fans' hatred of the Patriots, I would go with:

1. Obnoxious Patriots fans.
2. Rooting against a consistent winner.
3. The constant harping of disrespect.
4. The non-stop media talk about how good they are
5. Belichick's surliness
6. The Deification of Tom Brady
7. Cheating allegations
8. Occasional bad sportsmanship by guys like Colvin, Bruschi, Hobbs

That looks about right to this Patriots' fan.

78 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

As a Patriots' fan, I welcome the hatred of other fans. In the football context, hatred from other fans is infinitely better than contempt or pity.

Trying to put it into a greater societal/cosmic sense is what makes Easterbrook a loon.

79 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

"What other football euphemisms for distinctly non-football activity are lurking out there?"

Backside Pursuit and Illegal shift come to mind

80 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Kornheiser needs to go; his pre-game subjects are always ridiculous and he rarely says anything of any merit during the games. Most the time, he sounds like most the football fans out there that don't know anything about the sport. It really annoys me when he discusses some of the most asinine rumors revolving around the league, perpetuating the endless cycle of garbage that ESPN thinks it should cover.

I say just keep it Mike and Jaws.

82 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I agree with never mentioning easterbrook again, not only has he gotten pathetically desperate for attention but his column has been a repetition of the same points with the same cherry picked data and strawman arguments for years.
It was amusing at first but the novelty wore off long ago.

83 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

saw this one on rotoworld (linked on my name):
"The worst thing," Warner said, "is when you play a football game how do you go to your wife and say, 'Well, honey, I can't clean the dishes.'"

"It's a good thing out here with the football team, not such a good thing at home when it comes to the 'to-do' list."

84 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

"Well, *I* see the Colts as the good guys"

I don't see how anyone can see an organization as "good guys" when their coach was a keynote speaker for an organization that's only purpose is to persecute homosexuals.

Especially a man who's allegedly gay son killed himself.

Nothing about that screams holy or good to me.

85 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

There comes a point in time in many discussions when you must make a decision: whether to back down gracefully or leap off the cliff.

Rich, you really need to learn when to back down.

87 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007


The truth is inappropriate?

I think its really offensive to call Tony Dungy a "good guy."

He's a bigot, and theres nothing good about that.

90 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

While I agree with Rich on Dungy (Yuck, I can't believe I'm agreeing with Rich), it was still an over-the-line comment, and not called for in this discussion.

As a Pats fan, and by virtue a Colts hater, I consider The Colts Players pretty classy, particularly Manning and Harrison. The front office on the other hand........

What about Crack-Back?

91 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Wow, this thread took a turn for the worse. I was just gonna say how clever I thought Hasselbeck was, but instead... I'll just remind some of you that ESPN publishes TMQ on "Page2" which is reserved for humorous articles. Relax. And the TMQ threads on FO are some of the funniest to read - bring 'em back.

92 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

71,79,81--thanks guys, some of those plays will take on added resonance now!

"Honey, why are you watching the game with the lights off?"

And yes, Rich was over the line bringing up the suicide, but he has a very good point about the perception of Dungy as a good guy not being congruent with his evidently homophobic attitudes.

93 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

Whatever one may think of Tony Dungy, one needs to be a first rate a-hole to not respect the privacy of the dead, and yes, making comments about a dead person's sexual orientation, hetero or homo, is just gossip. The young man did not make a choice to be a public figure, and gossiping about private lives is something a jerk does.

94 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

First of all...the IFI, the group alluded a bible-thumping "pro-family" group who does a lot and gives away money for various family and childrens programs AND unforunately has defined a "family" as the Mom, the Dad, etc. and refuses to acknowledge any non-traditional family strucutres, (i.e., homosexual families, etc.).

So saying "(their) only purpose is to persecute homosexuals..." is false, misleading...and like 99% of the shit that comes from Rich Conley...completely one-sided fictious garbage.

Is it unfortunate that the IFI has a close minded view of what a family is. We need more loving families in this country, no matter what manner, shape or form they take...but to label the IFI as some persecuting gay group is crap. They don't go out of their way to attack gays, they do just the opposite, they stick their ignorant Ostrich-like heads in the sand and act like they don't exist.

I know this, because my stepmother is an IFI member, and when her gay son and I gave her grief about being a member over the Xmas holiday a few years ago, she appropriately defended her membership, inspite of her personal views that differed from some of the IFI BS...based on the good works the group does in the community, especially in the very poor and minimally resourced school district that she taught in for 35 years.

So once again...Rich is full of shit...but of course...I'm stating something that I assume anyone who has read this site for months is already very clearly aware of.

97 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

#16: One situation where receiver will block an end is on a crack block. Typically the reciever comes in and blindsides the end while the OT pulls around them to block a linebacker or maybe corner on an outside run. In the swedish league we used that a lot this year, but it got real fun when we put in a linebacker in the slot just for that. He usually got both the end and the DT :D

And as for the Dungy thing: A short googlesession didn't lead to much concrete about his son, but if he really was gay, then his father speaking for an anti-gay group months after his suicide smells real ugly. I hope reality isn't like that, because I like Dungy...

99 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

“Well, *I* see the Colts as the good guys�

I don’t see how anyone can see an organization as “good guys� when their coach was a keynote speaker for an organization that’s only purpose is to persecute homosexuals.

A few things, Rich:

1) As hard as it might seem to you for people to see the Colts as "good guys" some of them clearly do, so your claim to the contrary was incorrect. Just because you have your reasons for disliking them doesn't mean that everybody agrees with you. You can't just go:

"nobody thinks they're good guys."
"I do."
"Well, you shouldn't, so you don't, and neither does anybody else."

2) Even good people occasionally do bad things. To say that Tony Dungy is a bad person, and always will be, in virtue of one speech he gave for an organization that focuses on "traditional (homophobic) family values" is a bit much. Maybe he was wrong to give that speech, but if that's the worst thing he's ever done, he might still be a pretty good person overall.

3) Using rumor and hearsay to imply that Dungy somehow drove his son to suicide is beyond crazy.

4) Maybe, when people are saying that the Colts are "good guys," they don't mean that every single one of them is a shining beacon of virtue. I think the idea is that most of them seem like decent human beings.

100 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet, maybe it's just too obvious, but: Illegal Touching.

101 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

I've been reading this site for a while but never posted.... and can't believe none of you have mentioned (un)necessary roughness!

BTW Thanks for keeping me entertained every week

102 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

"I think the idea is that most of them seem like decent human beings."

Based on what? Press clippings?

103 Re: The Week in Quotes: October 25, 2007

“I think the idea is that most of them seem like decent human beings.�

Based on what? Press clippings?

Based on everything we know about them. Watching them play, watching/reading interviews of the players/coaches, reading about what they do. Everything.

And while that's not enough to be absolutely certain that they're good people, it's enough to get a general impression about them. And evidently it's enough for you to conclude that they aren't good people, so why would it be impossible for others to determine that they are good? If all you need to determine whether they are good or bad is press clippings, then why can't everyone else do the same?