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The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008
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compiled by Mark Zajack


"The field position is not going to be good because we didn't punt the ball worth a tinker's damn."

-Packers special teams coach Mike Stock. (Green Bay Press Gazette)


"My question was, 'Is it an unnatural throwing motion if it's complete?'"

-Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, on the referee's explanation of a safety called on quarterback Aaron Rodgers for intentional grounding in the endzone. The explanation was that Rodgers made an "unnatural throwing motion."

"I wasn't 100% satisfied with (the official's) explanation."

-Rodgers. (Journal Sentinel)


"I came in this morning, and the pain was minimal, the swelling minimal. The doctors put a harness on, and I was ready to go."

-Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, on playing against the Packers with a severely injured shoulder.

"Oh yeah. I knew he was going to play. The media was guessing. The fans were guessing. But I knew. That's Jared Allen."

-Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams, on the speculation regarding whether Allen would play.

"I think we did pretty good with a guy who (coming in) had a 100 quarterback rating and completed 76 percent of his passes. I think some of those hits took a toll on him."

-Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams, on harassing Rodgers all game long.

"Any time you get the quarterback looking at the rushers and not the receivers, you know you're doing a pretty good job."

-Vikings linebacker Napoleon Harris, on Rodgers.

"I took some shots today. They did a nice job, had a good game plan. You have to give them credit."

-Rodgers. (Pioneer Press)


"We were the underdogs tonight for some strange reason. We're 3-0 (in the NFC East), they're 0-3. We're the defending world champs, but we're the underdogs."

-Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, on being underdogs in Philly. (


"I shot a buck the other night with a muzzle loader, and the thing kicked back and popped me. I wish I had a better story. Stuff happens. I got him. He wasn't very big, he was just a little six-pointer, but I got him. It is the first time I've gotten one in a while. I was pretty happy, even though I was bleeding profusely."

-Titans quarterback Kerry Collins, on how he got a nasty cut on the bridge of nose.

"I'm not smart enough to change or alter the game plan. Once we got it in, it takes a brain to adjust and I can't do that. We were going to throw it."

-Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, on sticking with the game plan, after telling his players last Wednesday that they would have to beat the run-stuffing Bears by throwing the ball. (The Tennessean)


"They were cracking jokes. They thought we were a joke. They said we [weren't good]. They were saying that to me, that I [wasn't good]. And I told them they [weren't good], too. And they said, 'Well, not as bad as [you].' And I said, 'You're right.' [Because] we haven't won one game."

-Lions running back Kevin Smith, on comments by the Jags players during last week's game.

"You know how players talk on the field. But we're 0-9, so you can't look for really any teams to respect you. You've got to go out there and earn your respect, and you only earn your respect by winning. So therefore, in nine games we haven't earned any respect."


"Say you beat the Detroit Lions by a point, you don't look at it like, 'Oh, we respect them because we only beat them by a point.' No, you might look at it like, 'Oh, we slipped up. We played to their level.'"

-Smith. (Pro Football Talk)


"If they're not peeing, they're not drinking enough."

-Vikings head coach Brad Childress, waxing poetic on hyrdation. (Star Tribune)


"We've taken the ball away 20 times, tied with Chicago, so far. When you talk about the gives-and-takes Tennessee leads the league with plus 10 and we're at plus nine. Their record is a little bit different than ours. Generally when you do that your ability to win goes up. I've never been involved in three games where you're plus in the takeaway-giveaway and you lost all three."

-Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards, on losing despite their success in turnover margin (or, now, gives-and-takes). (

"The worst thing that happened to him, and we talked about it at the owner's meeting, was the helmet to defensive players system. On offense it goes to the quarterback. On defense you only have two. We talked at the owner's meeting what if two guys get hurt on defense who are wearing the microphones? Then what do you do? Well, the rule is that's it. You don't get to use the helmet anymore. You're out of luck. Well, guess what? It happened to us. Sure. So, Gun is screaming at the equipment guy, almost having a heart attack hollering at the guy, 'get the microphone in this guy's helmet now.' I had to walk over and say, 'Gun, it's against the rules. You can't do that.'"

-Herm, on defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham's reaction when both of the linebackers he could communicate with via helmet got hurt.

"We give hand signals anyway but that's one of those things that came about. You generally never think you'll lose two guys in a game. First it was (Pat) Thomas and DJ (Derrick Johnson) and then it was Donnie (Edwards) and Thomas. If it can happen it'll happen to us."

-Herm. (


"It got crazy, out of hand at a critical time."

-49ers head coach Mike Singletary, on the bizarre ending to the Cards game. The craziness included general confusion regarding clock management, personnel groupings, an official review, and re-spotting of the ball on the 9ers last drive in which they came up short at the Cardinals goal line. (The Arizona Republic)

"That's on me. ... So, I will put on the jacket for that. I will wear it, we will fix it and will go from there."

-Singletary, on responsibility and the associated apparel. (McClatchy Newspapers)

"That's just a bad job of coaching on my part. I knew what we wanted to do. I called out two different things at the same time. ... That's a 'Coach Martz screwed up' error."

-49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz, on squandering 23 seconds on the final drive when he called for a personnel grouping change and a spike on the same play. (Mercury News)

"I'm very, very thankful to be working with Mike Martz and I have a great relationship with him. I don't want to make it seem like we're best of friends. It's a professional relationship. I've had the opportunity to sit down with him many nights and just talk ... kind of dream together."

-Singletary. (San Francisco Chronicle)


"It has the potential for disaster. It has upside, but the upside isn't worth the downside."

-Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski, on whether he would consider going for it on fourth down more often, with the season already lost at 1-8.

"It would put a great amount of stress on your defense. It could put you at risk, to where it would look really ugly. You could get embarrassed."


"It would make a big difference. On second-and-long, you can think of running, making a short throw or taking a shot at the end zone. Even on third down, it opens up twice as many options."

-Bratkowski, beginning to come around to the idea.

"Well, I don't think you're nuts. There would be some defensive coaches who think you're nuts."

-Bratkowski. (Cincinnati Enquirer)


"This week we come back and play the Cowboys, so you know what time it is. I'm gonna teach y'all at a young age to hate the Cowboys."

-Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot, upon being asked about the Skins next game during a visit to promote reading at an elementary school. (Washington Post)


"Listen to me -- do not cry during a press conference."

-Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens, appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman to do the Top Ten: Advice for Kids. (


"The first time I played again, I was so sore that I couldn't lift my arms."

-Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer, on returning to his first love, handball, after a 12-year hiatus.

"I guarantee it helped my career by rounding out my ability: hand-eye coordination, endurance and mental toughness."


"My ultimate goal is to get coaches to stop specializing their athletes, telling them they can't play other sports because it'll hurt their football. I played all three sports and handball whenever I could. That's why I made it in the NFL -- that rounded me out as an athlete."


"I don't walk off a handball court having [Mike] Shanahan yell at me, 'You missed your guy in the left corner.' I don't have that anymore. I have my own self to get mad at. And I do get mad at myself sometimes. But my wife is like, 'Who are you doing this for? Don't you do this for fun?' And I say 'Yes,' and she says, 'Well then, have fun.' And she's right. It is fun. I want to play this until I'm dead, whenever that is. There aren't many things you can say that about."

-Plummer. (

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21 comments, Last at 17 Nov 2008, 11:15am

2 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

What, when Rodgers threw the ball did his elbow bend the opposite way? That would have been unnatural. Did he actually not throw and use witchcraft to propel the ball? That would have been unnatural. Would a shovel pass have been unnatural?

The NFL has way, way, WAY too many rules.

5 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

Not sure if this has been discussed to death yet, but what if Brett Favre made the same throw? Safety? Penalty? Gun-slinging? Just having fun out there?

Still doesn't top the "performing an unnatural act" penalty on the Pats a couple of years back, though.

8 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

Still doesn't top the "performing an unnatural act" penalty on the Pats a couple of years back, though.

I thought those acts were legal in Massachusetts now.

I think, after Favre finally retires, they're going to make 'just having fun out there' a five-yard penalty.

6 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

"I was pretty happy, even though I was bleeding profusely."

That would have been sufficient as a stand-alone quote, methinks.

7 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

That Plaxico Burress comment is interesting because that seemed to be the entire team's mindset after the Eagles game. In his postgame comments, Eli Manning said that the media was all picking the Eagles to win.

In the two pre-game shows I saw (FOX and ESPN), 8 of the 9 guys chose the Giants to win, with only Chris Berman picking the Eagles.

Hey, whatever works.

9 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

It's nice to see Coach Childress has the whole hyrdation thing figured out.

And the Smoot quote was priceless. Hm...Smoot quote, priceless...guess I can cross that off the list of 'things I'll probably never say.'

16 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

I would love to see this.

I was a fan when he was on the Broncos, and I still may be the only person in America who thinks he was better than Jay Cutler (although DVOA does back me up on this one). Imagine if the Broncos had kept Plummer and drafted Laurence Maroney or DeAngelo Williams or Joseph Addai instead... they lost in the AFCC game in 2005, and have lacked their percieved awesome ruching attack ever since.

19 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

I was a fan of Plummer's in Arizona... he had that free 'just having fun out there' Favrian spirit and he was fun to watch (yes, I say that seriously). Not always effective, but fun.

I think Shanahan kinda beat that out of him though and made him into a mediocre QB with nothing special to offer. At least Cutler has that great arm of his.

And judging from his language after the fact, I think you see a little of that. I don't think he was as much into football in his later years as he was earlier in his career.

20 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

Not always effective is something of an understatement. You guys seem to forget that his interception total was way higher than his touchdown total, even for a good while after he came to Denver. It is bad that Shanahan beat that out of him? Jake had his best season in his third year under Broncos coaching, not while he was in his "having fun out there" mode. I'm surprised that some people don't yet seem to realize that we saw Jake's best, and it wasn't good enough. Denver's D was ranked 5th and 6th in his second and third years as QB; it was that together with good offensive game-planning that took us to the AFCC. Not Jake who led us there. The main thing wrong with him? His numbers inside the pocket were terrible... the Broncos couldn't seem to do anything without roll-outs and that was making everything predictable, which is what we saw in early 2006, and at least part of the reason he was benched.

We haven't seen Cutler's best yet.

21 Re: The Week In Quotes: November 14, 2008

Not sure where you are, but here there's Bow, then Muzzle-loader, then Rifle seasons.

Combining Kerry + Jake - will hunting become a contractually proscribed activity now?